October New Letter
... October?!? Did summer even happen?
Welcome, some of you have been regular clients for years and some of you are new to The Wild Child Yogi, so let me reintroduce myself. Hey Y’all, my name is Leah. I am a 27 year old massage therapist, yoga instructor and adventure seeker. A lifetime of being immersed in adventure sports and traveling, combined with almost 20 years of yoga experience, has strengthened my intuition and skills as a sports massage therapist. I practice ultimate relaxation through deep tissue manipulation, without the pain of excessive pressure, in every massage. My yoga teacher training gives me the knowledge to incorporate breath work and mobility for maximum results with little effort. I have been an employee, an independent contractor, a business owner and now, I am The Wild Child Yogi. I work with clients in person, in multiple areas and I have expanded my online presence to incorporate my other passions through blogging and my YouTube channel. Whether you are looking for pain management, a Whole Body Rework or the best free campsites in Maine, I’ve got you covered! 
Pop up massage appointments
I have availability at OmBody this Sunday (9/27) starting at 2:30pm.
Sunday appointments are hard to come by and book up quickly.

Check out all that OmBody has to offer
October is for leaf peeping!

Autumn is probably my favorite season. I love crisp mornings, warm days and colorful trees. I like to prolong the best days of fall by taking a trip to warmer weather and a later leaf peeping season. This mentality will take me into the South East for most of the month to visit dear friends, spend quality time with the family and take in some amazing views. While this time off will allow me to further my online yoga journey, it will shorten my massage schedule for locals. Please check the schedule below to find an appointment time that works for us both.
To book an appointment, call or text 443-605-2655 or book online by clicking the link, scroll past specialty and location options to find the request forum.
In Person Classes
Despite my nerves and uncertainty, I taught three yoga classes this past Tuesday and it went great! It felt amazing to teach in person, I’ve missed it so much.

Since we are still in the midst of a pandemic, I will still not be committing to in person classes. However, I look forward to more classes in the near future.

As before, if I decide to teach in October, I will send out a pop up class notice on social media and email. I look forward to seeing you on your mat.

I spent the summer traveling to beautiful areas and recording yoga classes. Lighting, sound, camera angle, lens quality, weather, wind, finding a flat surface.... It was all very difficult. With that said, I have taken a few weeks off to educate myself and adjust my plan to bring you higher quality classes. This month will bring some new things to the channel, such as live classes and Groundwork for Wellbeing (more info below). In the meantime, enjoy one of my latest classes.
Keep the flow going by donating what you can
Growing up, I was taught that yoga was not created to be monetized, but an instructor's time should always be valued. This is why I am steadfast in my belief that all yoga classes should be “by donation”. Pre pandemic, in person classes were profitable and the time spent teaching was sustainable. Online classes seem to have the opposite effect. My workload and time invested has doubled but donations are rare. While I will continue to teach because it makes me happy, I gently remind my viewers that if you enjoy the online classes, please contribute to the flow. Thank you. 
Whole Body Rework program
Interested in the program? Here is a short video explaining exactly what it is, plus a new program, Groundwork for Wellbeing designed specifically for clients connecting through the internet. Join me in taking wellness into your own hands and developing a yoga practice specifically for your body’s strengthening, recovery and everyday maintenance needs.
The Wild Child's Perspective

Yoopers and trolls, who knew Michigan was so cool! Packing an preparations Water- Packing our water has proven to be one of the best ways to avoid contact with people and limiting the waste of plastic bottles purchased at gas stations.

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Look for my next post about a well rounded Gauley River season, coming soon. 

That wraps up all the announcements I have for October. I look forward to connecting with you further. If you have any questions, feel free to respond to this email.  

I hope you are inspired to treat your body with kindness & plan an adventure of your own.

Lots of love,
Leah Staley