News from American Greyhound recapping September and looking forward to October.

September by the Numbers
In September we had 2 adoptions.

That makes our year-to-date totals 46 adoptions and 38 brought in.
COVID Got Us Again

As you may have surmised, since we have not been promoting it or offering ticket sales for it, our 2020 Winning Hearts Benefit Auction has been, again, postponed.

Unfortunately, with the restrictions limiting attendance, there is absolutely no way we can hold this event and be successful.

So, we have again set a new date. And this one doesn't involve the year 2020, so we are hoping it will work out for us. Our 10th Annual Winning Hearts Benefit Auction is now scheduled for Saturday, March 27th, 2021.

Our intentions are (so long as this virus begins to clear up and things begin to return to normal, whatever normal may be going forward) to kick the auction off on January 2nd, 2021 with a call-out to our auction committee (and that call-out will be going to all of our members and supoorters).

So, let's keep our fingers crossed and see what the New Year brings us.
Polar Bear News

Along with our Winning Hearts Benefit Auction, we've been sort of at a loss for "how" and "if" to move forward on our plans for our 14th annual "Freezin' for a Reason" Polar Bear Plunge.

Each year, we've headed to North Avenue Beach in Chicago for our New Year's Day swim, primarily because we didn't want to deal with dangerous shelf ice that may be present at the Indiana beaches, and also because our friend Tobin has opened her establishment each New Year's morning for the past 13 years to allow us to make a few toasts and thaw out a bit.

Right now, we intend to move forward with the Polar Bear this year. We're not sure if it will resemble past polar bears or not. And, we're not sure how well participation will go this year as well. But, sometime between now and Halloween, look for an additional message to come out with all of the details (at least all of the details we have at that time).

I hope to see you in the water New Year's morning! There's absolutely no better way to start the year!
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