One tough month...
Mother Nature was still wreaking havoc during September.
Hurricanes affected many of our customers (both in the USA and in the Caribbean); some for a day, some for much longer.  We appreciated the willingness of those who offered to be of service, even if their services were not eventually used or needed.
Our WebPress family is the best!
One WebPress Customer's Story...
We read with interest an article from the online magazine "The Independent - the Diaspora's Multicultural Voice" (Sept 30, 2017).
The article, written by Alita Singh, a reporter for The Daily Herald in Phillipsburg, St. Maarten, gives her views on the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, and it's affects on the newspaper.
After the storm, amid all the devastation, she found the building still standing, generators running enough for basic power, and the ability to connect to the internet.  Not generally someone who reports over social media rather than in print, she felt the need to get the word out to locals in whatever way possible. 
For fifteen days,The Daily Herald's readers were kept informed and enlightened until the press was able to start up again on day sixteen.
Quoting Ms. Singh:
 "I walked out smelling of ink.  In the chaos, I think I have forgotten what ink smells like.
Then I remember as the humming picks up and the inky air drifts in.  It is like putting my nose to a new book and inhaling deeply".
She concludes the article by saying,  "Who says print is dead?  Not even mean Tanty Irma.  Not she self!"
Thank you to Debborah Pressley from our agent, Intergraph Corporation, and Steven De Windt from The Daily Herald for enabling us to learn about this article.
We are grateful for the tenacity of The Daily Herald, and that their employees as well as their machinery "weathered the storm" with such dignity.
A link to the copy of The Independent has been placed in our "Worth Reading" files.
Timely Tips
 Packing Blankets
When packing blankets, paper packing is recommended using 2 sheets. The first sheet should be aligned with the edge of the gap. The second sheet should be feathered 1/8" from the first. This will give you less bounce created when the gaps come together, allowing better print production and prolonging the life of the side frame bearing assembly.
For more tips, sign into the user group and click on "Tips" on the left hand side.
More information on blanket packing can be found in  the Plate and Blanket Cylinder section in the Atlas, Web Leader, or Quad-Stack pressman manuals. (Available once signed in to the User Group).
Worth Reading
Are you aware of the difference between "italic" and "oblique"?
What about "typeface" and "font"?
A truly interesting article discussing these terms and more has been placed in the "worth reading" section of our user group.  
Have you given much thought to "other" things made out of paper?  The folks at Domtar, a paper manufacturer and supplier, wrote an interesting article reminding us about other types of paper (termed "industrial", though touching on items ranging from sandpaper to doilies) with some interesting insights as to what they are used for and how the final use of the paper determines how it is made.  And, as they point out in the article, these are items that can never be replaced by a cell phone, I-pad, or computer screen...
We also found a website that hosts a couple of down-loadable, printable, really cool posters that explain the periodic table of elements.  For instance: You'll find bromine in photo film, and indium is used to create LCD screen.
These high resolution PDF files can be found using the link in our user group.
Teaching Cursive...yes or no?
And the answer from all of you was...YES!  
Children should be taught to read and write cursive as part of their school curriculum.    Thank you to those of you who took our survey.
 Parting Thought
A good team, like a good show, comes into being when the separate individuals working together create, in essence another separate higher entity - the team - the show - which is better than any of those individuals can ever be on their own.
Gary David Goldberg (June 25, 1944 - June 23, 2013)
American writer and producer (known for such shows as "Family Ties" and "Spin City")

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