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What do you like most about CareKinesis?

Our client liaisons and an intern with a movie-making hobby visited a handful of clients and asked them what they like most about CareKinesis.

Watch your PACE colleagues respond!
Cannabinoids for Medical Use
What you need to know...

Clinical pharmacist Katie Meyer, PharmD, BCPS, BCGP, presented our CE-accredited webinar "Cannabinoids for Medical Use" in early October. This webinar has received much positive attention, and has been extremely well-received by PACE client clinicians who have viewed it.

It is our pleasure to share this clinical insight with PACE organizations that partner with CareKinesis and with those that don't, in the interest of improving participant care. If you would like on-demand access to this webinar, please email us. Clients can find this program and more than 30 other free PACE-specific, CE-accredited webinars in EireneRx.
Thank you for joining us!
at our 7th Annual PACE Appreciation Dinner

CareKinesis and Capstone Performance Systems were delighted to host our most well-attended event to-date: our 7th Annual PACE Appreciation Dinner, Sunday, Oct. 15 in Boston. 
We were happy to share the news about our Medication Risk Score, which was developed as a quick way for clinicians to assess which participants are at the highest risk for ADEs and require medication management attention. 
National Atenolol Shortage

There is currently a national shortage of atenolol in all strengths and dosage forms. Expected availability is the last week in October. As a compounding pharmacy, CareKinesis can compound all commercial strengths of atenolol (25mg, 50mg, 100mg), as well as 12.5mg capsules (for use when a 25mg ½ tablet is requested). 

We are able to recommend alternate beta blockers for participants, but while our powder supplies last we prefer to compound atenolol because:
1) atenolol is beta-one specific.
2) atenolol is dosed once daily.
3) atenolol is non-CYP metabolized.

There are no changes to the process for e-prescribing in EireneRx. As soon as atenolol tablets are available via the wholesalers, we will stop compounding these capsules. Clients with questions should contact their client liaisons or email

And, check out this Huffington Post article by Dr. David Belk - it's an interesting commentary on the situation: Collusion or Coincidence: The Making of a Drug Shortage.
Miss one of our Educational Sessions during the NPA conference?

CareKinesis representatives teamed up with clients during NPA to present educational sessions on the following topics:
  • Ten Easy Steps to Part D Compliance and Tales from the Dark Side: Real-Life PACE Plan Audit Experiences
  • De-Prescribing Medications in PACE: Care-Based Approaches
  • Safe and Appropriate Uses of Opiates
If you missed a session, but would like to see the slides, please contact us today, and we will share!
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