Halloween Festivities
Preschool through Eighth Grade students enjoyed Trunk or Treat Festivities. Great costumes were worn by our students, and our Trunk or Treat participants helped enhance the excitement in the air! A great parade! Happy Halloween!   
Preschool - Kindergarten News
Assisted Living Residents Visit Preschool

The Preschool class at Cedar Hill Prep was visited by Miss Muriel from the Martin and Edith Stein Assisted Living Residence. Miss Muriel read a book called, Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf.   Read More
Preschool and Pre- Kindergarten Visit Norz Hill Farm

After an exciting bus ride, Preschool and Pre- Kindergarten students arrived at Norz Hill Farm and boarded a hayride. The hayride gave us a beautiful tour of the farm. We stopped to see so many animals. There were chickens, goats, rabbits, horses, llamas, and pigs.  Read More
Seniors Visit Pre-Kindergarten

The Pre-Kindergarten classes were so excited to meet our new friends from the Martin and Stein Assisted Living Residence. Read More
Kindergarten Visits the Elderly

Kindergarten students visited their elderly friends at the Martin and Edith Stein Assisted Living Residence.The children sang songs and shook hands with these “grandparents” as they held conversations with them. Read More
Grandparents Day

In honor of National Grandparents Day, Cedar Hill Prep’s Kindergarten children held their annual Grandparents' Day Celebration! The children paid tribute to their Grandparents by singing two songs, reciting a very special poem, and coloring flowers together for the Kindergarten Family Tree.  Read More
Kindergarten Family Tree

Kindergarten's Grandparents' Day Family Tree continues to flourish with decorated flowers that were lovingly colored and cut out by our students and their grandparents. The tree is surrounded by our grandparents' pictures. This will stay intact for the entire school year in honor of Grandparents everywhere! Read More
Kindergarten Visit to Norz Hill Farm
During our visit to Norz Hill Farm, the Kindergarten children enjoyed fun-filled activities such as a hayride, pumpkin picking, and a farm tour to meet and learn about the farm animals.

Elementary News
Melick’s Town Farm Visit

First Graders traveled to Melick’s Town Farm in Oldwick New Jersey on Friday, October 26. They made and sampled delicious apple cider and then took a hay ride out to the orchards to pick their own apples. Read More
Grade 1 Visits Assisted Living

First graders visited the Martin and Edith Stein Assisted Living Residence. They sang one of their Social Studies songs, “We are All Special,” and introduced one another before sharing their personal pictures with residents.  Read More
First and Second Grade Explore Grounds for Sculpture

As part of our Art curriculum, first and second grade went on a field trip to the Grounds for Sculpture Park in Hamilton, NJ. The trip, led by our art teacher, Ms. Wisniewski, provided the students an opportunity to explore and learn about the different types of sculptures the park has to offer . Read More
Second Grade Visits Assisted Living

Second grade class (2A), had a lovely visit to the Martin and Edith Stein Assisted Living Residence. The children recited original poems about the fall season, and read with the residents. As a special treat this year, our music teacher, Ms. Woodard, joined us. She accompanied the children on piano as the children performed songs.  Read More
Grade 2 Learns about Scientist

Second graders considered their interests after reading about scientists like Jacques Cousteau, Neil deGrasse Tyson, and Jane Goodall. They created illustrations depicting themselves as scientists.
Scientific Method

Second graders have been getting acquainted with the Scientific Method through their investigation of plant needs.
Grade 3 Science Inquiry Activity

Third graders performed an inquiry activity to determine the speed of a wind-up toy. They carried out an investigation with their partners. Read More
Reading by the Fireplace

Third grade took time from their daily schedule to read for 20 minutes by the fireplace. The students loved the crackling sound of the fireplace screensaver as they read quietly! Read More
First Mystery Reader of the Year!

Third Grade welcomed their first Mystery Reader for this year, Mrs. Boric, mother of Finn and Vander. She read a beautiful book, The Sound of Silence, by Katrina Goldsaito. Read More
Mystery Reader

Friday, October 26, was a very exciting day for Grade 3. Revant's dad was our Mystery Reader! He read us a story with a moral, God Helps Those Who Help Themselves. Read More
Grade 4 Celebrates Halloween
Grade 4 celebrated Halloween in style. A lovely buffet-style brunch was followed by dancing, a mummy-wrap, educational Halloween games, and Trunk or Treat. This truly was a fun-filled day. A very special thank you to our Grade 4 parents for their generous contributions to this festive event!
Grade 4 Learns Sign Language Through Music

Grade 4 students singing an American folk song "The Ghost of John" using sign language.
Grades 3 and 4 Visit Grounds for Sculpture

On Oct. 5th, Grades 3 and 4 visited Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton NJ. Prompted by the displays and questions in their Activity Books, the students had a wonderful experience as they explored the sculpture park, navigating the various paths that unveiled amazing pieces of sculpture along the way.  Read More
October House Meeting
Each Wednesday, Grades 3 and 4 have lunch with their respective House members. Each House has its own table where the students have an opportunity to socialize and discuss upcoming events. During the last two weeks in October, the students could be heard creating and practicing their House cheers. Lots of excitement and great comradery! Go Grades 3 & 4!!
Middle School News
Grade 5 Performs Greeting Skits in Spanish

Fifth grade students perform their greeting skits! Students worked in small groups creating dialogue using "greetings" vocabulary.
Spanish Greeting Skits with Puppets!

Sixth grade Spanish students worked in pairs to create dialogue for their cultural "Greeting and Introducing a Friend" skit. Students brainstormed ideas about using greetings vocabulary when introducing someone new to a third person. Even the most grown-up students were excited to practice their conversation skills with the puppet! Read More
Grade 5 Celebrates Halloween in French
The 5th grade had a great time making scarecrows and learning Fall vocabulary.
DEAR Time Launched in Middle School

On Friday October 12th during lunch and recess, all Middle School students experienced DEAR (Drop Everything and Read). This program is being initialed to support a community of readers here at CHP.  Read More
Grounds for Sculpture

On October 12th, Grades 5 and 6 visited Grounds for Sculpture. Grounds for Sculpture is a magical place that incorporates historical and contemporary art into the scenic landscape and architecture. Read More
Grade 6 Learns About Early Humans

Mrs. Callahan’s 6th Grade Social Studies class examined how historians study artifacts and documents from the past. As part of that study, students learned about treasures of the past like the cave painting found in Lascaux, France. Read More
Grade 8 Music Skills

Eighth grade students read a Halloween poem and than created instrumentation for it along with a voice interpretation. 
Frost Valley Middle School Trip
All Middle School students, 5th through 8th, traveled to Frost Valley, an educational environment center and camp site retreat in upstate Claryville, NY. Students engaged in team building activities, an all-day nature hike, and various adventurous experiences such as the Giant Swing, Rock Climbing, and Zip-lining. The older students also participated in a community service project which involved gardening and preparing the land for the next season. Great fun was had by all, and for many, it was an exhilarating new experience.  See Images
House Elections
CHP students campaigned for office in their respective House elections. The Cherokee Bears, Lenape Owls, Ramapo Falcons, and Shawnee Beavers now have leaders, assistant leaders, speakers, scribes, historians, stewards, and arbitrators.
House Competition
Kindergarten through Grade Four students participated in a very special House competition. They competed for "House" points in a "Fall" themed relay race involving the transport of pumpkins!
Swearing In Ceremony
Before the entire CHP student and faculty community, the new officers, comprised of students representing the positions for all four Houses, raised their right hands and took the House Oath, promising to support the rules and regulations of Cedar Hill Prep School and the policies of their Houses.
Scarecrow Competition
Each October at Cedar Hill Prep School, every family is eligible to participate in our very exciting House System Scarecrow Competition. The scarecrows decorate the front of our Main building for all to enjoy. On October 31st, the winners were announced: 1st place - Demi and Tori Rott (Lenape); 2nd place - Leela Menon (Lenape); 3rd place - Armaan Kahlon (Cherokee). Congratulations to all of our participants for a fabulous display! 
“22 days to Go”
Every act of generosity counts and each means even more when we give together. #GIVINGTUESDAY is the opening day of the giving season.   
Please view their website at  www.givingtuesday.org .
Give back - Volunteer - Employee Match Program   

Diwali Celebration
Thank you to all who participated
in our Diwali 2018 Celebration.
The evening was a great success.
Cyber Safety and Online Behavior

On Sunday, October 21, 2018, Cedar Hill Prep School presented the Parent Forum “Cyber Safety and Online Behavior.” The presenter was Paula C. Rodriguez Rust, Ph.D / Sociologist, Diversity Educator, who is an expert on cyber-bullying. Dr. Rodriguez Rust was on the New Jersey Task Force for Cyber-bullying and is a leader in the field. The information she has compiled is invaluable and eye-opening to say the least. The aim of this talk was to help parents navigate this challenging problem. 
Boys and Girls Soccer
The Wildcats have come to the conclusion of the 2018 Soccer season. During this season, both the boys and girls teams made great progress. Both of their wins were coed with contributions from the boys' and girls' teams. The teams had several outstanding moments including a come from behind 4-3 win vs Winfield. The boys' soccer team finished the season with a win over Pingry 1-0. We look forward to the 2019 season with great expectations for both the boys and girls teams.
Teacher In-Service Day

The Staff celebrated at the Teacher In-Service Day with a tie-dye theme in honor of Mr. Seeley's "special" birthday.

10 Year Anniversaries

At Teacher In-Service Day, CHP honored Mrs. Parker, Mrs. Gadaleta, Mrs. Holstein, Mrs. Kotasthane, Mrs. Chari, and Mrs. Parab on their 10 year anniversary with CHP. Congratulations for your dedicated service! See More
CHP Celebrates Mr. Seeley's 50th Birthday! Click To See More Pics
Mrs. Parab, Mr. Seeley, Ms. Richardson, Ms. Loria, Mr. Walton and Mrs. Luty
celebrated their birthdays in October.

Upcoming Events

November 7
School Closed - Happy Diwali

November 8
Picture Day

November 15 - 16
Fall Play

November 16
Parent / Teacher Conferences (PK - 8) School Closed

November 21 - 23
Thanksgiving Break

November 26
School Reopens

December 4 - 6
1st Marking Period Exams

December 7
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December 11
Winter Arts Showcase
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