Welcome to our October Newsletter
October is all about outerwear at the Boutique. We have a great selection of unique and stylish rainwear, puffer coats, wraps, and jackets! Whether you are staying close to home or heading overseas, our outerwear will help you express yourself and stay dry.

If you're looking for new tops and bottoms, nearly all of our fall and winter collections have arrived!
Renuar Jackets
The Boutique is filled with tunics, sweaters, pants, denim, and comfortable layers perfect for the season. Get inspired by lively prints and perfect neutrals for a wardrobe ready for anything.
Joseph Ribkoff Trunk Show: November 17th
Please call 250-751-7799 to reserve your seats. Tickets are $5 which is refunded with purchase. This Trunk Show will be the first to feature their new handbags! 

Note, we are holding the Trunk Show in a new location this year. Details will be available when you register.
For this month, we want to highlight Joseph Ribkoff's stunning coats! Our favourites include this sleek wool style with removal faux fur pockets for two distinct looks. Another fantastic option is their completely reversible faux fur beauty that is both warm and chic.
For the holiday season, you'll love Joseph Ribkoff's pants with bling including appliques, crystals, fringe and pearls. Dresses are of course, a Joseph Ribkoff classic with many new and fashion forward options available at the Boutique and our upcoming Trunk Show.
New Arrivals: Marble UK
Each month, new colour and print groupings arrive from Marble. The latest arrivals include a gorgeous berry grouping you won't want to miss!
The red , black and white sweaters are on their way to complete our fall collections of exquisite sweaters, tunics and tops! They will arrive the last week of October - just in time for the holiday season.
New Arrivals: RAINRAPS
The RAINRAP is a gorgeous, water-repellent, reversible, lightweight, and fast-drying alternative to traditional bulky rain gear. It features two shell buttons, a concealed magnetic closure and is easy to store in its matching travel pouch.
New Arrivals: PURE Essence
We have brought in a fantastic made in Canada line that features easy wear, easy care knitwear and natural fabrics. We have leggings in black, charcoal, and navy, plus gorgeous bamboo tunics.
Natural fabrics are wonderful for layering and travel. They keep you cool and are supremely soft for ultimate comfort.
New Arrivals: SAXX Men's Underwear
Traditionally women buy men’s underwear and socks, but with this line, once men try it, they start buying their own because it is that good!
SAXX is the #1 brand of underwear in Canada and based in BC. We have underwear and bathing suits in 2 lengths for the men in your lives.

What makes SAXX unique is their "Ballpark Pouch" in all of their styles including their swim trunks. Learn more about it on their website»
We will be carrying new prints from them throughout the year.

For travelling, SAXX can't be beat!
New Arrivals: Cashmere Sweaters
You asked for cashmere and we delivered!

We have brought in a small collection of luxurious sweaters.

Come in and try these beautiful classic styles.
Dolcezza's tunics, tops, jackets, and outerwear continue to impress with one-of-a-kind prints and artwork featured throughout the collection.
Parkhurst's Covi Wraps
Made in Canada, these wraps stay in place and work wonderfully all year around. Excellent for travel and layering.

We have burgundy and blues available right now with black and red on their way.

Please let us know if you like us to hold a colour.
Style Tip: Fall & Winter Outerwear
We are sharing our top tips for choosing the right outerwear for West Coast living. 

Shop before the cold weather hits for the best selection!


Rain is not just a near daily occurrence on the island but also common when you travel during the winter. Even if you’re heading to Hawaii, you can still experience downpours; don’t be caught unprepared!
For convenience and versatility, we suggest a RAINRAP, a reversible, lightweight wrap that comes in a pouch. Bring it with you on your walks or in your suitcase.

If you would prefer a traditional jacket, you can still opt for lightweight, reversible and water-repellent styles with a fashionable edge. In either case, you’ll stay dry and stylish!

One coat can work for both fall and winter, but it’s always advisable to review your needs. Many women love coats as a fashion statement and changing your coat depending on your outfit or mood is a fun way to express yourself during the colder months.
Do you like to wear dresses or long tunics? Want a dressier look? Opt for a longer length coat. If your wardrobe consists of denim and casual pants, a shorter, more sporty jacket works well. 

Are you looking for a business/career look? Go for heavier weight material and clean lines.
Wool coats with faux fur accents are another great option.

If you are planning to walk a lot or take public transportation, make sure you have a portable style that won’t weigh you down. If it’s cold enough, you might also enjoy a puffer style for comfort. If you are in a car mainly, consider a vest or poncho, which are perfect if you tend to overheat.

Look and feel your best in colours and prints that express your personality. Red is an excellent choice if you have a strong personality. If you’re attending a special event, wedding or heading to the theatre, look for a unique print that stands out. 

Key trends: reversible; faux fur; prints and plaids; art pieces; colours of berry, blue, and green; and neutrals of grey, black, and cream with brown and camel making a comeback.

Knee length coats and short jackets with military influence are also popular for fall.
Don’t be afraid to try a puffer coat, quilted jacket, or vest on this year. You won’t look larger; thanks to new technology, they now fit slimmer and are more flattering. They are a perennial favourite!

Finally, don’t be afraid to invest in outerwear. It will be in your wardrobe for many years, so choose styles you love and enjoy the most.
Don't Forget to Reserve Your Seats!
We love to see photos of you wearing fashions from KC's. Here is Sue in Portugal looking fabulous in Joseph Ribkoff!

If you haven't already, we recommend you reserve your seats for the Joseph Ribkoff Fashion Show & Trunk Show as both sittings always sell out.

We look forward to seeing you at the Boutique and remember we are open Sundays.

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