October 2016 Newsletter 
A Note from the Executive Director
Happy Halloween! The school year is well underway, and NMASBHC continues to hear about the great work SBHCs are doing for children. We have decided that during the 2017 legislative session, we want to truly SHOW our elected officials some of this great work. So, NMASBHC is announcing an SBHC photo contest, and we hope you will participate. We will be creating a wall calendar to give every New Mexico legislator, and it will feature 12 photographs from NM SBHCs! If you work at an SBHC, please watch for a special e-alert with details about the contest. We'll be sending you a photo release for minors in case you want to include students, but feel free to take a team photo at your clinic and submit that. Watch for details or contact us if you have questions. We hope this effort will be a way to educate our state about the great care being provided to kids! We'll also be sending every SBHC a copy of the calendar, and we hope you enjoy it. If you want one of your own, please note that all individual donors to NMASBHC will also receive a calendar, so as the holiday season approaches, consider making a contribution to NMASBHC:  http://www.nmasbhc.org/contribute.html . After all, Giving Tuesday ( www.givingtuesday.org ) is only 29 days away!
With thanks,
Nancy Rodriguez
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  • SBHC Updates
    • Atrisco Heritage SBHC Hosts NMASBHC Visit
    • Feature Your Best Practice: 2017 SBHA Convention Presenter Abstracts Due in November
  • SBHC Sponsor Corner
    • Monthly Feature for SBHC Sponsoring Entity Administrators
      • Coming Soon: November Coordinator Call
      • Quality Improvement and CWE Webinar Available Online
      • YRRS Road Show
  • HSD/Medicaid Resources
    • HSD Hosts MCO SBHC Advisory Committee in November
    • HSD Announces LARC Unbundling
    • NM Medicaid Presumptive Eligibility Determiner Trainings: One in November
  • NMASBHC Updates
    • Gift Cards from NMASBHC for Contact Update Forms and Technical Needs Assessment Survey Forms
    • Prepare to Apply: NMASBHC Exemplary SBHC Applications Coming Soon
    • NMASBHC November Paint and Wine Fundraiser
    • Coming Soon: Calendar Photo Contest!
  • Clinic Resources, Training Opportunities, and Job Postings
    • NMSU/UNM Maternal Child Health Certificate Program Open for Applications
    • ACE Leadership Charter High School in Albuquerque SBHC Provider Position Opening
    • Google Birth Control Facelift
    • NM Immunization Coalition Mini-Grants Available
highlights SBHC Updates
Atrisco Heritage SBHC Hosts NMASBHC Visit
NMASBHC staff visited the Atrisco Heritage Academy High SBHC on October 27th, and we would like to thank the UNMH Team for the warm welcome we received. Antia, Elda, Janelle, Melanie and Erin, shared with us the successes and challenges they face in serving the more than 4,000 students at the school as well as the surrounding community. The clinic was busy with teenagers, toddlers and seniors when we arrived, and the team reported that their beautiful clinic is regularly bursting at the seams with patients. The clinic provides every sort of care and is open even when the school itself is closed. Like many other SBHCs, the team worries about the cost of absorbing confidential care, but they are successfully navigating this and other challenges to bring healthcare to the SW corner of Albuquerque. Congratulations to the team (many of whom are pictured below) on all of your excellent work. If your SBHC wants to host a NMASBHC visit (which we can help you coordinate with a visit by elected officials!), please contact Ki m Stanek at kimstanek.nmasbhc@gmail.com.

Feature Your Best Practices: 2017 SBHA Convention Presenter Abstracts Due in November
Want to show off your school health best practices? Consider submitting to present at the 2017 School Based Health Alliance's Convention. The convention will take place in Long Beach, CA from June 18th - 21st. The link to the call for abstracts is:
http://www.sbh4all.org/training/national-school-based-health-care-convention/ and the deadline is coming up soon - November 6th! Feel free to forward this call to anyone you feel is appropriate.

cornerSBHC Sponsor Corner
At the suggestion of the NMDOH Office of School and Adolescent Health, NMASBHC has added this monthly feature that includes information critical to SBHC operations that sponsoring entities will want to pay special attention to. If you have ideas or questions for this feature, please let us know! While we encourage you to ALWAYS read this section of the newsletter, we also hope you will check out all resources, especially those related to Medicaid, as you work to make your SBHC financially sustainable.

Coming Soon: November SBHC Coordinator Call 
If you are a DOH-contracted SBHC, watch your email for announcement of an upcoming and mandatory coordinator call on Thursday, November 10th at 12:00pm. The email will include call-in/log-in instructions and will come from OSAH. NMASBHC will be assisting in the facilitation of this call, which will include announcements about contractual responsibilities, support around Medicaid billing, and time for questions and answers. Please designate an attendee from your team now, and watch for your email. Contact Nancy Rodriguez at NMASBHC or Kristin Oreskovich at OSAH with any questions. 
Quality Improvement and Comprehensive Wellness Exam Webinar Now Available Online
For those unable to attend the QI webinar hosted by Envision New Mexico, the video is now available at: http://envisionnm.org/index.php/telehealth/videos/ or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8qaUWJMhHRM&feature=youtu.be. Thank you to ENM and OSAH staff for this helpful webinar, which also includes tools for incorporating youth engagement opportunities into QI.

YRRS Road Show

The winter series of school/community meetings to discuss state and county results of the 2015 New Mexico Middle School and High School New Mexico Youth Risk and Resiliency Surveys (NM-YRRS) continue through January. In November, the road show will take the data presentations to Alamogordo, Carlsbad, Roswell and Belen. SBHCs that can show their school administrations how their services support improvements in YRRS results, find a new opportunity for collaboration. Check out the full flyer, with instructions for registering, at
hsdHSD/Medicaid Resources
HSD Hosts MCO SBHC Advisory Committee in November HSD/MAD will host the MCO SBHC Advisory Committee at their offices in Santa Fe on Wednesday, November 2nd at 1:30pm. Previous attendees should have already received their invitation and agenda for the meeting. If you are an SBHC Coordinator or Sponsor and have interest in learning more about the relationship between the Medicaid Assistance Division, their contracted Managed Care Organizations, and SBHCs, please contact Nancy Rodriguez at NMASBHC for more information and details about when and how to participate in the Committee.

HSD Announces LARC Unbundling 
For those working in FQHCs, RHCs or Hospital-Based Rural Health Clinics, there is a new Medical Assistance Program Manual Supplement regarding LARC unbundling that may be of great interest. Effective September 1st, NMHSD has unbundled the cost of the Long-Acting Reversible Contraceptives (LARC) from the encounter rate in order to ensure that women electing these methods have access. NMASBHC has posted the supplemental on our website at http://www.nmasbhc.org/news.html

NM Medicaid Presumptive Eligibility Determiner Trainings: One in November  
The PED Training sessions for Presumptive Eligibility Application Assistants continue. Please contact HSD at the email address below to get the links to register for the trainings offered in November:

Session 1: November 9, 2016      
Seating is limited and space is available on a first come, first served basis. After successful registration, you will receive a confirmation e-mail that will include instructions on how to join the training on its scheduled date and time. If you have any questions regarding entities qualified to participate as PEDs, the PED certification process or for more information on training sessions being scheduled for future months, please e-mail HSD at: HSD.PEDeterminers@state.nm.us or call 505-476-7151.  
nmasbhcNMASBHC Updates
Gift Cards from NMASBHC for SBHC Directory Update and Technical Assistance Needs Survey Forms 
NMASBHC would like to thank all of the SBHCs that submitted clinic information for our SBHC Directory and the Technical Assistance Needs Survey! All of you should have received your gift cards for your clinics by now; please contact us if you have not. If you are one of the few SBHCs that has not submitted your forms, please let us know how we can help. Special congratulations to the teams at the Carlsbad and Roswell SBHCs who won the drawings for the $100 Amazon gift cards! Here's hoping those dollars can help your young patients.

Prepare to Apply: NMASBHC Exemplary SBHC Applications Coming Soon 
Did you have the opportunity to attend the 2016 Exemplary SBHC Awards Luncheon at Head to Toe? Do you want your SBHC to be recognized publically at the 2017 Awards Ceremony? Start talking with your SBHC teams now to decide if you would like to apply! The NMASBHC Committee is preparing now, and they have designed a streamlined and improved application and process. Watch for the application, which will be available in mid-November and due the last day of February. We can't wait to see your applications!

NMASBHC November Paint and Wine Fundraiser 
Join us! If you'll be in Albuquerque November 21st NMASBHC's Board will be hosting a fundraiser at Kelly Jo Designs. Register for this fun evening of painting instruction and refreshments at: https://kellyjodesignsbywine.com (click on the calendar date to register). Twenty-five percent of all registration fees and wine sales go to NMASBHC to support our school-based health care advocacy efforts! Let us know if you have any questions.  


Coming Soon! NMASBHC Photo Calendar Contest
In order to further share with our policymakers and supporters about the outstanding contributions that school-based health centers are making in New Mexico, NMASBHC is launching a 2017 SBHC Calendar! Current SBHC Sponsors and Coordinators will soon receive an email and forms requesting your participation in the photo contest that will help us build the calendar. Submit a photo of your SBHC team, your student advisory group or something else that exemplifies your hard work, and we will enter it in the competition. Watch for instructions, photo release forms and more, coming soon! If you have questions, please feel free to contact us.
clinicClinic Resources, Training Opportunities, and Postings
NMSU/UNM Maternal Child Health/Public Health Graduate Certificate Program Open for Applications 
The University of New Mexico and New Mexico State University are jointly providing a graduate MCH certificate program scheduled to begin on January 9, 2017. Each course will consist of MCH content-specific modules, delivered online. There will be two required in-person class workshops per year, at the beginning of the spring and fall semesters. A scholarly paper on an emerging MCH issue will be written over the course of the first semester. Courses will receive graduate level academic credit. Tuition stipends are available. Faculty are from: the UNM Master of Public Health Program, the New Mexico State University Department of Public Health Sciences (NMSU), the UNM Center for Rural and Behavioral Health in the Department of Psychiatry (CRCBH), and practitioner experts from a variety of public health fields. Applications for the program will be accepted through November. Additional information can be found at: https://publichealth.nmsu.edu/nmmchpublichealthtraining/.

ACE Leadership Charter High School in Albuquerque SBHC Provider Position Opening 
The ACE Leadership High School in Albuquerque is seeking a primary care provider for their SBHC. Please submit a cover letter and resume with applicable certification and licensure to Tori Stephens-Shauger, Executive Director, ACE Leadership High School at tori@aceleadership.org. For the full position description, click here or visit http://www.nmasbhc.org/news.html .

Google Birth Control Facelift 
The National Campaign (www.TheNationalCampaign.org) recently shared the following update about the improvements Google has made to the accuracy of birth control information available through their search engine: "The National Campaign applauds Google for surfacing user-friendly information about birth control for their countless users. Google, in partnership with The National Campaign, has launched a series of Knowledge Panels (that's the in-depth search results presented on the right-hand side of the screen on desktop or at the top of your mobile device) for all FDA-approved methods of contraception and related terms. When people search on Google for terms such as, "IUD," "birth control," or "the pill" they will find these informative, in-depth search results, all of which include links to TheNationalCampaign.org. In the Knowledge Panels for these birth control methods, people will be able to view overview information, names of common brands, and information on how methods work, side effects, effectiveness, and availability." Good news for the young people who, more than their older peers, are likely to use internet searches for healthcare information.

NM Immunization Coalition Mini-grants Available 
NMIC is offering their 2016-17 round of minigrants for projects to promote, enhance or educate about immunizations. Minigrant applications are due by November 11 at 5pm. Information is available online at: http://hsc.unm.edu/programs/nmimmunization/grants.html.