October Newsletter
Book Recommendation: The Dao of Taijiquan by Jou Tsung Hwa
Our current book recommendation is The Dao of Taijiquan: Way to Rejuvenation by Jou Tsung Hwa. Master Jou began his tai chi study at the age of 47 based on his doctor's recommendation due to his poor health. He became a great tai chi master and established the legendary "Tai Chi Farm" in upstate New York which hosted an annual tai chi festival until Master Jou's death in 1998.

We will discuss this book at our Saturday study group which is held at Panera in Milford from 10:15am - 11am after our morning class is over.
Saturday, Nov 10: Kung Fu and Tai Chi BBQ and Open House
Join us for a party to celebrate Chinese martial arts! Master Jack Guo from Wu Dang Kung Fu Academy and Shifus Shirley Chock and Jonas Karosas from Aiping Tai Chi Center invite our students, their families and friends for a BBQ and pot luck party! We will have kung fu and tai chi demonstrations and free classes.

What: BBQ /Pot Luck Party and Open House
When: Saturday, November 10, 2018, 10am - 2pm
Where: Our School, 518 Boston Post Rd, Orange
Cost: FREE! Bring your family and friends and a favorite dish to share

We will have a grill fired up outside and we'll supply the hot dogs. Feel free to bring your favorite dish to share.
Sunday, Nov 11: Sun Style Tai Chi Basics Workshop
Our Sun Style Tai Chi Basics workshop was originally scheduled in July and has been rescheduled to Sunday, November 11, 1pm - 4pm. The workshop will be  taught by  Shifu Jonas Karosas   .

Grandmaster Aiping Cheng studied Sun style tai chi from Sun Lutang’s disciple, Li Tianji, and Sun Lutang’s daughter, Sun Jianyun.  Sun style tai chi is practiced in a higher stance than Yang or Chen style tai chi and is excellent for those who find Yang or Chen styles of tai chi too strenuous on the legs. This workshop will teach basics movements of Sun style tai chi, including: forward and backward walking, Opening and Closing Hands, Single Whip, Leisurely Tying Coat, Waving Hands Like Clouds. Watch Grandmaster Aiping Cheng demonstrate Sun Style Tai Chi in the above video which was the official standard introducing the newly created Sun Style Tai Chi Competition Form in 1988.

When:     Sunday, November 11, 1pm - 4pm *
Where:     Aiping Tai Chi Center, 518 Boston Post Rd, Orange, CT
Cost:     $60; $45 for current registered students of Aiping Tai Chi Center

* Minimum of 10 students required to hold the workshop
Twelve Dynamics Videos
Thank you to all who came out to Dr. Zhang's Twelve Dynamics workshop on October 14. Dr. Zhang made some videos to share with everyone so you can continue to practice Twelve Dynamics. Click on the links to see the videos posted in the Twelve Dynamics Facebook event page.
General Stretches:
Tai Chi Stretches:
Tai Chi Swings:
Twelve Dynamics:
Photos from JCC International Festival, October 21
We had a great time representing China at the JCC International Festival. Click on the image on the right to take you to our photo album.

Also, click here to check out the JCC of Greater New Haven's photo album showcasing all the wonderful activities at the festival.