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October 2014

Our apologies for being a bit quiet as of late. We have been taking time to carefully evaluate and upgrade our programs and infrastructure.

So far, 2014 has been an amazing year with our greatest accomplishments yet. We have hit the ground running with renewed and sustainable goals.

Below is an update of our 2014 summer activities. Please stay tuned for more exciting updates and information over the next several months.

As always, thank you so much for your support and interest in FIRE and Mongolia. We would not be here without you.

Kindest wishes,
Meredith Potts
Executive Director
Hepatitis and Cancer Screening
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In July, FIRE conducted a hepatitis and cancer screening and counseling program. 1,181 residents of 4 rural communities in Omnogov Province were tested for hepatitis B and C, screened for various cancers, and counseled on future care.


Those who tested positive for hepatitis were screened by an ultrasound specialist, hepatologist (liver specialist), and oncologist. 


The hepatologist additionally counseled each individual about the prevention and treatment of hepatitis and liver cancer, including proper nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle. 


As a result of the screening program:

  • 1,181 people were tested for hepatitis B and C
  • 841 ultrasounds were performed
  • 404 people saw the hepatologist
  • 236 people saw the oncologist
  • 124 people (10.5%) tested positive for hepatitis B
  • 226 people (19.1%) tested positive for hepatitis C
  • 6 suspected cases of liver cancer were referred for further testing
  • 8 people were diagnosed with additional forms of cancer
This project gave 359 people newly diagnosed with hepatitis and/or liver cancer the knowledge to effectively manage their condition.   

9 people were diagnosed with early stage liver cancer for the first time. By catching their liver cancer early, these 9 people have more treatment options and a much greater chance for long term survival and better quality of life.

To learn more about our hepatitis and cancer prevention programs please visit our website.
Community Awareness
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In preparation for World Hepatitis Day on July 28, 2014, FIRE received a grant to train health care administrators in four target communities on how to implement hepatitis and liver cancer awareness campaigns for their communities. After the FIRE-led training, each community hospital created and implemented their own event plan. 


Community activities, conducted in conjunction with the local public health departments and hospitals, included 3-hour events and information fairs complete with speakers, information booths and the distribution of 2000 copies of three different brochures addressing hepatitis and liver cancer prevention and treatment. 


FIRE also organized several television interviews and programs that were broadcast by local television networks. 

Health Care Worker Training
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FIRE has been training health care workers in Mongolia since 2005. Each year, FIRE's training becomes more specific and comprehensive. This summer, FIRE enlisted the help of a local ultrasound specialist, an oncologist, and a hepatologist (liver specialist) to train 54 rural healthcare workers on how to detect and treat early stages of liver disease, dramatically increasing a patient's chance of survival. 
Meet the FIRE Team
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Renae Byakeddy, from Tuba City, AZ is interning with FIRE for her second semester as FIRE's social media coordinator. She is a senior at Northern Arizona University majoring in English. Renae is eager to learn about helping communities so that she can apply these skills to help her Navajo people. Renae is intrigued by similarities between the Mongolian and Native American communities, especially with respect to pastoral living, value of livestock, and essence of the land. 
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To view more photos of our summer activites in Mongolia please go here.

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