October 2019
"Autumn is a second spring, when every leaf is a flower."
—Albert Camus
Spirituality of Trees
Humans have always had a unique relationship with nature. Ancient mythologies and beliefs have revered trees as symbols of wisdom, power, renewal, and fertility. The Cosmic Tree or the Tree of Life has been commonly celebrated and worshiped throughout all regions of the earth. Groves were regarded as sanctuaries for spiritual journeys.

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Cypress Knees
In addition to the bald cypress being exceptionally well adapted to moist environments, these trees have unique features at their trunks. The photo to the left shows knob-like structures, called knees, protruding from the near the base of the cypress. Knees are most commonly spotted growing out of shallow water banks or supersaturated soil. But what is the purpose of the cypress knees? Help solve the mystery here.
Prevent a Campfire Nightmare
Unlike other natural disasters, most modern wildfires are man-made. But don’t let that stop you from enjoying your favorite camping spot during this time of peak foliage! Our #1 tip is to never leave a fire unattended. Be sure to completely extinguish the fire—by dousing it with water and stirring the ashes until cold. Extinguish , stir, and extinguish again!
The Stranger in The Woods
Author Michael Finkel tells the eerily true story of Christopher Knight who successfully spent 23 years in Maine's wilderness. He survived in the rugged forests without buying any supplies, instead stealing from local vacation cabins. He remained in his own solitude until 1992 when he was arrested for over 1,000 burglaries. Click here to read about the outdoor survival skills from the legend once known as "the north pond hermit."
Spooky Faces of Trees
Already in the spooky holiday season? So are local trees! Share your spooky tree photos with us on Instagram @Plantyourlegacy