Parent Contact Update
-October 2018-
Each month, Parent Contacts receive these updates.
 Please feel free to share them with your service coordinator and other families you may know receiving services!
Did you know...

October is a NCSEAM Family Survey month? If you have been receiving EI for at least six months, and did not get a survey in March, you may be asked to fill one out. Your feedback helps the Department of Public Health know how your EI program is doing in three key areas. If you have questions about the survey, call us at 877-353-4757, or visit
Did you know...

all of our past Parent Contact Updates are archived on the EIPLP website? They are full of great information for families in EI, especially those who may want to get involved on a level beyond their individual services. These opportunities and resources can be accessed here, or by visiting

Did you know...

Joining Voices is an annual conference for families of children with special health needs? This year it is on Tuesday, November 13th at the Edwards House Meeting and Retreat Center in Framingham. Registration is $25 and includes a light breakfast and lunch. The keynote will be delivered by Elaine Gabovitch, who is the director of the Division for Children and Youth with Special Health Needs at the MA Department of Public Health. Workshops this year include include Telling Your Story, Health Care Financing, Collaborating with School Nurses. You can register on line at

Did you know...?

Family Engagement supports families to be active members of their child's IFSP services and encourages them to be involved in a variety of activities at the EI program, state and/or national level.
We love that you are here!

Parent Contacts are an important part of the Massachusetts Early Intervention System. Parent Contacts are parents and guardians of children currently receiving EI services who volunteer to receive information from the EIPLP and share it with other families. If your child is no longer receiving services, or you no longer wish to be the Parent Contact for your EI program, please let us know by calling 
1-877-353-4757 or emailing so that we can identify another family from your program.