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October/November/December 2022

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Remembering Tyler Stone

2004 - 2022

  Tyler Stone started pitching horseshoes in 2012 at the age of eight. Between then and 2020 he pitched in a large number of tournaments, mostly in west central MN, but he also traveled with his family to other states to enjoy the competition. Tyler participated in seven MN State tournaments from 2012 to 2018, winning the Cadet division in 2016 and finishing runner-up to Kyle Holland in 2018 in the Junior division. He also received a Junior Pitcher of the Year award in 2017.  

Tyler traveled to Topeka KS in 2015 for his first World Tournament where he received a large 2nd place trophy in the Cadet D class. He also attended the 2017 World Tournament in St. George Utah, finishing 4th in the Junior D class with a high game of 30%. Tyler had his best game, 33.33%, in the Alexandria Junior League in 2017 and reached a NATstat high of 21.15% in 2018.  

Tyler had a knack for and enjoyed visiting with people of all ages, horseshoes facilitated that. His brother Devin shared that horseshoes taught them perseverance. You cannot quit part way through a tournament, if you are having a bad game you just have to do your best to figure it out and keep going. We can apply that to life also. Tyler enjoyed the family aspect of the game which included his grandparents Alan and Janet Larson, brother Devin, Aunt Kayla (Larson) Kvacik, great uncle Jerry Larson and occasionally his mother Kelsey Nordick. Tyler also enjoyed being a part of the larger family that we all refer to as our “Horseshoe Family”.  

Tyler quit pitching in 2020 as he got more involved with high school sports and his true passion, being a football lineman. He died on 9/11/22 as the result of a car accident at the age of 18. He will be deeply missed.

Thank you for all the support our “horseshoe family” has shown us throughout this difficult time.

This was the last State Tournament that Tyler participated in. Pictured with Kyle Holland and Colton Williams. 

Meet the 

Ringers of Rice Horseshoe Club

Back Row: Billy Lashinski, Kathy Welle, Tom Lashinski, Ginger O'Brien, Garry Loidolt, Don Claseman, Jim Volkers, Jerry Rajkowski, Mike Holz, Myron Vanderweyst

Front Row: Christy Schilling, Imogene Worm, Pat Stumpf, Bev Grose, Lu Cave, Annette Grebinoski, Kathy Stueve, Brian Wipper, Roger Lodermeier, Tony Omann 

Ringers of Rice 2022 Season

By Kathy Stueve

    The Ringers of Rice Horseshoe Club concluded their regular 2022 pitching season on August 8th. The club courts are located at O’Brien’s Pub in Rice, MN. First shift teams were Auto Body 2000, Morningstar Grooming, Rudolph Redneck Roost, and Rice Hardware Hank. Second shift teams were Santiago Boys, K/S Construction, Bialka’s, and Cave Dwellers. Hot, humid weather prevented pitching two evenings, but it was an enjoyable, competitive season.

The end-of-year dinner and awards was held on August 22nd. Pizza and beverages were served to league members and their guests. A 50/50 raffle was held. Kathy Welle was the lucky winner!  

Awards were handed out by Ginger O’Brien. First shift winning team was Rice Hardware Hank with 45 wins. Members of their team were Ginger O’Brien, Garry Loidolt, and Pat Stumpf. Second shift was won by Bialka’s with 50 wins. Their team members were Mike Holz, Imogene Worm, Pat Stumpf and sub, Myron VanderWeyst. Bialka’s team was awarded league championship patches and the traveling trophy for their win in the playoff game held on August 15th. Pat Stumpf earned the High Average Award with 56.35%. High Game Over Average Award went to Annette Grebinoski with 28.96% over her average. The Most Improved Award was presented to Jerry Rajkowski. He increased his average by 16.67%. Pat Stumpf pitched a game of 75% to earn the High Ringer Game Award. Tony Omann was voted to receive the Sportsmanship Award. Billy Lashinski received the Rookie-of-the-Year Award. 

The Ringers of Rice Horseshoe Club held their annual Leprechaun Tournament on August 13th. Twenty-five pitchers participated from the states of Minnesota, North Dakota, and Wisconsin. The weather was great, the concessions were delicious, and the competition was strong. Class A winners were Jeff Washburn, Jim Bilderback, and Josh Olson. Top pitchers in Class B were Don Claseman, Annette Grebinoski, and Stanley Barney. Rob Bjorklund, Kathy Stueve, and Brian Wipper led in Class C. Class D was led by Robert Ciaciura, John Hustings, and Jerry Rajkowski. Check tournament results online for more information. Tournament director, Ginger O’Brien, and league members thank all who participated.  Special thanks to Josh Olson for his participation and stat expertise.  

We look forward to another pitching season next year. Thanks go out to our team sponsors and to Keith O’Brien and his staff at O’Brien’s Pub for helping to support the game of horseshoe.

Jeff Washburn Catches the The Leprechaun

Class A

Josh Olson, Jeff Washburn, Jim Bilderback

Class B

Annette Grebinoski, Don Claseman, Stan Barney

Class C

Kathy Stueve, Robert Bjorklund, Brian Wipper

Class D

Jerry Rajkowski, Robert Ciaciura, John Hustings

From the Editor

By Jerry LaBrosse

    Years ago a man named David Pedersen from Redwood Falls was our Ringer Digest Editor, and he was a very hard working promoter of horseshoes.

You may have heard of the recent passing of Olivia Newton John. Well long ago David did a very interesting thing , he invited Olivia Newton John to visit Olivia, MN. Not to spoil the story, but she actually made the trip here to MN to fulfill Davids request. The following link is the story of what he did, and aired on Channel 11 It's fantastic and I hope you all take a few minutes to view the story.



  I want to remind all of our members, especially the new members, to make sure that you are all receiving our Ringer Digest, and also the NHPA Newsline magazine. They are both free and easy to sign up for. To view any previous Digests and sign up to receive future digests, go to this link   https://www.minnesotahorseshoes.com/ringer-digest/

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The only info you need to provide is your name and email address. League Directors please survey your members and make sure they have this information and are receiving these publications. They are also shared on social media thanks to our own Michelle Foard.

Here is a message from Michelle Foard about social media:

  Facebook is a great way to stay up to date on all things horseshoes. We have our own page for the Minnesota chapter as well as another page for the National chapter. To find us go to the search bar type in Minnesota Gopher State Horseshoe Pitchers Association. To find the National page type in National Horseshoes Pitching Association (NHPA)

 There is another page for all sanctioned and non sanctioned pitchers. They post daily questions and encourage you to share your photos. This page can be found by entering in All About Pitching Horseshoes. I hope to see more of you joining these great pages!


Feedback from a First Time State Tournament Pitcher

   I met a guy named Robert Ciaciura and his lovely wife Judy at this year's state tournament and made a new golfing buddy. It was his first state and he wanted to share some thoughts about it with all of you.

Great Tournament/Banquet topped off with a great weather and great people. 

Thought I would share my thoughts, appreciation, and weekend takeaways. 


I used to say “one more shoe” but the reference was for “Blackjack”

I used to say “make it a double” but the reference was for “Brandy Water” 

After this weekend these have brand new meanings.


Perhaps you've heard the saying, "Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades." It turns out this quote is from Frank Robinson, who had a long and successful career in Major League Baseball as a player, coach, and manager. The full quote is actually:

Close don’t count in baseball. Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.

Ref: ToddHerman associates

Obviously Frank never competed in the Minnesota State Horseshoe Pitching Tournament where close may not be quite close enough.


My wife Judy and I spent the Labor Day weekend at the Minnesota State Horseshoe Pitching Tournament where I competed with pitchers from all around our beautiful Gopher State. In the tournament I lost a close one 20-21, oh so close. This close loss would eventually put me into a first place tiebreaker with the guy whose only loss, out of the gate, was to me. His persistence and ‘never give up’ attitude would put him in a tiebreaker and eventually in the winner’s circle. The ringer percentage tiebreaker was so close, but .71 short.

"It ain't over till it's over." Yogi Berra



Great big THANKS to the BOD, tournament organizers, scorekeepers and volunteers for making the weekend a complete success. I appreciate all your hard work. As with all tournaments this year I have met some amazing people who enthusiastically share a love for pitching horseshoes. I look forward to future tournaments where I will reconnect and meet more horseshoe enthusiasts.


Thanks again MGSHPA

“So close RLB”


Ray Pierce Sr Receives HOF Honors

A message from your North Vice-President Rory L. Pierce Sr, this Year I had the honor of introducing the Hibbing Horseshoe Hall of Fame Inductee, Raymond Pierce Sr. 

Ray Sr has been pitching Horseshoes for over 25 years with the past 10 being with the MGSHPA. Ray has continually strived to better the Hibbing Horseshoes throughout his years of pitching and continues to help improve the club to this day. Ray Sr has been instrumental in bringing the Minnesota State Tournament to Hibbing Mn in 2019 and in 2021. He also pushed to have the State doubles held in Hibbing in 2017 and 2018. Ray Sr has claimed 2 State Championships in his Class, one in 2015 and one in 2017 each time he beat out one of his sons to claim the titles. This Hall of Famer also finished 3rd in his Class in the NHPA world Horseshoe Tournament in Winnemucca Nevada in 2021. Ray Sr has multiple open tournament Championships along with several non-sanctioned league championships and Playoff Championships in the Palmers League where he has been pitching since 2007. Ray Sr once won a Non-Sanctioned Championship at Woodys Tavern in Kelly Lake Mn with his Dad (Everett Pierce), they beat Hall of Famer Andy Paglarini and his own brother (John Pierce Sr) for the win. This Hall of famer has been the Hibbing Horseshoe Club President since 2015 and is still your Current President. With Great Honor I present to you not only my father and mentor but a great sport, the Hibbing Horseshoe Hall of Fame Inductee for 2022

Ray Pierce Sr.

Helen’s Corner

By Helen Hawkinson

    Ginger O’Brien is a firecracker who has been pitching for many years, and can be seen with a smile on her face as soon as she hits the courts.

She grew up in Sauk Rapids, married her husband and moved to Rice in 1976. She had three children who all love horseshoes as well and have courts in their backyards. Ginger’s eldest son Keith and his wife Kristy currently own O’Brien’s Pub in Rice where Ginger runs a sanctioned league on Mondays and a non-sanctioned doubles league on Tuesdays. The Pub started with three courts, but it was so popular they added three more courts. Every year the 2nd week in August they run the Leprechaun Tournament at the Pub. 

She started pitching in 1985 when she was 39 and has continued pitching even today at age 76 because of the love of the sport. She started pitching when she was at a family reunion and all the “men” were pitching horseshoes. She stepped up and gave it a try and fell in love with the game. I asked her who influenced her into getting sanctioned and without skipping a beat she said Rosie Lake and Phyllis Nygaard. She couldn’t believe I had never heard of Rosie Lake! Ginger pitched at the Lake Station Courts in Sauk Rapids in the sanctioned leagues for many years.  

I asked her if she pitches a flip or a turn and she said she flips her shoe. She started pitching with Diamonds, then switched to M&Ms, then Imperials but currently her favorites are the Easy Flips. She has won several State and World Tournaments throughout the years, some of her accolades were winning 2 World Tournaments – in 1989 she took 1st in E Class in Spearfish, SD and in 2003 she took first in D Class in Eau Claire, WI. She took first in Minnesota State Tournaments as well in Class B, C and D – and she has even pitched in A Class. She said she will continue pitching as long as her mind and body can work together as she loves the game.  

I asked her what she loves about the sport and she said that she loves the people. She said they are the nicest and most genuine people in the world. Glad you are part of our world Ginger!

Ray Pierce Jr.jpeg

From the President

By Ray Pierce Jr

   Well, another season has come and gone but what a season it was. We crowned a Women’s Champion for the 10th time, a brand new Elders’ Champion and our Mens’ Champion made it back to the top for his second time. We hosted the state tournament in Genola with over 100 pitchers, had a fantastic banquet at the Pierz Ballroom and had a very productive annual meeting.

I would like to welcome Janet Roubinek to the team. Janet was elected as our new Secretary/Treasure/Membership director. Welcome aboard Janet, I look forward to working with you. 

 I would like to take a moment to personally thank Anne Hagman for her time and passion to our association and the sport of horseshoes. Although I didn’t get a whole lot of time to work with her, she made my transition into the office very smooth. Thank you for all the help and a job well done. 

As some of you may already know, the proposal to allow men to move to the 30’ line at the age of 65 passed with over 74% approval from our charters. This takes effect October 1st so all of you with fall or winter leagues may have some new pitchers in the elders’ class.  

At the annual meeting it was brought up about Elder women being able to move up. Janet Roubinek brought forward the idea of a trial period in Minnesota and we agreed to work out a proposal and try and get it worked out through the NHPA. We have put together a proposal and we will be working with the NHPA to get approval for a trial period in Minnesota where Elder Women can move up. The MGSHPA will record data (number of pitchers, averages, etc) and document for the NHPA. This proposal wouldn’t take effect until 2023 if we can get it approved. Just stay tuned and I will try to keep everyone informed on this status.  

As this edition of the Ringers Digest goes out, remember, this is your paper. If you have stories, photos, or anything you feel our fellow pitchers would like, send it in to jlabro6186@aol.com.  

As always, concerns or questions, please reach out to your officers. Rory Pierce-North VP or Jeff Washburn-South VP. You can also contact me directly.  

Have a great fall and I will see you soon.


Josh Olson Classic Tournament Recap

By Josh Olson

  I would like to take this time to say thank you to Tim and Carolyn Brigner from the Morrison Co Horseshoe Club who helped a bunch with getting the courts and everything in the building ready to go before my tournament, it wouldn’t have gone as smoothly without there help, THANK YOU! We had perfect weather for pitching horseshoes, it was nice that it wasn’t all that hot especially for being the middle of August, we all know that it can get very hot and when playing in a tin building its like playing in an oven when it’s hot, that was not the case this year. We had 46 pitchers for the Tournament this year, which was great, besides the State tournament, it might have been one of the largest weekend tournaments in Minnesota this year if not the largest. It was great to see a packed house Saturday morning for the 1st shift, we had 30 pitchers in the morning across 15 courts. The burgers were great, the people were great, and the competition was great all weekend long. 

Class E Winners 3rd place-Sue Pierce, 2nd Place- Robin Constance, and 1st Place- Rick Wright.

Class D Winners 4th Place- Carrie Kowalczyk, 3rd Place-Al Blumer, 2nd Place-Rocky Pierce and 1st Place-Tim Brigner

Class C Winners 4th Place-Steve Ziegler, 3rd Place-Ginger O’Brien, 2nd Place-Richard Hunstad and 1st Place- Tristan Dehkes

Class B Winners 4th Place-Jerry Werk, 3rd Place-Paul Anderson (ND), 2nd Place- Barry Hanson and 1st Place- Anna Pierce

40ft Class A Winners 4th Place-Eric Dehkes, 3rd Place- Mark Smith, 2nd Place-Josh Olson and 1st Place-Nathan Dehkes

30ft Class A Winners 4th Place-Jeff Washburn, 3rd Place- Helen Hawkinson, 2nd Place- Pat Stumpf and 1st Place- Jim Bilderback (WI)

I want to say thank you to Dan’s Prize for the donation, along with Jeff Washburn and my parents Paul and Sharyl Olson for adding to the prize fund as well. THANK YOU!

It was a very successful weekend of horseshoes, I said it earlier, it really was great to see the building full of both people watching and pitching on Saturday, it would have been nice to see more people stick around for the afternoon shift, but it is what it is. The Tournament paid out over $3,000 in prize and I hope to see that increase every year! 

I plan to use the same weekend going forward, it will be 2 weekends before the State Tournament in August so plan on signing up next year! 

30ft  Class A

Jeff Washburn, Helen Hawkinson, Jim Bilderback, Pat Stumpf

40ft  Class A

Eric Dehkes, Mark Smith, Nathan Dehkes, Josh Olson

Class B

Paul Anderson, Barry Hanson, Anna Pierce, Jerry Werk

Class C

Ginger O'Brien, Steve Ziegler, Tristan Dehkes, Richard Hunstad

Class D

Al Blumer, Rocky Pierce, Tim Brigner, Carry Kowalcyzk

Class E

Robin Constance, Rick Wright, Sue Pierce

Regional Director / Stats Guy

By Josh Olson

I can't believe that the horseshoe season has practically come and gone this year. It was a fun and enjoyable season. As I am typing this out and looking outside the fall colors are starting to show and with that the weather is starting to change. I am excited to announce that Bertha will have a Fall/Winter season this year. The City of Bertha recently acquired a building that will eventually be turned into the new Fire/Rescue home. The goal is to have a 1 or 2 nights of league play go on between Middle of October until April. We are thinking of having league night(s) on Tuesday night and possibly Monday or Wednesday depending on the interest. We will only have 3 courts; We are also looking at running a Tournament every month starting in November, so keep an eye out for that information when we get closer to starting leagues and I will be sure to get the word out when we decide to start running tournaments hopefully all goes as planned and it will be soon!

If you would like more information on the fall/winter league, reach out to me and we can talk more about it. -Josh


Regional Director Update


During the MGSHPA Membership meeting we went over the Elders age rule proposal that was sent to each charter to vote on, the vote was to change the age from 70 down to 65. The Minnesota pitchers in attendance did have a good discussion on this, it did bring up some further topics on a possible rule change down the road to send into the NHPA rules committee on a Senior/Elder Women's division. Minnesota submitted their ballet to the NHPA voting in favor of the elder rule change that was sent, and the vote did receive a 2/3rd's majority 73-Yes and

25-No and did pass and it will go into effect starting Oct. 1st of this calendar year since you can start to purchase memberships for 2023 starting as soon as Oct 1st. 


World Tournament 2023

Lansing, Michigan July 17th-July 29th

Be sure to keep an eye out for any updates that the NHPA Council may send out. The 2023 World Tournament I believe will be a big one, and it is not that far away from us here in Minnesota. I hope to see a bunch sign up and participate next year! If you are not a NHPA Newsline subscriber, it is free just like the Ringers Digest is. You can sign up for the NHPA Newsline online at the NHPA website, and you can also sign up for the Ringers Digest at our MGSHPA website as well. With that being said, make sure you have your 4 Tournaments for qualifying in before the deadline. For those that are eligible to move up make sure you get your Tournaments in if you plan to move up next year.


Minnesota Tournament Schedule 2023

It is that time of year again, I would like to ask that all Tournament directors please reach out to me to get the information for the 2023 Horseshoe Pitching season. I want Tournament Dates, deadlines, entry fee cost, Tournament Director contact information, anything that would be worth publishing on eShoe for the Tournament. I have had some Tournament Directors already grabbing dates for 2023 so please send me an email, call me or text me, my contact information can be found on the MGSHPA Website. 

MGSHPA Spring Meeting

Sunday, September 4th 2022

Bertha, MN Bertha Open Tournament

After Morning Shift - Noon


Attendees: 57 members in total including. All board members present.

  1. Call to order: 1:10 pm
  2. Minutes of Spring meeting; read by Rocky. Discussion, none. Motion to accept, seconded, accepted.
  3. Financial Report; distributed to members present.
  4. Discussion, adult dues income was clarified. Motion to accept, seconded, accepted.
  5. Officer Reports
  6. Jeff Washburn VP: Reported on leagues in his area.
  7. Rocky Pierce VP: Reported on leagues in his area. Becker and Santiago are discussing a merge into one league. Requested club members, please make sure your email addresses are correct.
  8. Ann Sec/Treas: Reminder to all, with using e-shoe, we no longer issue cards, which will be attended to with discussion later.
  9. Joe Mueller Nominations: Reminder to send in nominations, qualifications and submission forms are on the website.
  10. Lori York webmaster: Thank you for your patience in all the new stuff I am trying on the site.
  11. Sue Pierce C&BL: a few changes to bylaws were discussed and voted on in the spring meeting. Constitution changes were posted and will be discussed later.
  12. Josh Olson RD: At the WT 8 MN pitchers placed in the money. WT 2023 will be in Lansing, MI 7/17/23-7/29/23.
  13. Josh Olson Statistician: Top 10 will be awarded at the banquet later tonight.
  14. April Lynch Jr Promotions: Yesterday the juniors did amazing, I saw a lot of smiles and great sportsmanship. For our party we did lawn games, paint dipping (horseshoes, crocs, pick up sticks, etc.). We had no sign ups for our Big and little tournament this year, about 20 last year, we hope to have a turn out next year.

1.    Discussion: Reminder, the charter covers renewal fee for all of our junior members. There is no fee for the state tournament.

  1. Jerry LaBrosse Digest Editor: Next issue will be a special State tournament issue. Encourage all members to submit articles for the digest, personal stories, tournament write ups, whatever you want to add. Current plan is to reach out to some of our longer term members to gather some personal interest stories.
  2. Michelle Foard Media: In addition to Jerry’s comments, maybe focus a story on the pitcher themselves, rather than their horseshoe stories. Congratulations to all the new people who signed up for state. We have a non-sanctioned Tournament at Ham Lake Lanes, Saturday is singles, Sunday is doubles. This tournament is where Joe Mueller got me to sign up as a sanctioned member. I encourage all the clubs to speak to your members about attending tournaments, state and WT, to clarify qualifications.
  3. 2022/2023 MN Doubles
  4. 2022: Not run by the charter. Hibbing will be hosting 2 weeks from this tournament, 9/17/22. Deadline to sing up is 9/12/22. Contact me to sign up, team can be any combination of partners. Team average is an average of the 2 members; 80 shoe games, entry is $25 per pitcher.
  5. 2023: We are looking for a club that is interested in hosting. The state will pay the hosting fee to the city of Genola. Anyone interested, please contact Ray.
  6. 2022/2023 State Tournament
  7. 2022: Ringers of Rice League, has been covering concessions.
  8. Morrison County League, has been taking care of the pits and clean up.
  9. Move ups

1.    Mens: Eric Dehkes, Russ Girtz, Jerry Werk and Rich Kvamme.

2.    Womens: Jenny Lammers, Christy Schilling, Anna Pierce and Melisa Dehkes.

3.    Elder’s: Dick Dvorak, Barry Hanson, Jim Aleckson, Jeff Washburn and Ron Craigmile.

  1. 2023: We are still looking for host club(s) for upcoming years. Duties include; pit clean up and care, cleanup in the building/grounds (garbage), concessions, 50/50 drawing, advertising in the booklet, etc.
  2. Discussion: can we look into putting up some pits outside for those that want to pitch and cannot, due to current tournament pitching. Recommend, that if pits are available, can we use the last 4 pits when we have open courts, to avoid the distraction of bathroom traffic.
  3. Old Business
  4. Contract with Pierz Ballroon; Ray spoke with them this year, hoping to have banquet pricing set for 5 years. This year, minimum of 80, next year a minimum of 100.
  5. Audit: on the floor Ray asked for 2 people to participate in an audit today. Ann agreed to meet after the meeting if 2 are interested. We want members, not officers, to participate.
  6. New Business
  7. NHPA Bylaw Change

1.    At the WT Delegate convention, the big item brought up was changing Elder class eligibility from the current age 70 to age 65. This would set the age the same as Canada (this difference is an issue for Canadians who participate in the WT, as they are required to meet the NHPA ruling for pitching classification).

2.    Discussion:

1.    Ray Pierce Jr notes that MN charter has 5 votes to submit, the 20 or so people he talked with offered support, one person did state they do not support this.

2.    Jeff Washburn reported he polled the Southern Clubs and 100% are in support of this change.

3.    R Ciaciurca: reports he has seen several pitchers struggling to pitch comfortably. With some, they have years yet before they can move up. Approving this change may retain more of our pitchers. Also keep in mind, moving up is an option, not required.

4.    Eric Dehkes: asked to clarify if the change is to draw Canadian pitchers in? It was noted, Canada has been set at age 65 for 20+ years.

3.    Motion made to vote as a charter in agreement to this change, seconded, approved by a verbal aye from present members. Approved. Ray will send in our MN Charter votes.

  1. Discussion on woman’s foul line

1.    Jerry LaBrosse notes he is a member of the NHPA rules committee. He notes, because this does not affect a large number of players. The change would require a new division.

2.    Discussion: As MN being a charter of the NHPA, we do have to abide by their bylaws.

3.    Ray notes he supports a rule proposal for future NHPA rules committee, but the proposal would need to attend to all current rules for pitching platform, foul line, etc.

4.    Several points of discussion, including what we can do as a charter, options for wording for a proposal, we just discussed moving our elder men up, why not also look at what we can do to retain our elder women too. One step past the current 30 foot foul line or moving to the 20 foot line. Creating a new class was discussed. General consensus was we want to be as inclusive as we can, 20 foot line would be less complicated.

  1. State Tournament Qualifications

1.    Current CB&L is 3 tournaments or 1 league with a tournament. It was noted, some people qualify with 2 events by using league and a tournament. Point of discussion was to lower the qualification. By a show of hands, the membership agreed to leave the qualifications as is.

  1. Discussion of Bona Fide Member

1.    NHPA rules will be reviewed for people who live in more than one location. Any proposal has to go through the rules committee, one was submitted to give the state change the authority to allow participation in their charter state tournament.

2.    Discussion: RGS book does state a person needs to be a resident in the state they are issued a card # (see book for particular wording). If you have a proposal for a change (removing wording of residing in MN 90 days) please submit that proposal to Sue Pierce.

  1. State Tournament change from 4-day to 3-day schedule.

1.    Proposal was posted in the Digest for Friday-Saturday-Sunday, an option would be Saturday-Sunday-Monday.

2.    Discussion was a different weekend and doing 3-day. It was noted our CB&L requires that we hold this tournament on Labor day weekend, also our charter has a contract with Genola.

3.    Motion made to table this or future discussion, seconded, approved.

  1. New State Computers

1.    State tournament computers, we need to replace a few.

2.    Another idea was to purchase big air movers for the Genola arena.

3.    Both items may be below the current council limit of $500, but there may be future discussion of purchase approval.

  1. Isanti Winter Courts

1.    Isanti no longer has access to the building they have been using, they have 4 sets MN charter portable courts.

  1. Elections
  2. Secretary/Treasurer, no written submissions received. Discussion: since none were submitted, how do we fill this position?

1.    Rick Wright noted if no submissions, the incumbent person stays in office.

  1. Motion made to accept nominations from the floor, seconded, approved.
  2. Nominations made for Janet Roubinek, Ann Hagman and Helen Hawkinson. A ballot vote was held with all members invited to vote. Total votes were witnessed by Ray, Josh and Marlys; Janet Roubinek won by one vote.
  3. To avoid a similar situation next year, do we know who will be due for election? Yes, each term is 3-years. The positions come due as follows: year one, President, year two Secretary Treasurer and year three both VP positions.
  4. CB&L rules to vote on
  5. Change 1 – wording change to add ex-officionado so the president is aware of or part of all committees, approved.
  6. Change 2 – wording change to remove issuing cards, approved
  7. Change 3 - election of officers, adding email as a method to submit your candidacy, approved.
  8. Change 4 – wording change to add zoom as a way we can meet, approved.
  9. Open Forum: nothing brought up.
  10. Adjournment: 3:40 pm

Thank you to Ann Hagman for preparing these excellent minutes.


Jeff Washburn.jpg

South Vice President

by Jeff Washburn

 Greetings to all our fellow horseshoe friends and their families. Our 2022 State Championship along with all our statewide leagues and tournaments have now been completed for the 2022 season, and what a great season it was!  I wanted to share a few of my thoughts on the MGSHPA’s return to the Genola Arena for the first of the next 5 state tournaments at this site, and the overall state tournament weekend.  First, the 16 courts in the Genola Arena provide for various options and significant capabilities for the tournament scheduling.  As Carolyn Brigner from the Morrison County Horseshoe Club pointed out, the facility can handle 32 pitchers in any given time slot. Which brings me to my first special thanks to Carolyn and Tim Brigner and their club members for their outstanding efforts the entire weekend to help make the state tournament a big success. I would also like to thank Ginger O’Brien and the Ringers of Rice, who graciously stepped up to take care of the food and beverage service for the weekend.  Another special thanks to Josh Olson for his efforts with the computers, and all those volunteers who helped with the scorekeeping and the many other duties that go into making the 4-day event a success. Another big thank you goes to our President Ray Pierce, Jr, for his efforts to arrange the banquet and meal at the Pierz Ball room. The venue, ballroom, food, and entertainment, including Ray’s efforts in leading the festivities, were very well done. Finally, a special thank you goes out to all of the pitchers who competed in this year’s state tournament, and congratulations to all of the class winners! The participation of our pitchers is what really makes the tournament a success. Let’s all keep our interests high in our State Tournament and encourage others to join in this fun weekend.  If anyone has a comment or suggestion on how we can make the State Tournament a better event, then please pass them along to any of the Officers or Directors. All comments are welcome!

I would like to thank Ann Hagman for her many contributions to the MGSHPA as Secretary-Treasurer and Membership Director for the past number of years, and to welcome Janet Roubinek to the MGSHPA Executive Team.  Please offer Janet your help and full support.

This will be the last Ringer Digest of the year, and Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are right around the corner. It is a bit early, however I would like to wish each of you and your families a very blessed and safe Holiday Season!   Stay safe and enjoy what is important in your lives; friends, family, and hopefully good health.    Don’t forget to renew your 2023 MGSHPA dues, and I will hopefully see many of you on the courts next spring!    Cheers, Jeff


North Vice President

By Rory Pierce Sr.

Hello MGSHPA a quick word from your North Vice-President. We had a very exciting year in Hibbing and in the State. I managed to make it to a few of the tournaments throughout the season not as many as I would have liked to, but the ones I made it to were a blast. State tournament in Genola was a great time this year. I pitched well but a few of my nemesis’s were there and had my number haha. The lip sync battle at the banquet will forever be remembered and I hope we can get more entrants into next years battle and banquet. Mn Doubles was an excellent way to end the season this year. Hopefully we can get double the teams next year. To those of you that hunt and fish in the coming months and or winter good luck and be safe. I am truly looking forward to spearing season this winter, so bring on the hard water. 2023 will be even bigger and better for the Horseshoe community. Take the winter and try to talk to even one friend or relative and see if we can recruit a few more pitchers for the 2023 season. For those of you pitching in the winter leagues good luck and pitch well. We recently had our banquet in Hibbing and I had the Honor of Inducting my father Ray Pierce Sr into the Hibbing Horseshoe Hall of Fame. It was a very emotional experience for all in attendance and something all of us pitchers strive to achieve one day. Enjoy your family and friends and we will see you all in the spring. Thank you

North Vice-President

Rory L. Pierce Sr.


Promotion / News Media

by Michelle Foard

Happy Fall everyone! Leagues are done for the year and most had their banquets. Brooklyn Park had our Mon vs Tues league play off. Tues team won. We also had our Pete’s Tournament for the end of the year. We had 6 new people join our league this year thank you to Mandy Shaw. Mandy was also new to pitching and had 5 co-workers join. Her husband Jeff is our stats person so Mandy has been around horseshoes just never played. On Monday night Amanda Gaudreau won rookie of the year. This was her first time ever playing horseshoes. She is a natural. She ended the season at 7% and threw a 20% game. 

 Since State I have been busy making Tik Tok videos. I still have lots more to do. One of my videos has taken off and is over 260,000 views right now. I have also gained a bunch of new followers. I do have photos of everyone so if you would like any pictures I have feel free to text or email me. I can also send video clips. 

  Sad news there is gonna be no Isanti or Greenfield Fall or Winter leagues. Russ Girtz has leagues in Becker, Mn at the American Legion. He is offering 8 week league starting Oct 4th running 2 shifts a 5:00 pm and 7:00 pm. If you are interested contact Russ or contact me for Russ’s info. We are also planning a tournament for Dec 3rd. This is not confirmed yet, but mark your calendars as we will not be having many tournaments this winter. I will be helping Russ run this tournament. Any questions about the Becker league or the tournament email me and I can get you the info. Lynx3921@aol.com 

 Most of us won’t be pitching til next spring so enjoy your time off. Think about next spring and how you can help to get more people to join. Think about co-workers or neighbors. For those of you who do play in the winter or fly south please feel free to share your photos with me.



                    Rookie of the year  -  Amanda Gaudreau

Kelvin Bonnema, Colin Wanous, Bruce Henderson, Jeff Washburn,

Rich Kvamme, missing Al Springer

    Jon VanRyswyk, Jeff Shaw, Arnie Johnson, Gary Freese, Dan Gourde

Carl Swanson, Amanda Gaudreau, Hayley Engebretsen,

John Engebretsen, Troy Purdue

   Patty Pavlak, Joe Reisewitz, Jake Andrus, Bekah Andrus, Mandy Shaw

Patty Pavlak, Joe Reisewitz, Jake Andrus, Bekah Andrus, Mandy Shaw


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