October 2018 | Washington Commons

Would you like to live in an urban community where neighbors connect and support each other? Would you like to live lighter on the planet while living the good life? We're working on making this vision this reality, and hope you consider joining us!

Attend an Info Session coming up Tuesday, October 23rd:
" Washington Commons Cohousing 101: Facts, Figures & Future Opportunities."

Continue reading for more info and to learn about our upcoming trip to PDX Commons in Portland, to see a thriving cohousing community.
Join us at a free Info Session next week!
Washington Commons Cohousing 101: 
Facts, Figures & Opportunities

Tuesday evening, October 23rd
7:00 – 8:30 p.m.
1018 Alkali Lane, Sacramento 95814
Light refreshments provided!
An overall look:
What is cohousing? Where did it start? What are the advantages of living in a cohousing community?  How many cohousing communities are in California? How are cohousing communities organized? Are they democratic? Are there lots of meetings and decisions? What is an urban cohousing community? 

And then more specifically:
What are we planning in West Sacramento? What are the risks involved? W hat is the value of getting involved early? 

Come with your questions. Come meet our members. Our evening discussions have been enjoyable and informative! We have learned from and gotten to know each other. Come be a part of the dialogue.

RSVP to Maggie Borowiak at maggie1000@gmail.com .

On our way to PDX Commons
"A Collaborative Community of Supportive Friends"
We’ve decided to visit a community that is probably the most like ours will be – PDX Commons in Portland, Oregon. We’ll be there for a tour and for a community dinner on Thursday, October 25th. We’ll also have an opportunity to ask lots of questions and we’ll meet the people who were the developers of this community. PDX Commons was completed last year and people are getting used to being in their new community. We will be planning an information meeting to tell about what we’ve learned on our visit (keep an eye out for a date in November). 

You can visit PDX Commons online at www.pdxcommons.org and on their Facebook page where you'll find lots of fun updates!

P.S. Feel free to join us if you are “in the neighborhood.” :)
Some photos of PDX Commons
Residents of cohousing communities get to share common meals when they want, and stay at home when they want. It's a balance between keeping your private space while also being able break bread and share a casual, fun evening with your neighbors and friends.
The common space: beautiful and outfitted with lots of interesting reads, curated by residents themselves (cohousing communities are self-managed).
Sitting around the fire pit: an age-old idea in a modern setting.
Residents cooking common dinner together.
Cohousing comes in many forms. This urban community in a walkable neighborhood is one of our inspirations!
"Life Is Easier With Friends Next Door"
Feeling a need for community? Cohousing can provide affordable space and neighbors to share it with.
Doyle Street Cohousing | Photo Credit: Drew Kelly for The New York Times
"The yearning to live in community is not a new one. Human beings evolved sharing common space, resources, and neighborly support, not only for physical survival but also for a sense of belonging and togetherness. 

But modern society values autonomy, often at the cost of the social connection offered by traditional communities. Cohousing, an idea that originated in Denmark in the 1960s, has been increasingly filling the gap. Each household in cohousing has an individual residence but takes part in the design process, consensus-based decision-making, shared meals, and socializing. 

The model is flexible enough that each cohousing community has its own aesthetics and sense of place. In San Francisco’s East Bay alone, several cohousing communities have been in existence for more than a decade, showing not only their staying power but also how they can evolve and mature over time..."
Let's Create Cohousing in West Sacramento!
What do you need to know to take your next steps?
Come to our Washington Commons Cohousing 101 evening discussion October 23rd . Ask your questions. Get answers.  Become an Explorer member and dig deeper. This will give you the opportunity to become involved, participate in our busines s meetings (as a non-voting member), get to know the group and see how we work together. You’ll reserve a place “in line” to select your home when our project is completed. You’ll also be given a binder of our materials including an exte nsive preliminary budget and other information about the development process. Additionally, you will receive a copy of " Creating Cohousing" written by our expert consultant Katie McCamant in partnership with Chuck Durrett. We will brief you on these materials. 

Explorer membership is $250. If you become a full member within 3 months, the $250 will be deducted from your initial membership investment of $2,000.

If you have been thinking like we have about the importance of community and about the potential of being part of the first cohousing community in West Sacramento – Now is the time to get involved!
Mark Your Calendars
Tuesday, October 23, 2018 (7-8:30pm)
Free Info Session: Cohousing 1 01
1018 Alkali Lane, Sacramento 95814

November 5, 2018
Washington Commons Business Meeting (open to members & explorers)

Hope to meet you at an event soon!
-The Washington Commons Core Group
Anne, Maggie, Loretta, Stu & Janet, Stu & Willa, MaryAnn, Polly & Steve
For more information on Washington House Cohousing, please visit our website and check out our meetup page .
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