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Are you passionate about ACEs, community engagement, and have a background in outreach and project management?

Join our MCCC team as the  Regional ACE Training Coordinator for Northern Minnesota!  This position will provide support in trainings, coordinating workshops, and building relationships with communities and partners. 
Questions? Contact Emily Clary at eclary@pcamn.org or 651.523.0099 ext. 111
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Training Series
October 2019 - June 2020

The Minnesota Circle of Parents model is a peer-led, mutual self-help, support group program. At group sessions parents can safely discuss with other parents and caregivers the challenge and success involved in raising children. Implementing a Circle of Parents group increases parent partnership and leadership throughout the community.  Support groups also help create and strengthen prevention initiatives and other local family programs and services.

These trainings are offered online to help reach a wider range of statewide locations and volunteers where they are.   RSVP to see future dates. CEUs available.
Questions about the Training Series? Contact:
Lisa Deputie
Barb Sorum
Circle of Parents: Introduction Orientation

 December 10, 2019 
9:00a.m. to 12:00 noon

This orientation is meant to provide an overview of Circle of Parents to prospective Circle of Parents facilitators and advisory committee members. Topics include:
  • Strategic sharing
  • Advocacy
  • Prevention education
  • Resilience
  • Cultural communication
  • Trauma-informed care

Circle of Parents: Facilitation Skills

January 14th, 2020
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Using a combination of hands-on activities, presentation, discussion, resources and stories, this training will give you the basic skills to begin facilitating mutual self-help Circle of Parents groups with confidence. This training builds on the strengths of the past by providing greater opportunity to practice skills, increase knowledge of how groups work and become even more grounded in the values of mutual self-help, shared leadership and family support.   Protective factors are supported naturally through co-learning and empowered leadership. It’s perfect for new facilitators and as a refresher course for current facilitators.
Circle of Parents: Establishing a Children’s Group  

January 28, 2019 
9:00a.m. to 4:00p.m.
Children’s groups are an integral part of Circle of Parents programming. The goal of the children’s group is to provide developmentally appropriate, skill building activities that will increase children’s confidence and self-worth while providing fun and enjoyment. Children’s groups provide an additional incentive for parents to attend Circle of Parents meetings by providing a safe, entertaining, and educational place for their children.
A children’s group helps children build relationships with one another while their parents or caregivers are meeting in a separate group. Volunteers creates many opportunities for children to be nurtured as well as to enhance their self-esteem and further their social skills. Children learn non-violent problem solving through the development of cooperative relationships and practice problem solving and conflict resolution. 
Trauma-Informed Schools Institute

7:30 AM November 14 - 1:30 PM November 15, 2019

The Trauma-Informed Schools Institute will address key skills and mindsets needed to develop school environments where students and staff feel supported and connected.  You’ll walk away feeling empowered, ready to implement new strategies and actions, while deepening commitment and anchoring into a vision for your school. You will connect with colleagues as you practice content, reflect, apply and practice skills together. This is a engaged, active learning experience that will motivate your team to go back and implement change at your school.
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October is National Bullying Prevention Month

"More than one in five students reports being bullied at school each year. From name calling, being made fun of, threatened or physically harmed, adolescents who are picked on by bullies find that it can be fearful or emotionally damaging to go to school. This nationwide campaign reaches out to communities, school administrators, and families to educate about the need to keep kids safe in school."
Other resources:
Homework Help: 4 Tips for Parents on How to Make Homework Fun
By Monica Foley, M.Ed.

"If you are tutoring your child on a particular topic or assignment, it would be best if you use various approaches so he or she won’t be bored. You can present the discussion differently, in a way that he or she will enjoy. Out of the box would mean that you are willing to use methods outside of the typical ones just for your child to pay attention to what are you teaching."
The Flores Settlement Agreement: Protecting Babies at the Border
By Zero to Three

"The Flores Settlement Agreement (FSA)—signed in 1997 mandates critical protections that ensure migrant children are treated with dignity and respect, whether they are unaccompanied or with family members. The Administration recently announced changes to the FSA that will allow children to be held indefinitely, paving the way for extended family detention."
Three Research-Backed Ways to Help Your Child Value Honesty
By Maryam Abdullah

"When I leave birthday cakes to cool on the counter, I often come back to find craters in the layers—and my preschooler standing nearby with an ear-to-ear grin and crumbs around his mouth. I don’t need to ask him what happened, but I can’t help myself. 'I don’t know! What in the world!,' he replies."