October 2021 | Staying Current with Ourselves and Others

The ITP commitment to "open my heart to others in love and service" is more complex than simply practicing compassion and good intentions. It also involves "staying current in expressing my feelings to those close to me and take care of my emotional needs in appropriate and healthy ways, seeking counsel when needed." If there was ever a time to revisit this important pillar of our ITP commitments, it is now.

The intention of this practice is to use peaceful and skillful communication to build and deepen human connection. There is enormous comfort and healing found in witnessing the truth of another person's experience, hearing and understanding what is being shared as well as being heard and understood. Staying current is one powerful method for affirming life.

Get Ready to Deepen Your Connections!

This month's newsletter features a number of resources to practice cultivating relationships with ourselves, each other and the larger community. We hope the tools below inspire you to approach this commitment with curiosity and compassion with yourself as you embark on this transformative journey.

As always, thank you for your wholehearted participation in this community. Your support and enthusiasm help to shape and evolve this practice in profound ways.


"Just think what kind of world it would be if we all realized we could be powerful in everything we do without being rigid and resistant."

- George Leonard and Michael Murphy

from The Life We Are Given


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What's Happening In Our Nervous Systems?

In this engaging conversation featured on the On Being podcast, clinical psychologist Christine Runyan explains the physiological effects of a year of pandemic and social isolation and what’s happened at the level of stress response and nervous system, the literal mind-body connection. She offers simple strategies to regain our fullest capacities for the world ahead.


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Staying Current - ITP Commitment 7

I open my heart to others in love and service. I stay current in expressing my feelings to those close to me and take care of my emotional needs in appropriate and healthy ways, seeking counsel when needed.

Read a recent article on Staying Current by ITP President, Pamela Kramer.


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Living and Learning in Challenging Times - Taking the Hit as a Gift

In this presentation featured during the July 2021 GLEE call, Joe Hirsch, Houston Group Leader, highlights the three main components of his multi-part program: Change, The Great Work of Your Life, and Lifeshocks. Given the great many changes and challenges happening for humanity right now, we believe this is a very timely and important topic to support our practice in staying current.


Staying Current and Cultivating Relationships

The focus of sharing is on the circumstance and feelings rather than on any opinion or judgments. Timing is very important for this intimate sharing and allows for mutual respect in the process. For the person or group receiving this information, it is important to be fully present and willing to listen.

The guide below will walk you through the steps for staying current. Through self-revelation in an atmosphere of trust, we learn to accept attributes we had not recognized or fully appreciated. We get new perspectives on our habitual patterns of feeling and thought and new foundations for work on ourselves and with others.

Pocket Guide for Staying Current


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Practice with Us: Online Weekly Kata

Join us in practicing the ITP Kata together each Thursday, 4:30 pm PT. This online offering, led by ITP teachers via Zoom, is extended to members of our community to provide connection, support and sustenance. Following the guided Kata session, you will have the opportunity to connect with the group for a 15-minute period of personal sharing.

Our aim is to awaken the world to its fullest potential through the discovery and experience of our highest potential and extraordinary capacities of body, mind, heart and soul.

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