How Can Social Issues Affect the Life and Health of Seniors?
Social issues can have a significant impact on life and both physical and mental health of seniors. Some of the major contributors to social and psychological problems for seniors are as follows:
•   Loneliness from losing a spouse and friends
•   Inability to independently manage regular activities of living
•   Difficulty coping and accepting physical changes of aging
•   Frustration with ongoing medical problems and increasing number of medications
•   Social isolation as adult children are engaged in their own lives
•   Feeling inadequate from inability to continue to work
•   Boredom from retirement and lack of routine activities
•   Financial stresses from the loss of regular income
These factors can have a negative impact on overall health of an older individual. Addressing these psycho-social problems is an integral component of seniors' complex medical care.*
Lower Valley Care Advocates companion services can provide a reprieve for seniors who are suffering from isolation or having trouble completing everyday tasks.
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