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Oct 18, 25

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Oct 19

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Thank you!

Thank you so much to everyone who participated in the Walkabout for Autism, whether in person or in spirit! Because of you, the Brent Woodall Foundation was able to raise more than $15,000, which surpassed the fundraising goal! Thank you for making a difference in the lives of families affected by autism and developmental disabilities. Words cannot express our appreciation!


Pictures are coming! They will be available here



How to Manage Stress:
Special Considerations for Parents of
Special Needs Children
A Parent Workshop
October 19, 2013

Presented by Penny Apollaro,
Licensed Clinical Social Worker


Workshop-goers will learn  how to recognize stress and how it "works" from social, physiological and psychological, and familial perspectives. Participants will complete a stress questionnaire, after which they will review the results, discuss the implications behind them, and brainstorm ways to manage stress.


On the Walk
"We go [to the Walkabout] to give back to the hard workers
at the  
Brent Woodall Foundation, who helped my Ashley  
on the road to recovery from autism."

"When Ashley was two years old, she was nonverbal, ate only two or three types of food, and cried a lot out of frustration," said Dana, Ashley's mother.

Ashley started receiving Applied Behavior Analysis therapy at the Brent Woodall Foundation for Exceptional Children, a charitable nonprofit dedicated to empowering families of children with autism and other developmental disabilities, when she was just two years old and unable to look anyone in the eye, communicate what she wanted, or play with her sibling. Ashley began in the Intensive Intervention Program, through which she received at least 15 hours of one-to-one Applied Behavior Analysis therapy per week. Ashley's parents and the behavior analysts at the Foundation worked together to create a customized education plan to help Ashley reach her fullest potential.

"By the time Ashley graduated, we knew she would be ready for Kindergarten. She now speaks in full sentences, she is a very happy child, and although she is still picky about her food choices, she eats about everything most children her age eat," said Dana.


A Word from Outreach 

Cristi's School Readiness Education Program 


We are so proud of the children in Cristi's Outreach Foundation's school preparation program in Romania! The program started two years ago and teaches children, ages five to eight-years-old, how to be successful in school. Group participants learn skills such as the language and communication necessary for classroom activities, basic reading, counting, sharing, and interacting with peers within play. The group meets four times a week for one hour, and it helps children learn new skills to participate in regular classroom routines. 




Cristi's Outreach kids practice taking turns, attending to their teacher,
sitting appropriately, and answering questions.



The Romanian school preparatory program went to the zoo
to learn about animals in a natural setting.


Cristi's Outreach kids practice their motor skills!  


Learn more about Crisit's Outreach here. 



Meeting Challenges,  

Making Connections

A Brent Woodall Foundation book series
Written by Carol Alexander
Illustrated by Richard Weinstein


These children's books are designed for the Brent Woodall Foundation's unique children and special families. Geared for children ages 4 through 9, these books feature lovable kids coping with vital issues and mastering important skills. 


   Joshua's Place               Meeting Mei Mei           Connecting Kayla 


                    Danny Down to Earth           Jamie's Puzzle





  Two Awesome and Really Easy Ways to Fund-raise for the BWF! 

Register yourself on www.GoodSearch.com and choose the Brent Woodall Foundation as the mission you want to support. Every time you use the GoodSearch search engine, the company will donate one cent to the Brent Woodall Foundation. This is an alternative to Google that will do a whole lot of GOOD for children with autism. It is free and easy to use. Fund-raise for the BWF with just a click of your mouse!

Shop for Stella & Dot accessories and use Corrie Barto as your stylist. All funds raised from Corrie's store will be used to buy supplies for the BWF. You can find her atwww.stelladot.com/corriebarto
Brent Woodall Foundation for Exceptional Children


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