Vol. 2, No. 12
Spring is the novel walker that
lets you walk your way.
What We're Doing:
We are completing our first production run of Spring,
and putting in place all shipping, customs and delivery details.

Our Operations and Marketing Manager, Ioannis Rutledge, is
on his way to our factory to inspect and sign off on
the production run.
If you have ordered and paid for Spring, we expect to deliver it
to you in December. We'll do it as soon as we can.
We will be emailing you to confirm your delivery address.

If you have not yet confirmed your order, you can
click the button below to complete.
Enter the code "TENPERCENT" and watch the cost go down!
These orders will be fulfilled by January.
We are working to stamp out fraudulent marketers of Spring.
If you see Spring offered anywhere except on our website or
on Indiegogo, please contact us. We are working with our
attorneys to protect our brand. We do not sell through third
parties. Thank you for being our eyes and ears.
Did you see us on AMC Newswatch?
We had a wonderful day at Atlantic Antic! 
We love to show Spring and talk to people about how they
get around. Let us know if you would like us to demonstrate
Spring to your group, large or small.
Product Feature of the Month:
Parking Brake
We've written before that the parking brake is activated
when you open the seat, and it is released when you close the seat.

But you can also lock Spring without opening the seat. This is handy
when you will need to stand for awhile and want to lean on Spring.

Just turn one blue handle until
it clicks; then
repeat with the
other blue handle.   
What We're Reading:
If you have mobility problems, you might feel that sometimes the world is conspiring to keep you from walking.

Here is an insightful and informed article from The Washington Post about an unintended consequence of government regulation that keeps people from moving.
Want to See Spring?
Write to us at info@foraydesign.com

Or call us at: (833) MY-FORAY
(833) 693- 6729

Thanks to a funded program, we can donate a unit
to your clinic, community center, or venue.
Your Foray Design Team,
Patricia Kavanagh, M.D.
Ioannis Rutledge
Colin Touhey
Hal Ebbott
Jody Day
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