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  New OAE Training
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Four Sessions
October 16, 19, 23,
and 26, 2017
1 p.m. EDT
ECHO Initiative
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Greater Chicago Area Rocks  
OAE Screening!! 

More than 600 children in the greater Chicago area will be receiving evidence-based hearing screening as a result of
a new collaboration with the ECHO Initiative. During the Spring of 2017, the Health and Nutrition C oordinator from the Early Head Start/Head Start (EHS/HS) program at the Ounce of Prevention Fund contacted the ECHO Initiative staff seeking assistance in adopting Otoacoustic Emissions (OAE) screening. Through
a series of telephone consultation meetings, critical planning steps prior to training were addressed, including:
  • Will children in both center and home-based services be screened?
  • Will OAE screening be used only for children in EHS
    or with some or all children in HS as well?
  • Who will provide the screening and where will it occur?
  • What is the target date for starting the screening and will the screening be rolled out in sequential phases
    or with all children in all locations simultaneously?
  • How many pieces of OAE equipment will be needed, are there funds to cover this need, and what specific brand of equipment will be selected?
  • Has the staff reviewed the recommended follow-up protocol and will this be feasible to implement? What,
    if any, adaptations are necessary?
  • How will screening outcomes be documented and what mechanism/data base will be used for tracking?
  • Who should attend the training? When and where can that take place? How many people can be trained in one training session? What resources are available to support the training?
  • What follow-up will be needed after the training and in what time frame?
Once these questions were addressed, two training sessions were planned and provided on August 22nd and 23rd. A total of 40 staff, representing 8 programs, serving more than 600 center- and home-based children across 11 sites throughout the greater Chicago area, participated in the training.
This collaboration serves as an excellent example of how EHS/HS programs can receive support from the ECHO Initiative in planning for OAE screening and then in accessing the  training and follow-up technical support necessary to successfully implement evidence-based practices.
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