October 2018
Top 5 Reasons to Visit the WP Users Group Website
1.  Current Parts Manuals
Parts manuals are updated regularly.  If you are still using the paper manual that was supplied with your equipment 10 years ago, we strongly recommend you download the current version... or get in the habit of checking it online when looking for a part.  All of our parts manuals currently have a 2018 version in the User Group.
2.  Visual Identification Helps
Stored in the "Spare Parts" section, (in addition to lists of recommended spare parts for you to keep on your shelves) we have supplied photos or illustrations of the following items that go above and beyond anything you can find in the parts manuals themselves, helping your order the correct parts without a phone call or sending a photo:
    • Ink fountain seal identification
    • QS single osc gear train
    • QS under the step wiring parts
    • RTF and INLINE perf wheel illustrations
    • 20" cross blade perf patterns
    • Old vs New plate punch patterns
3.  Maintenance Forms

Check off forms you can print for your pressroom  crew to check off daily, weekly, and monthly maintenance.  Pressrooms that use these or their own similar plan have found that WebPress equipment proves it's heavy duty reliability.

4. Tips
If you haven't taken a peek at this section, you really should.  You might just find an "aha" moment.

5. Request or give help to other users.

Sometimes it helps to find out if others are having the same experience that you are.  This section could really be used more.

If you can't remember if you have a user name and/or password, please call or send a message to Gail.  We're here to help!

National Chocolate Day... October 28th
It's interesting that National Chocolate Day is a couple of days BEFORE Halloween.  We suppose this is so adults can enjoy this tasty treat without raiding their kid's after trick-or-treat stash.  (Or maybe it's an excuse to buy some of the good stuff along with the bags to be given away).  
Did you know that cocoa beans are roasted INSIDE their shells before the chocolate making process begins? They are then shelled, and the remaining nibs are crushed (often with heated rollers) forming a thick liquid called chocolate liquor (which is composed of the chocolate solids and cocoa butter).
Unsweetened Chocolate (as in the type of bar called for in many baking recipes) is composed of nothing more than the solidified chocolate liquor.
Additional cocoa butter and amounts of sugar are added to achieve Bittersweet and Semi-Sweet Chocolate varieties.  Mild solids are added to make Milk Chocolate.
White Chocolate does have cocoa butter, milk, and sugar, but no chocolate solids.
The difference between semi-sweet chocolate bars and semi-sweet chocolate chips?  The chocolate chips have less cocoa butter, helping them retain their shape.
Cocoa vs. Cacao
Cacao beans grow in large pods on the cacao plant. Unlike many fruits which grow and hang from only branches, cacao pods also often grow directly from the trunk. 

Once the beans are harvested and roasted, the product is known as cocoa.

In its raw state, cacao has over 300 nutrients, much of which are lost after roasting.

Cacao has higher fat and lower carbohydrate value than Cocoa, which is lower in fat, but higher in carbohydrates.

Parting Thought

My therapist told me the way to achieve true inner peace is to finish what I start. So far today, I have finished 2 bags of M&M's and a chocolate cake. I feel better already.

Dave Barry
American Author and Columnist

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