To See Females in Sport Win by Becoming All God Created Them to Be
Welcoming Elisha Glenn to the Family!
Psalm 127:3a

"Behold, children are a heritage from the LORD."
Born October 10, 2016

Elisha Glenn Waltman was born to Kaleb and Kristina Waltman on October 10th! Elisha and the family are doing well and are very thankful for a healthy baby boy. Due to this big event and adjustment in their lives, the October and November Winning Women newsletters are being combined into one. Please pray for them as they start this amazing journey of parenthood!

A Word on Children: Every child truly is a gift. Each one is born sinful and in need of our Lord and Savior, but each one is also completely and unconditionally loved by the same Lord and Savior. Whether young or old and whether well-behaved or not, see children as a gift. See yourself as a gift, loved by God. We are all someone's child. As Believers, we are all children of God, the ultimate gift.
Winning Women Spotlight
Kelly Grayson

Kelly is a certified athletic trainer and a lover and follower of Jesus. She graduated from Ball State University in 2008 with a Bachelors Degree in Athletic Training and in 2010 with a Masters Degree in Wellness Management. She currently works in the high school setting and has the chance to work alongside some great athletes. Developing relationships with her athletes is a key part of her job, but also a key part in ministering to them. God has given her the chance to serve these athletes, share with them in successes and setbacks, and simply to show the love of Christ. She loves the way God uses her career in athletics to give her a unique opportunity for ministry in the professional world, and she does an amazing job at it.
The Fruits of the Spirit at Work...Literally!
New blog by Kelly Grayson

Read as Kelly shares about her journey in the professional world of sports as a female athletic trainer and how God has brought His life and glory to her position!

Virtuous Woman: Excellence
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Virtuous Woman is a 10-session, question-driven small group study that focuses on one of the four key values of FCA: Excellence. The goal of the FCA Virtuous Woman curriculum is to present to women in the arena of the privilege and challenge of learning and living out Biblical Womanhood in all areas of life. 
This goal is accomplished by introducing character traits found in female biblical characters that they can model in their own personal life. It is the fourth installment of the Virtuous Woman series.

The Manly Minute:
Reconciling the male and female relationship

Encouragement to keep the eye on the prize.
We are all competitive and it is a fight to continually acknowledge that our talent and skill does not determine our standing with God. I continually look at my ability and try to do for God when in fact He is working for me and I am called to stay faithful. Being constantly encouraged to look to the greater mission and keeping my eye on His grace is THE ultimate game changer. Repositioning my heart to submit to the Lord is the goal and leads to my purity and joy.

He says it well. The word "FOCUS" rings throughout it. Focusing on what matters most. Focusing on where the true prize is. We, as women, should first and foremost be pointing the men around us to focus first on this true prize. This is done through our thoughts, words and actions around them.

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