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OCTOBER 2020 | Issue 48
Hello Ozark -

If you remember at the passage of the 5 year transportation sales tax in April 2017, we promised three major improvements to the city's transportation network. As you can see, we are well on our way to completion of all the projects before April 2022.
The first completed project is the widening to 5 lanes and intersection improvements of South Street from 6th Ave. (Apple Market) all the way to Hwy 65. When you travel that road, and particularly the Selmore Road/3rd Street intersection, you have surely noticed how much smoother, faster and safer the traffic flow is. What a difference two more directional lanes and a dedicated center turn lane makes. The sidewalk improvements have also made it much safer for pedestrian traffic, especially around South Elementary. One down and two to go.
The next project you see completed will be the new Riverside Bridge. That project is definitely on schedule and should be open in November. The new bridge will be elevated out of flood danger and will be two full driving lanes wide with an additional bike/pedestrian lane. It will not only be wide enough but also rated high enough for the weight of school busses, emergency vehicles and trucks. Soon to be two down and one to go.
The third project on the list is the widening to five lanes of Jackson Street/Highway 14 from the Finley River bridge to Fremont Road on the west side of Highway 65. This will include striping the bridge to 4 lanes and continuing west with two lanes in each direction with a center turn lane.
There will also be a major intersection enlargement and improvement at Highway NN. Continuing west from there will be more sidewalks and two pedestrian underpasses to connect the north and south side walkways between the Junior High, The OC and the Ozark Innovation Center. When that is completed in the late summer/fall of 2021, the vehicular traffic will be less congested and move faster. The new sidewalks and underpasses will also allow safer pedestrian and bike traffic. This will be a much needed improvement for our growing city.
Let me finish by saying that when these projects are done, and all within the 5 year span of the transportation sales tax, the city will be asking for the renewal of the transportation sales tax in April 2022. While these three projects are significant, there are many more that need to be done. These projects wouldn't have been able to be funded without this tax because all were cost share projects with MoDOT. And the only way MoDOT will provide cost share funds is if Ozark has the funds to partner with them.

There you have it. Progress as promised. Thank you, Ozark, for saying yes to this tax in 2017.

Missouri Route 14 West of 14th St. Friday, Oct. 2nd - Monday, Oct. 5th CLOSED
Missouri Route 14 is scheduled to close (this upcoming Friday, Oct. 2nd - Monday, Oct. 5th) East of Route 65 here in Ozark due to MoDOT construction for the Jackson Street Widening Project. Please refer to the maps below for detour routes beginning this Friday at 10:30 pm. Business entrances and streets will remain open on either side of the closure.

General Election Deadlines
The City of Ozark has received a few questions from residents regarding upcoming General Election deadlines and absentee voting in the age of COVID-19; The picture on the left is a breakdown of those deadlines.

Pick up your yard sign and/or flyers for your hom or business at these locations:

Ozark Chamber of Commerce
1471 W. South Street
Ozark, MO 65721

Ozark City Hall
205 N. 1st St.
Ozark, MO 65721

Ozark Community Center
1530 W. Jackson St.
Ozark, MO 65721
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Christian County Health Department
Public Works
Q: What are construction crews doing downtown?

A: This is the first phase of a major revitalization effort in the Historic Downtown. Over eight thousand feet (8,000’) of water main and three hundred feet (300’) of sanitary sewer main are being installed to replace the aging infrastructure located in our Central Business District. The goal is to provide better service and fire protection, while at the same time preparing the Downtown for future revitalization and residential density.
Q: What can aging sewer and water infrastructure do if The City does not fix it?

A: The Downtown is the heart and soul of our community and this area has some of the oldest infrastructure in Christian County. Over time these water lines and sewer mains begin to deteriorate. Additionally, these lines were installed prior to the City of Ozark experiencing rapid growth and are often undersized and no longer compliant with our current standards.  

Q: How long will this project take?

A: Phase I of the project will consist of replacing the existing water and sewer infrastructure. The project started August 17th and is set to be completed by early February 2021. Phase II will begin summer 2021 and will be completed by winter 2021.

Kenny Singer Construction has been contracted by the City to repair and/or replace over 8,000 linear feet of antiquated water mains and nearly 300 linear feet of unrepairable sanitary sewer mains. Additionally, for a sizable portion of the downtown, (nearly 6,200 linear feet) we will utilize a technology known as Cured in Place Pipe (CIPP) to line existing clay tile and PVC sewer mains that currently are in need of repair. 
The sanitary sewer improvements included within this contract will help substantially eliminate the volume of stormwater entering into our Central Business Districts’ sewer collection system, through a process known as inflow and infiltration. Ultimately the work to be completed within this phase of the CIPP contract will help reduce the volume of stormwater being collected and conveyed to our Treatment Plants, thus reducing the burden on our existing infrastructure.
The water main replacement project will provide increased pressures and appropriate fire flows within some of our most densely populated areas. Ultimately the work to be completed within this contract will help the Public Works Department better service the existing residents/tenants and provide the foundation for future infill development to sustainably occur within our Historic Downtown.

Q: When will work be taking place?

A: Crews will typically not be working during weekends, or downtown special events. Some night work will be required to mitigate negative impacts and avoid prolonged disruption of service. Any weekend work or night work will be communicated to the public in advance.

Q: How will this affect my city utility services? Will my water be shut off at any time?

A: Your utility service will only be affected when switching over to the new infrastructure. All new utility services will be performed in coordination with owners and residents to avoid service interruptions. Some of this work may need to take place after hours to accomplish.

Q: How will this affect parking downtown?

A: City Staff has been working with the contractor in an effort to minimize the negative impacts that does occur during the construction project. Progress comes with a price, and sometimes that price does cause some headaches. 
 However, we have a contract that limits the amount of parking spaces that will be obstructed during construction. We structured this contact in this manner because we understand the importance of maintaining available parking. Additionally, we will be working closely with the Historic River District, local business owners and community stakeholders to ensure that as construction moves forward we mitigate any unnecessary parking issues.

Q: What is Phase II?

A: Once the water and sanitary sewer improvements are completed, the City will begin working on major roadway and pedestrian improvements. Final plans for Phase II will go out to bid in April of 2021.

Phase II of our downtown revitalization plan will focus more on creating an enhanced pedestrian friendly environment and roadway improvements that encourage walkability thus adding to the ambiance of our Historic River District. Amenities such as additional sidewalks, increased connectivity, shared open space, decorative crosswalks, improved ADA parking, pedestrian scaled drive aisles, etc. will help accommodate both the pedestrian and the driver.

Once we have completed the design development phase of Phase II, the City will advertise the project, or put the project out for bid. This allows qualified general contractors to competitively put forward their plan and budget for the proposed work. We plan to have this project out for bid in early Spring of 2021.
Who can I contact with questions about this project?

 A: Jeremy Parsons 417-581-2407 ext. 1104
John McCart 417-581-2407 ext. 1211 
Kali Springs subdivision got some street repaving in September. View projects in relation to the 3/8 cent transportation sales tax here.
Jackson Street Culvert: MoDOT installed the first two box culverts along Jackson Street, near Ozark Junior High. This is part of the Jackson Street Widening Project.
Ozark Police Department

Parks and Recreation Department
Intro to Coding - Learn to Build Your Own Video Games
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On The Road Again - Dogwood Canyon Trip
October 15
9:45 am - 4:00 pm
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Kids Night In
Oct. 9th
5:30 pm - 9:30 pm
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Kids Day Off
October 16th
6PM at The OC

More information here.
Historic River District 2nd Annual Haunted Walking Tour
Thursday, Oct. 8th
5pm - 10pm
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Trunk or Treat - Downtown Ozark
Saturday, Oct. 31st
5:30pm - 8pm
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