TAP Ministries, Inc
October 2019
Acts 17:11 These were more noble than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily , whether those things were so.

Our goal at TAP is to ship the resources necessary to help churches reach people with the Gospel and to allow followers of Jesus Christ to search and study the Scriptures just as the church in Berea. Thank you for being a part of our mission!
Special Visit
At the end of October we were able to have Dr. Rick Flanders (Evangelist) and his intern Landon Edminster stop by our facility. Our goal was to help Landon build up his library as he begins his ministry. However, it was such a blessing for us to have Dr. Flanders share his wealth of information on books, authors and church history with us.
Special Christmas Shipment
This year for the first time we are preparing a special opportunity for our supporters to give to a special shipment at Christmas time. We are putting together a large shipment of Sunday school curriculum for some Baptist Mid-Missions missionaries in India. They work with many other national churches in their area who are desperate for good teaching material for children. Sending curriculum was how TAP was founded and is at the heart of our ministry.
It will cost approximately $900 to ship over 250 pounds (8 cartons) of material to them. Would you like to help? If so, please send your donation to TAP and mark it 'India" or donate by clicking on the button in this newsletter or by visiting our website. Thank you.
Prayer Requests
  1. For opportunities to share our ministry and work with churches.
  2. For more supporters. We need more churches and individuals to partner with us in financial support in order to ship the material. In short - we have many requesting material, we have the material at our facility, we just need the finances to send it.
Media Mail???
Are you familiar with Media Mail at your local Post office? Media Mail is a greatly discounted way to send books. This is a great way to send us the books and materials you want to donate to TAP. At the counter this week our local Post Office employee said to us "most people don't know about Media Mail". Well - as far as TAP is concerned - we want to fix that. We have churches as far away as North Carolina that collect books and materials and then ship them to us via Media Mail for a very low amount. For example - I was able to send a 30 pound box this week for about .55 per pound. This is only available with the United States so this option is not available for us to ship to missionaries around the world, but it is something we can use.
Online Donations
We have set up online donations. This is available through the online version of this Newsletter and through our website. We are using PayPal to process all donations. Thank you to those of you that have begun to use this avenue of donations.
Monthly Statistics

During October we were able to send a carton to the Philippines, 2 cartons to a ministry in Kentucky working with former prisoners and we were able to send a couple boxes along with our visiting Evangelist and his intern. It was a quieter month as donations were down for the month (though, they are up for the year!) We do have quite a few shipments scheduled for November and December.
TAP Ministries Inc