Building the Best through Inclusion!

“She turned her cant's into cans and her dreams into plans.” - Koby Yamada

To me, those words describe how NAWIC transformed my way of thinking. This amazing group of women has challenged me -- in turn it changed my life. I want to offer that to ALL women in construction industry.

This year our focus will be on building the best through inclusion. I am excited to be working with the Professional Education & Development Committee chairs to bring you speakers in our industry to discuss topics that are important to enhance our chapter. This year we plan to provide as many opportunities for both commercial and residential women in our industry. I believe that through including both commercial and residential professionals, we can increase membership, sponsorship, networking opportunities, and awareness of NAWIC in our local community. By including like-minded associations in our industry, we will not only BUILD THE BEST community but BUILD THE BEST in construction!

I hope you are ready Chapter 73! This year we will realize our potential as we inspire positive change in our industry and community by building the best.

Vanessa Pierce
2010-2020 President
Greater Orlando Chapter 73