Volume 10 | October 2020
Custom Programming, RAIN RFID Demystified, Tablets, and More...
We are well into the fall season, and this month we are focusing on a few products for those who work in the field. We offer many mobile devices that can improve a field worker's efficiency. We also have the knowledge and tools to support these devices.

Check out the articles below to learn about custom applications that we have written for mobile devices as well as the full tablet offering that we have! Contact Us with any questions!
Custom Programming
People often think of mobile computers, label printers, or barcode scanners when they think of EMP. But one of our best products doesn't ship in a box. We at EMP have a team of software engineers ready to design and build your next custom software project. If your existing software platform just isn't cutting, we can help! If you are in need of custom software then contact us today!

RAIN RFID - What is it?

Part of our job is to help our customers figure out what is truly revolutionary and what is just hype. We frequently tell our customers that we were the first sale that the manufacturer must make. They first must convince us that their product is worthwhile. And we are a jaded bunch, we have seen fads in our industry come and go. Further, we are long term thinkers and want our good customers to be our customers for life. That means that we cannot go around pushing flash in the pan products that end up just not being worth the money.
Customer Solutions
Custom Web Browser Application
A local cable provider had an idea for an internal application that would help keep their field service team stocked with all necessary components. They needed someone to help design and build this application for them. In comes EMP! Our software team built a custom browser based application that allows the customer to search and enter each item that has been used. Want to learn more? Click below!
Choosing the Right Barcode Scanner
Our marketing group at EMP was recently reviewing phrases that our customers Google search for most often. The question, “what is the right bar code scanner for me” was one of the most frequently searched. That was enlightening for us, we now know you are wondering about that frequently and fortunately we have answers! Click on guide below to walk you through which barcode scanner is best for you...

Tablet Computers
It has been a while since we have featured Tablet Computers in our Newsletter. But since this month is covering mobile computing in the field, outside of the four walls, tablets come to mind. If you want to learn more about our tablet offering and how they can be used, check out the article below!

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