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Tip of the Month
Head Start Performance Standards and Hearing Screening
The recently published Head Start Performance Standards continue to support the provision of evidence - based hearing screening for all children served in Early Head Start and Head Start programs.  Applicable standards are summarized in brief below:

ยง1302.42 Child health status and care.

(b) Ensuring up-to-date child health s tatus.

(2) Within 45 calendar days after the
child first attends the program or, for the homebased program option, receives a hom e visit, a program must either obtain or perform evidence-based vision and hearing screenings.

(3) If a program operates for 90 days or less, it has 30 days from the date the child first attends the program to satisfy paragraphs (b)(1) and (2) of this section. 

(d) Extended follow-up care.
(1) A program must facilitate further diagnostic testing, evaluation, treatment, and follow-up plan, as appropriate,
by a licensed or certified professional for each child with a health problem or developmental delay, such as elevated lead levels or abnormal hearing or vision results that may affect child's development, learning, or behavior.
(2) A program must develop a system to track referrals and services provided and monitor the implementation of a follow-up plan to meet any treatment needs associated with a health, oral health, social and emotional, or developmental problem.  
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As always, the ECHO Initiative is here to help you provide high-quality hearing screening and follow-up to the children you serve. Take a quick video tour of KidsHearing.org to explore available planning and implementation resources.
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