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Fall is officially here, and so is school. H.O.P.E. Academic Program participants are working hard on their academics everyday after school at the clubhouse.

Teens gather for teen-run activity planning, or T.R.A.P., on Saturdays from 12 pm to 2 pm. T.R.A.P. is a program in which teens create, plan, and run activities for themselves and other teens in the community. Past activities include the Glow in the Dark Teen Party that took place in August, and field trips. 
The T.R.A.P. calendar of events so far is as follows: 
  • Haunted House at Wiard's Orchard on 10/17, admission is $20
  • the NAACP Ball is on 10/24 at 6:30 pm at the EMU Student Center, admission is $25
  • Neutral Zone Concert on 11/13
  • Movie Night @ the Clubhouse on 11/14
  • Tree Lighting in Detroit on 11/20
  • Birch Run and Frankenmouth Shopping trip on 12/5
  • Ethics Bowl on 2/7, from 9 am to 5:30 pm at the University of Michigan Palmer Commons Conference Center.
  • Washington D.C. trip for Spring Break on 3/21 to 3/25
Participants take a break 
from academics to play a game of B.S.
Practice for the Ethics Bowl is happening on Mondays, 3:30 to 5:30 pm. Last year, students participated in the Ethics Bowl competition, where they competed with other schools to find solutions to scenarios of  ethical dilemmas . This activity promotes critical thinking as well as public speaking skills.

Prevent and Prevail began sessions on Wednesday, September 23rd, and will continue on Wednesdays until November 11th. Teens meet to discuss topics related to sex, identity, empowerment, and STDs/STIs, with a focus on HIV/AIDS prevention.

Dedicated to Make a Change welcomes three new H.O.P.E. participants to the clubhouse: Brandi Daniel from YCS, Mohamed Kaba from YCS, and Deanja Tigner from Belleville Schools. We also have three new youth who came in the summer and are now H.O.P.E. participants for the academic year: Na'Tosha Austin from YCS, Tay Dale from New Tech, and Heavyn Thomas from Ann Arbor Schools.  Also, we have three returning participants: Kyle Bean from ECA, Cyncere Jackson from YCS, and Kaitlin Robinson from ECA.  The participants are excited about what the new school year holds for them, and plan on working hard.

Deanja and Brandi
Two new H.O.P.E. participants.

Kyle and Kaitlin
Two returning participants.
A new participant from the summer.
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