October/November 2022
Recognizing Leaders and Principals
The Clover Park School District (CPSD) Board of Directors recognized student leaders from Lakes High School (top left), Clover Park High School (top right) and Harrison Preparatory School (lower left). As part of the recognition, members of the Superintendent Youth Advisory Council were also honored. Principals (bottom right) were then honored for National Principals Month.
Oct. 10 Regular Meeting
During its Oct. 10 board meeting, the Clover Park School District (CPSD) Board of Directors recognized student leaders and principals and heard reports from Superintendent Ron Banner and Thomas Middle School Principal Steve Seberson.

Superintendent's Report
In his report, Banner discussed community engagement and National Principals Month.

Community Engagement
  • The district supported a community clean up event at the Lakewood Wildlife Preserve on Phillips Road on Oct. 1. Several district staff members and nearly 50 students participated in the event.
  • The district hosted a booth at the city of Lakewood's Truck and Tractor Day at Fort Steilacoom Park where volunteers handed out free books for all reading levels and general information about the district.

National Principals Month
  • October is National Principals and Assistant Principals Month. Banner thanked all of the district's principals and assistant principals for the leadership they bring every day, all day to support students and families.

Thomas Middle School Report
Thomas Middle School Principal Steve Seberson shared a report with the board, which included demographic information, assessment data and the work they are doing at the school to promote academic excellence.

Seberson discussed the Four Pillars of Student Success, professional learning communities, student leadership mentors, Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID), school annual action plans, family engagement and social-emotional goals.
As part of the Individual Action Agenda, the Board of Directors:
  • Accepted grant from the Department of Defense Education Activity for $1.3 million to fund computer science education in CPSD.
  • Approved updated salary schedule for directors and council non-represented staff.
  • Approved salary schedule for classified non-represented staff.
  • Authorized agreement for commercial real estate services between district and Washington Real Estate Advisors LLC and Heartland LLC.
  • Authorized purchase of Kid Spark supplemental STEM lab materials to support student academic growth.
  • Authorized professional development contract with Pacific Lutheran University to increase staff capacity in the implementation of district curriculum using effective instructional strategies.
  • Adopted Option 3 for redistricting of CPSD's internal director districts and directed superintendent to take steps explicitly required by state law or reasonably implied therefrom to effectuate redistricting process.
  • Approved amendment to superintendent's employment contract.
  • Adopted the following policies (view online):
  • 2161 on Special Education and Related Services for Eligible Students
  • 1400 on Meeting Conduct, Order of Business
  • 1410 on Executive or Closed Sessions
  • 1420 on Proposed Agenda and Consent Agenda
  • 2110 on Transitional Bilingual Instruction Program
  • 3116 on Students in Foster Care
  • 3122 on Excused and Unexcused Absences
  • 3432 on Emergencies
  • 4210 on Regulation of Dangerous Weapons
  • 4218 on Language Access Plan
  • 5001 on Hiring or Retired School employees
  • 5011 on Sexual Harassment
  • 6112 on Rental or Lease of District Real Property
  • 6700 on Nutrition and Physical Fitness
Oct. 14 Special Meeting
The school board held a special meeting on Oct. 14. At the meeting, board members reviewed the district’s legislative priority positions that were compiled previously in preparation for the General Assembly.

From that list, there was consensus for the following positions as top priorities:

  • Support for Special Education Programs
  • Attract, Recruit and Retain Diverse Staff
  • Transportation Funding
  • Amply-Funded Staffing Levels
  • Levy Authority and Local Effort Assistance
  • Passage of School Finance Issues
  • Funding Safe, Healthy, Contemporary School Buildings
  • Digital Education Access for All
  • Federal Funding for Unique Programs
  • Support for School-Based Health Centers
Oct. 24 Regular Meeting/Workshop
The school board held a regular meeting/workshop on Oct. 24. During the workshop, board members discussed review of the policy manual and heard reports on the district's academic improvement plan, accountability plan, and school safety and security improvements.

Policy Manual Review
Washington State School Directors Association (WSSDA) policy specialist Kelsey Winters provided an overview of policy manual review services offered by WSSDA. A decision on whether to contract policy review services will be made by the board at a later date.

Academic Improvement Plan
Deputy Superintendent Brian Laubach provided a report on the work of the academic improvement committee, which was designed for the common goal of messaging, advising and ensuring that all district initiatives are in alignment with board goals and the district improvement plan.

Laubach highlighted the goals and objectives of the district plan and discussed working toward student success from early literacy screening through high school graduation.

Accountability Plan
The superintendent's council provided an update on the district's Accountability Plan, which included: student growth and achievement; supportive learning environments; parent/community engagement and communication; recruitment and recognition of staff; and fiscal responsibilities.

School Safety and Security Improvements
Executive Director of Capital Projects & Risk Management John Boatman provided an update on safety and security improvements. His report focused on physical barriers, access control and security monitoring. He provided a needs assessment, by building, to the board and discussed items existing, under review, in planning and ongoing small work.

Currently, the risk management department is reassessing sites using safety checklists and methodology for crime prevention through environmental design. This is being conducted for all buildings, sites, playgrounds, parking lots and lighting.

Boatman also provided an overview of additional safety and security efforts, such as school site reunification plans, staffing training and drills and updating emergency response plans.
Nov. 14 Regular Meeting
During its Nov. 14 board meeting, the Clover Park School District (CPSD) Board of Directors heard reports from Superintendent Ron Banner and Custer Elementary School Principal Kathy Weymiller.

Superintendent's Report
In his report, Banner discussed Veterans Day, school visits, fall athletics, professional development and allegations of racial slurs being used against members of the Lakes High School football team and cheerleaders.

Veterans Day
  • All district schools celebrated and recognized Veterans Day earlier this month.
  • Banner thanked families, community and staff members who have served or are actively serving in the Armed Forces.

School Visits
  • Banner visited several schools in November, some of which occurred alongside school board members.
  • Banner described the vigor with which teachers and staff are engaging students to help them bounce back from the two-plus year disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Fall Athletics
  • Lakes High School senior Cruize Corvin won the 3A boys cross country state championship.
  • The Clover Park High School girls soccer team made it to the district playoffs this year for the first time in 15 years. Their coach, Armando Valdez, was named the 2A South Puget Sound League girls soccer coach of the year.
  • The Lakes High School football team made it to the first round of the 3A state playoffs. It was the 22nd consecutive year Lakes made the playoffs.

Professional Development
  • Nov. 17-19 was the annual WSSDA fall conference. Banner attended along with board members.

Lakes/Stanwood Football Incident
  • Allegations of racial comments made toward Lakes High School football players and cheerleaders at the state football playoff game against Stanwood High School on Nov. 4 are being investigated by Clover Park School District and Stanwood-Camano School District.
  • CPSD is taking the allegations very seriously. The district reached out to the students impacted and held meetings with members of the football and cheerleading teams and family members, school administrators and coaches. The meetings were a chance to listen and allow students a safe space to share their experiences and the impact it had on them.
  • The district held a second meeting in November to follow up with the students.

Custer Elementary School Report
Custer Elementary School Principal Kathy Weymiller shared a report with the board. She highlighted the school's status as a Kids at Hope school, demographics, assessment scores, and the school's commitment to the Four Pillars of Student Success and equity and inclusion.

In the presentation, Weymiller discussed Custer's successes and opportunities. Successes included a strong staff culture, increasingly inclusive practices for special education students, common expectations throughout the school and increasingly effective equity practices.

"[Our staff] is magical," Weymiller said. "They are so deliberate, so intentional and so called to be at Custer every day. They believe in every one of our kids."
As part of the Individual Action Agenda, the Board of Directors:
  • Approved 2022-23 school annual action plans for each school, Open Doors and Oak Grove/Firwood.
  • Accepted grant from Washington Department of Health Learn to Return Labor Support Fund to provide additional staffing to assist the district's COVID Response Coordinator.
  • Granted superintendent or designee power to appoint members to Discipline Appeal Council for one-year terms.
  • Accepted federal Strengthening Career and Technical Education (CTE) for the 21st Century Act Secondary Allocation Grant to support CTE expenses.
  • Authorized purchase of computer replacements for Carter Lake, Hillside, Idlewild, Lake Louise, Meriwether, Park Lodge and Rainier elementary schools and Thomas Middle School.
  • Approved project budget increase and contract change order to J. A. Morris Construction LLC for the restroom improvement project at Lochburn Middle School.
The next regular meeting of the school board will be Monday, Dec. 12, at 6 p.m.