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It's Spooky Season

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Are you ready for loads of candy and costumes as Halloween approaches? At dC we have been busy continuing to provide virtual services, assisting people connect with vaccine options, planning The Inclusion Event on October 7th @ 7 PM, and soaking in the last sunny and warm days as Fall has officially started and we know what comes next. We completed a ramp build through our collaborative partnership with Rotary and had some extra help as volunteers from Community Choice Credit Union staff joined to help a community member regain independent access to the community.

At the bottom of this newsletter is a video sure to make most people's pulse rise.

Awareness Days

October is Disability Employment Awareness Month

5th - World Day of Bullying Prevention

6th - World Cerebral Palsy Awareness Day

7th - dC presents The Inclusion Event @ 7 PM on ZOOM & Facebook

10th - World Mental Health Awareness Day

15th - Blind Americans Equality Day

20th - World Osteoporosis Day

20th - Disability Mentoring Day

29th - World Stroke Day


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The Inclusion Event (TIE) October 7th @ 7 PM. We're addressing important issues that affect many people. Inclusion through Universal Design. Our mission is to spread awareness and potential solutions addressing barriers to inclusion and accessibility through design and planning. TIE will feature a brief introduction about disAbility Connections followed by Architect and Paralympian Ileana Rodriguez's presentation of her experiences and knowledge with some time for some Q & A. 

Have anything you may want to know about the Paralympics or accessible design/Universal design? Pre-submit questions to review@disabilityconnect.org to have us ask Ileana.


Don't miss out on the accompanying auction for The Inclusion Event. There are over 20 items up for auction including dog supplies, golf packages, games, gift cards, sports memorabilia, massages, and more!! All of the proceeds will support our internal programs like Residential Ramps, the durable medical equipment Loan Closet, Fix-dis, Respite Care, and Access for ALL.

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Creative Costume Time Crunch

Struggling to think up a costume idea or where to even look for a costume that can be adapted for a person with a disability? It can be hard thinking of ways to incorporate adaptive equipment or finding material that is warm (we are in Michigan, it can be pleasant or snowing) and functional for any child with sensory issues. If you know a kid that wants to Trick-or-Treat and looking to find a way to transform their adaptive equipment, there are actual options now. Although ready made store-bought options seem to come with a high price, companies have recently ventured into being more inclusive with adaptive costumes designed for children with disabilities. Starting early is the key. Buy early so you know it's here and fits or begin creating your own with some cardboard and paint/markers based off what you see online. We'd love to see what you come up with, take a photo and email it to "review@disabilityconnect.org". We'll share the creative costume(s) on our social media. The following link has some companies that make adaptive costumes that will allow you to see options/pricing and get inspiration.

Adaptive Costumes


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Don't Be Scared - It's Incredible!

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