From the Interim Minister
I am writing this article the morning after the September board meeting. There was so much energy in that meeting, and it was refreshing to be there even though the meeting had to be longer than usual.
Dorothy and I are taking a few days of vacation in October. We are going to Christmount, a retreat, camp and conference center related to the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) near Black Mountain, NC. We will be there for a Chautauqua event October 22-26. We will be leaving Sunday afternoon on October 21 and return Friday evening October 26. This will be a time for rest and renewal.
But first, the Indiana Regional Assembly will be held at Light Of The world Christian Church in Indianapolis on October 5 & 6. The Assembly will begin with registration and exhibits at 3:00 p.m. on Friday. Christian Theological Seminary is hosting a reception at 4:00 p.m. and dinner, worship and speaker will begin at 6:00 p.m. The Assembly will close at 4:30 p.m. on Saturday. John and Debbie Prewett and I will be voting delegates for First Christian Church. My spouse, Dorothy, is also a registered lay delegate.
I want to say a few words about the search committee. This is my 17 th interim, and this is the largest committee I have ever worked with. The rule of thumb is that every member of the committee over the 7 will increase the length of the search by a month. That has not been true with this committee. They have worked hard, met often, and have done their work thoroughly and well. Though their work is not yet finished, they need to be thanked and commended for the great work they have done.
Blessings: Phillip L. Hayes, Interim Minister
Search Committee
As the search committee continues the task of presenting the Pastoral Candidate we have chosen to present to the congregation as our next Senior Pastor, we thank the General Board for their support in our choice. As I entered the Chapel for the board meeting I was excited to see the many people that were in attendance at this very important time for First Christian Church. My prayer was that everyone in attendance would support the candidate that the committee unanimously chose as the Pastor we felt was best suited to lead and guide our congregation into the future. The board members present voted unanimously to accept our candidate to present to the congregation. Sunday morning, September 30th there will be one service at 10:00 am. Immediately following the service there will be a called congregational meeting at which time you will meet the candidate in person. He will be introduced at the meeting and will speak about himself and will be available to answer question. After the meeting there will be a meet and greet luncheon in the fellowship hall. As this is an important time in the life of First Christian Church I urge each of you to attend Sunday so we can join together and decide the future of First Christian Church. SEE YOU SUNDAY.
Respectfully submitted, Sandie Hauser, Chair of the Search Committee
Organically Grown -- Kiefer Pears -- Free -- Pears
Fall signals another abundant crop of Kiefer Pears that are now ready. We expect them to last about three-four weeks? They are organically grown without pesticides, herbicides and/or chemicals. If you are interested, you are most welcome to have all that you want! Please give us a call @ 567-2733 for directions to our home. Have a great & blessed day...Norman and Cay Long 
**Congregational prayer requests will remain in the bulletin for 2 weeks unless office is otherwise notified**
M. Charlene Bowman--Mulberry; Sally Brunger--St. Anthony’s (117); Ken (A3) & Marylou Curtis--Westminster; Sue England--Cumberland Point (105); Charles Fairfield--Signature Health Care; Marilyn Galloway--Creasy Springs (201); Gordon & Joyce Hamilton--home; Vernetta Lynn--Rosewalk; Lynn Mann--St. Anthony’s; Lucille Maris—Westminster (1112); Suzie Mounts—Elmcroft (124); Flo Peters--Friendship House (320); Wanda Sharp--Indianapolis; Ralph Ward—Rosewalk (87); Ruby Ward—son Marcus Haley’s home; Connie Zarzour—home 
CONGREGATIONAL PRAYER REQUESTS :                              
Brenda Durflinger--breast cancer (Ellsworth), Joan Stefaniak
Foods Resource Bank
Please mark your calendar to spend Sunday afternoon, October 14, beginning at 12:30 pm , with us for the 20 acre corn harvest celebration. The celebration is only three weeks away. You are welcome to bring friends.

We will be meeting at the Old Academy Park in Oxford, IN. The park is located on State Road 55, immediately south of Oxford, next to the golf course. Following lunch and a short program, shuttle rides will be available to take you to the field for combine rides and hay wagon rides.

Members of the Oxford United Methodist Church will provide covered dishes for lunch. The meat and drink will be provided.  Members of First Christian Church are asked to bringing desserts.

There will be activities at the Academy Park to entertain you while waiting for rides to the field.

Children's activities include pumpkin painting, a large circular slide, swings, and other entertaining events.

For adults, there are two horseshoe courts, and lots of socializing with your friends and new acquaintances.

This is the 15 th year of the project and the 12 th year that First Christian Church has partnered with the Oxford United Methodist Church.

Since this Oxford project was started in 2004, the project has raised $314,637 for various overseas projects. Of this total, First Christian Church has received $126,564.75, which through the Week of Compassion has invested in projects in Nicaragua, Guatemala, and Gran Chaco in South America (Bolivia, Paraguay, and Argentina). 

Since 1999, FRB has raised $51.2 Million. In fiscal year 2017-2018, 164 US growing projects sponsored 47 Food Security Programs in 27 countries and provided 251,499 hungry people in need of support. 

We owe a huge thanks to Larry and Cheryl Winger for continuing to provide the land and most of the machine operations to make this project so successful.

We hope you will make every effort to attend this wonderful day of sharing and fun on Sunday, October 14 at 12:30 pm at the Old Academy Park in Oxford!
Heart saver AED Training for First Christian Church Members
(Automated External Defibrillator)
During 2016 our church was awarded a major grant that placed three AED units within our church facilities; one located next to the elevator on the main floor, one located next to the restrooms/water fountain on the second-floor in the education building and one located in the hallway next to the entrance to Fellowship Hall. Along with these three units came training for members of our church regarding the proper operation in the event of an emergency or need.
It is now necessary again to offer training for the AED/CPR as the 2016 certifications have expired. A new 2018 training has been planned and will be offered at our church in the Chapel on Monday evening Oct. 8, 2018 at 6:30pm. It is hoped you will be interested in being one of the 2018 class to be trained and certified in both AED/CPR as we never know when it just might be necessary to save the life of one of our congregation and/or guests?
Please give this request your attention and thought… 
If you would be willing to attend this one-night class/training, please either call June at the church office (765/742-4058) or email Norman Long at  to have your name added to the roster for 2018-2020 certification. Because this is a personalized training instructor, your cost, payable to First Christian Church as a tax-deductible donation, is only $45.00 as compared to the normal $75.00/person. 
If you have questions please feel free to call Norm at 765/714-3234.
PS….If this night (October 8) is not available for you and we need to schedule a second evening, please let the office or Norm know as the instructor from the Purdue Fire Department would be available for a second training date.
Oct. 13th Volunteer at Convoy of Hope. Call Michelle for details at 742-4058.
Oct. 14th Game Night at Pizza King at Veteran's Memorial & 18th St.
. 4:30-6pm. Pizza provided just bring money for a drink and a friend.
Oct. 21st. Exploration Acres corn maze and bonfire 1-4pm fire pit #2. Hot dogs and
drinks provided just bring a side dish. Cost is $8.50. Sign up at the
Gathering Place.
October Muggers
Matthew Stewart & Cindy Garvey

October Diaconates
October 7th
8am Service
Team Leader: Cindy McDonald
Serving: Don Lindstrom
Serving; Cathy Goldberg
Serving: Denise Jones
Serving: Howard Jones
Set Up & Clean Up: Denise & Howard Jones
10:15am Service
Team Leader: Donna Adams
Serving: Kathy Kremer
Serving: Gery Kremer
Serving: Carolyn Weedon
Serving: Roberta Pilotte
Set Up & Clean Up: Kathy & Gery Kremer

October 14th
8am Service
Team Leader: Cindy McDonald
Serving: Don Lindstrom
Serving; Cathy Goldberg
Serving: Denise Jones
Serving: Howard Jones
Set Up & Clean Up: Don Lindstrom & Cathy Goldbery
10:15am Service
Team Leader: Dave Schluttenhofer
Serving: Roberta Pilotte
Serving: Crystal Cover
Serving: Sue Dismore
Serving: Mike Nelson
Set Up & Clean Up: Roberta Pilotte & Sue Dismore

October 21st
8am Service
Team Leader: Cindy McDonald
Serving: Don Lindstrom
Serving; Cathy Goldberg
Serving: Denise Jones
Serving: Howard Jones
Set Up & Clean Up: Denise & Howard Jones
10:15am Service
Team Leader: Kathy Stirlen
Serving: Robin Sturgeon
Serving: Larry Sturgeon
Serving: Zach Dismore
Serving: Josh Tully
Set Up & Clean Up: Robin & Larry Sturgeon

October 28th
8am Service
Team Leader: Cindy McDonald
Serving: Don Lindstrom
Serving; Cathy Goldberg
Serving: Denise Jones
Serving: Howard Jones
Set Up & Clean Up: Don Lindstrom & Cathy Goldberg
10:15am Service
Team Leader: Sandie Hauser
Serving: Paula Floyd
Serving: Letcher Floyd
Serving: Greg Smith
Serving: Dee Chitty
Set Up & Clean Up: Dee Chitty & Greg Smith