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October 1,  2020

Sunday Worship

Mary Meierotto S.A.M.




The Way We Are
There is trouble in Missouri there is discord in New York.

We live with so much tension you could poke it with a fork.

The world is in disorder, it's a pity and a shame

And everyone is looking 'round for someone else to blame.

The Dems blame the Republicans, Republicans blame Obama,

And I see no resolution to this never-ending drama.

But if we look a little closer then we really ought to see

That the "other" that we're blaming is the same as you or me.

So when genetic scientists look at human DNA

We really ought to listen to what they have to say.

They looked at populations from across the human race

To see if there were differences these scientists could trace.

And when they crunched the numbers to find out what it meant

They found our similarities are 99.9 percent.

So it isn't our biology that makes us "us" and "other".

It's what we think and what we feel and how we treat each other.

But if you think the Bible should be the final word

You'll see we're all created in the image of our Lord.

And didn't Jesus teach us that the proper thing to do

Is to love and treat your neighbor just the way that you treat "you"?

So the next time something irks you and you want to blame the "other"

Just stop and think a moment and remember he's your brother.
Marty Burkel
December 13, 2014


40 Days of Prayer Email Signup
Join WISDOM's statewide network, ( and others across the nation, in the Gamaliel Religious Leaders' Causus' 40 Days of Prayer and Reflection leading up to the November election.

Sign up to receive the daily common prayer and a reflection from a different faith perspective each day from September 24 through November 3.

Anything in the color blue is a clickable link.
Worship and Holy Communion
(Have some bread, wine/juice available and a lit candle)

Online Every Sunday at 10:00am   

Please pick up on the table inside the back door. 

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Please Let Us Join Together:
Coffee and Fellowship 
Sunday 11:00 After Worship

Meeting ID: 229-508-663
Password: 056996 (May not need password)
Council Meetings 
October 8, 2020
on Zoom

Immanuel 5:30pm
Joint 6:00pm
Bethesda 7:00pm 

Meeting ID: 832 9354 1222
Passcode: 511991

Dial by your location
        +1 312 626 6799 US (Chicago)

 Mutual Ministry
October 21, 2020 7pm 

Meeting ID: 811 7272 1990
Passcode: 587212

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 JOY -Just Old Youth (Under 60)
 October 7, 2020 7pm

Meeting ID: 840 7016 3799
Passcode: 475732

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Woman's Gather on Zoom

Time: October 14, 2020 09:30 

Meeting ID: 860 6837 4823
Passcode: 419919

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Exploring Asylum Sponsorship
If you have a passion for people at our Border please join us:

With the Southwestern  Texas Synod ELCA, West Texas Episcopal Diocese and LIRS
Tuesday, October 6 at 5:00
Tuesday, November 3 at  5:00
Tuesday, December 1 at 5:00
Meeting ID:  843 3149 6063

Topic: Exploring Sponsorship and Asylum Aid
Co-Chairs  Sandy Brue and Mary Meierotto
This is our Local Group Meeting
Tuesday, October 13 at 7:00
Meetings that follow will have the same ID and PW

Meeting ID: 860 8981 7107
Passcode: 809887
Dial by your location
        +1 312 626 6799 US (Chicago)

New Learning Opportunity
Walking  with Asylum Seekers: Ministry Opportunities for Congregations - Rocky Mountain Synod and AMMPARO
Thursday, October 8 at 3:00
Tuesday,  October 20 at 3:00
Tuesday, October 27  at 3:00
Book Study-Thursdays 10:30 
Meeting ID: 851 3905 2851
Passcode: 467574

Dial by your location
        +1 312 626 6799 US (Chicago)

Pick up your copy at Bethesda and Immanuel Churches


Thank you Sheryl Burkel 
for the 
Thrivent Card and purchase 
of the books "White Fragility"

Fall Bible Study:
Short Stories by Jesus
Mondays 1:00 PM 

Meeting ID: 872 8892 6221
Passcode: 675278

Dial by your location
         +1 312 626 6799 US (Chicago)
Join us on this journey through the Jewish roots of Jesus' parables!
Presbyterian Pastor Lawrence will be leading a 10 week ecumenical Bible study this fall on "Short Stories by Jesus: The Enigmatic Parables of a Controversial Rabbi" by Amy-Jill Levine. Each week we will look in depth at a parable of Jesus with special emphasis on how Jewish people of Jesus' day would have heard those parables and their relationship to Jewish scripture and tradition. This study is a great way to read Jesus' parables with new eyes. Because each week focuses on a different parable, you don't need to attend every meeting to get something out of the discussion. We encourage each participant to read the chapter in advance of the discussion, but you can still participate and learn even if you haven't.


A HUGE Thank you to all of you who are able to continue giving during this time.
*If you would like to extend your giving to either Bethesda's or Immanuel's Discretionary Accounts please designate on your check. I am thinking the needs may be great at some point.

Online Giving on Vanco 

Drop your offering off at the church in Randy Bestul's mailbox, or mail your offering to him at:
PO Box 331
Cornucopia, WI  54827

Mail to:
P.O. Box 724
Bayfield, WI  54814
While we are not meeting lets get these building clean

The people listed below need to be contacted often during this time of isolation. They are either very isolated (Long-Term Care Facilities) or are just plain suffering due to a death, or illness, or....Just a suggestion that someone had, to pick one person a day or even week to call or send a card.
If there are other people you would like to add to this list please email me 


Joan and Rainer Einsmann's
first great-granddaughter,
 Lucy was born at 24 weeks. Please keep Lucy and the family  in your prayers.  

Paula Lunberg-
Paula  will be at the Mayo having a benign tumor on her right jaw removed early in Oct. It has grown into the sinus cavity so surgery is more complex. It requires mouth reconstruction to replace teeth, part of the jaw, and separation between the sinus and the roof of the mouth. It will require a bone graft from the leg. They hope to return to Bayfield by mid-October. 

Friends and Family of Betty Ostrom
Please keep Susan, Kevon, Keith, and Jenny in your prayers. Read her Obituary
Sympathy and cards can be mailed to:

Susan and Kevon Dietel
5579 Anders Avenue
The Villages, FL  32163

Jenny Dietel
PO Box 318
Bayfield, WI  54814

Chick Anderson
34200 S CO Hwy J
Bayfield, WI  54814

Bill Compton
85175 Trailer Court Road
Bayfield, WI  54814

Ruthann Compton
PO Box 784
Bayfield, WI 

Roxanne Frizzell
87010 Valley Road
Bayfield, WI  54814



Beverly Buck
Court Manor
c/o Beverly Buck
911 3rd Street West
Ashland, WI  54806

Wilma Lamken
702 Bratley Drive
Washburn, WI  54891

Wally and Colleen Nozal
PO Box 341
Cornucopia, WI  54827

Lois Osterberg
PO Box 238
Cornucopia, WI  54827

Brad Schultz
PO Box 153
Cornucopia, WI  54827


Bill Peterson 
Bill is struggling from Parkinson's and would enjoy hearing form you.
Walker Methodist Care Suites
7400 York Avenue South
Edina, MN 55435

Barb Spencer
Barb has cracked a vertebrae she is not up running around yet and her recovery is slower than she hoped but she is getting better.   Send her a card or give her a call.  She is hoping to be home before her son has to go back home to Florida Oct. 10th.  
Northern Lights 
706 Bratley Dr.
Washburn, WI

Yvette Fleming
P.O. Box 225
Cornucopia, WI  54827

Tom and Marge Gerstenberger
21320 Blueberry Lane
Cornucopia, WI  54827

Miriam Hoff
Northern Lights
c/o Miriam Hoff
706 Bratley Drive
Washburn, WI  54891

Mary Lang
27 S 5th Street
Bayfield, WI  54814

Margaret Roemhild
1011 Manypenny Avenue
Bayfield, WI  54814

Gary Slead
Cornucopia, WI  54827 

Military Personnel

Sarah Weber-Purves, Henry and Maggie
     12017 Pennsylvania Avenue
     Champlin, MN  55316

Patrick (in October, 2019) started another tour which will take him away from his family for the next year. 
Dear Bethesda Lutheran friends, 

Thank you for your support during this difficult time. It's heartwarming to know that you are with us in prayer as we face the loss of our mother(grandmother). We are grateful for all your love and kindness. The cards and Mom's birthday parade touched our hearts forever, as did the many calls, flowers, treats, and visits. Each one of you is a blessing to us - thank you!

With much love,
Kevon, Susan, and Jenni 
A message from Kent Nerburn (author of "Neither Wolf  Nor Dog")...

          Hello to all my friends back in Wisconsin. I haven't forgotten about you; in fact, I think of you and our beautiful north country often. Sadly, circumstances conspired to keep my visit to your area from happening when we had planned. But that just means it is put on hold and will be ever more precious when it does happen.
               I hope you are all staying well during these strange times. In some distant way, I think this will have been a good time when we look back on it if we survive it without too much loss. The young people around the world will have been part of a common event that will forever be a reminder that they are all in this life together, and that life is bigger than just their own personal experience. In some way that we cannot yet understand, they will live with a more global view of our human responsibility and an undeniable humility before the great forces that surround us. Hard times teach good lessons if we have the ears to hear. I think these times have got our attention, and I think we are all listening.
               My best to you all until we meet in person. I'm looking forward to it.
Covid or not these ladies have a new record of over 260
quilts that will be sent to Lutheran World Relief this year. 


New Defibrillator installed at Bethesda

Ed installed the new defibrillator near the fire extinguisher in the hallway between the sanctuary and the social hall.

Thank You Ed.  It looks great!

The year 2020 has been a challenge for all of us. One way our congregation was able to do face to face visiting was through Salt Shaker meals held during the summer and into fall. Hosts provided an area that allowed for social distancing for the guests and a clean bathroom, if needed. Guests brought their own chairs, meals and drinks. We had as many as 6 groups of 8-10 randomly selected guests that met every 3-4 weeks and was hosted by one of the 11 host volunteers. Thank you to all who participated and made getting through the pandemic a little more enjoyable.
Yvonne Cox

Dee Sweet Smudging
Native American Worship Service

On September 13th we had our first Native American Worship Service "Elder Wisdom" with guest Dee Sweet.

On Sunday, October 11 we will have guest speaker Carolyn Gouge who will be speaking on "Spirituality." 


Dear Bethesda Community,

It is out of love and care that I write to you today to ask that we all do our part right now to slow down the spread of COVID-19 in our area by staying home, and following all of the practices we've been learning this year-good hand washing, wearing a mask, and staying at least 6' apart. 
Ashland Co. is now categorized as a Very High COVID-19 case activity and Bayfield County is listed as High. This means that the spread is increasing in our area. I learned on a call for faith communities with Lt. Governor Mandela Barnes this morning that hospitals in north central WI are nearing capacity. We are worse now in terms of spread than we were in May, but the executive branch does not have the authority to issue a safer at home order. The good news is that we know a lot more about this disease now, and we know that prevention works. 
To allow our schools the best chance at reopening safely;
To allow our elections to provide safe in-person voting;
To protect the well-being of all;
Please use your freedom to 
Stay home
Gather only with family
Stay 6-feet apart
Curb-side pick-up
Wear a mask 
Wash hands
It is time to slow down again, and to stay connected online, by phone, outdoors, and through the invisible string that connects us all. 
Stay well, stay safe,
Mary Meierotto
SAM, Immanuel & Bethesda Lutheran Churches

Voting Day is just around the corner the deadline to register on line or by mail is October 21.  

If you would like to vote absentee you can make a request online.

The Bayfield Food Shelf has lots of food welcome to any income levels.

South Shore Food shelf's income guidelines have increased.  They are open the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of each month.  10-2:30.

For questions please call the Brick at 715-682-7425

October Birthdays
2 -Fred Faye Jr. & Barbara Sieling
5 - Ed Huusko & Susan Woodbury
7 - James Collier
8 - Jacob Perry
9 - Mike Berg
12 - Paula Lunberg
19- Barb Hoekstra
21- Carol Kent
22- Jane Herrick & Bill Maki
30 - Dan Weber

October Anniversaries
7 - Paul & Mary Larson (37 years)
9 - Dave & Diane Judd (49 years)
14- Mike & Jeanne Goodier (42 years)
19 - Emmett & Margaret Langness (63 years)

Alicia Keys - Love Looks Better (Official Video)
Alicia Keys - Love Looks Better (Official Video)

"People of God ...serving God by serving others"