Newsletter: October 2017

We start with some unfortunate news- Our R&D team was unable to combine pumpkin spice with our lines of credit. So we hope you're getting your pumpkin spice fix elsewhere.
The beginning of October means a few things for you all- you can now apply for Christmas loans as well as Skip-A-Loan, and have access to the money in your Christmas Club accounts. There's also a chance for you to win some cash through $potlight by simply setting a spending target. There are more details on that later in the newsletter. For those of you who feel we're hitting Christmas a little early this year, here's a little Halloween humor from the great Gary Larson.

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Christmas Club

Those of you who saved diligently throughout the year can now reap your rewards- you have access to the money in your Christmas Club accounts until the end of the year. So get your inner Kris Kringle on and take care of those shopping lists early.  

Christmas Loan
& Skip-A-Loan

You can now apply for a Christmas Loan as well as Skip-A-Loan. Both these services allow you to put a little extra money in your pocket to help with the expenses of the Christmas season. Put an extra little jingle in your step- apply today.

Click here to apply for a Christmas Loan

Click here to apply for Skip-A-Loan

Set a Spending Goal in $potlight

From October 1 st through November 30 th, if you set a spending goal in $potlight, you'll be entered to win 1 of 5 cash prizes. Setting a spending goal is another great way $potlight helps you see how you spend your money. Say you want to cut back on your dining out expenses- you can set a spending goal in $potlight for a certain dollar amount and if you get near or go over that amount, $potlight will tell you. This is a nice feature to help you monitor how you spend your money and then adjust to meet your spending goals. Click on the banner to learn more. 

There's no BOO in Bill Pay

If the prospect of forgetting to pay your bills scares you, Bill Pay is a service you should look into. It's free to you, and will take that fear away. You can sign up in FOCUS. 

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