October 2021


Dear R2RCNY Family,

Darlene and I send our greetings from Santa Fe, New Mexico! Despite the warmth, breathtaking vistas, and wonderful culture here, our hearts are still with the R2RCNY family and missions. We would like to let you know that R2RCNY is alive and well! We both are still active on the Board and committed to saving one life at a time and are so very appreciative of everything our organization has done in helping people with substance use disorder.

We are incredibly pleased and appreciative of Sue McMahon and the wonderful drive-in theater event she organized. The funds raised will help even more people into recovery. Special thanks to Laurie Glathar and Ed Gabriel for stepping up to be Co-Directors of our organization. Their leadership will continue to grow our organization and help people we serve in need. We both have a special request or our volunteers --- we need you to serve in our leadership and Board! If you are willing and interested in serving on our Board please contact one of us or Laurie and Ed. Our organization needs you leadership and commitment to serving those with substance use and in long-term recovery.

Ralph Waldo Emerson is quoted as saying, "The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be." We have seen so many who have benefited from R2RCNY scholarships to become who they decide to be - many are working in recovery programs, several are married with children, others are buying homes and with successful jobs. We should all be proud of what R2RCNY has done and the people we have helped.


Tim and Darlene Endy

We are pleased to announce that Laurie Glathar and Ed Gabriel are now Co-Executive Directors of R2RCNY. Laurie has been an advocate with R2RCNY for the last three years. As a Navigator, she has helped a number of young adults transition from substance use to long-term sobriety. Having a child with substance use disorder, Laurie knows first hand how devastating this disease can be on a family. Laurie is a retired math teacher, the mother of three children, and lives in Cazenovia with her husband Eric.

Ed has also been a R2RCNY advocate for three years, serving as Public Relations Director and as a Navigator. Ed is a writer-producer who has spent most of his career working for advertising and public relations firms, and as an adjunct professor. He is grateful for all R2RCNY has done for his family and will continue to pay it forward.

Navigators - Our Navigators continue to work tirelessly to help those in need. Jenna Rupert is the Director of Admissions. Jenna has recently taken a job teaching at SUNY Brockport and has moved to the Rochester area. Even though we miss her physical presence, she continues to excel in her role with R2RCNY from afar. Anne Glenny, Kathy Vandermark and Elaine Hadjuk are exceptional navigators. Each has personal experience with family members suffering from substance use disorder, which makes them uniquely qualified to assist applicants through the assessment process. We currently have two applicants and Anne and Kathy are working hard to help them.

Family Recovery Program - Anne Glenny and Caroline Desocio administer the Family Recovery Program. They have been initiating quarterly meetings at the Center of Grace Manlius for three years. Unfortunately, the Covid virus has had an effect on recent attendance. Anne and Caroline are hoping to boost attendance in a couple of ways. First, they are planning to change the location of these meeting to a more central location in Syracuse (more details to follow). Second, thanks to the efforts of Rob Flower, R2RCNY was the recipient of the John Ben Snow Foundation grant. The money will be used to enhance and expand the Family Recovery Program by developing a marketing brand with the guidance and expertise of the marketing agency Solon Quinn. Hopefully, increased advertisement of the FRP will help build community awareness for both the FRP and R2RCNY.

On-Line Advocate Training Program - Several advocates participated in a five-module virtual education project developed by Jenna Rupert aimed at providing a foundation on the basics of substance use disorders and resources available to assist in overcoming the disease. Advocates completed a pre-post education survey and provided subjective feedback regarding the educational benefits. Results will be analyzed to measure the effectiveness of the training and to measure the attitudes of the advocates regarding the training. We hope to use the results to help improve the education for future advocates. Thank you to the advocates that participated in this project!

R2RCNY is seeking someone to fill Judy Frank's position as Bookkeeper. Judy has been volunteering in this position for the past 3 years in memory of her son, Adam, who passed away from a drug overdose at the age of 16. Judy is retiring and wishes to spend her free time traveling. We would like to have the position filled by the end of the year. Please review the job description provided below, and if you or someone you know may be interested please contact Laurie Glathar or Ed Gabriel.

Job Description:

  1. Maintain record of all donors and donations in Excel database which includes name, address, email address, date and amount of donations, event tracking, and any honor gift donation; utilize database to create mailing lists.
  2. Reconcile bank statement each month; ensure donations recorded match actual bank statement postings and all expenses have appropriate backup; keep monthly file with statement and back up.
  3. Create monthly financial report for Board meeting highlighting donations and spending by category.
  4. Send out yearly receipts to donors for tax purposes.
  5. Provide advice on nonprofit accounting/tax compliance issues and to organization when required.
  6. Provide needed information to CPA for year-end government filings.

Judy estimates that the time commitment averages to about an hour a week, or two to three hours a month. She suggests the candidate have very strong excel skills and at least a basic understanding of accounting. A CPA is not necessary, but knowledge of basic bookkeeping is ideal.

R2RCNY would like to thank Judy for her expertise, hard work and dedication over the years. Enjoy your retirement!