South East Education Cooperative Newsletter - October 2018
Conferences, conferences, conferences!

Fall is definitely a crazy time of year with lots of professional learning happening and multiple conferences available to attend! 

SEEC staff have also been busy attending and presenting at multiple conferences and events to ensure we are in the know of what is coming our way for students, teachers and schools, but also to share the programs, services, supports, tools, resources we have available to help you reach your goals!  
  • ND Behavioral Health Conference (9/4)
  • Eggs & Issues: K-12 Education (9/5)
  • Governor's Workforce Development Council Meeting (9/7)
  • Building Community Connections - A Bridge Between Schools & Community Resources (9/11)
  • ESSA Continuous Improvement Workshop (9/14)
  • Governor's Workforce & HR Conference (9/17-19)
  • Mid-Dakota Education Cooperative Fall Conference (9/24)
  • Afterschool Network Leads Meeting (9/25-29)
  • CASEL Collaborating States Initiative Regional Meeting (10/2)
  • ND Innovation Academy (10/9)
  • ND DPI Fall Educators Conference (10/10-12)
  • ND Early Childhood Advocates Fall Conference (10/13)
  • National Alliance for Medicaid in Education Conference
  • ND Association of Technology Leaders Conference (10/15-16)
  • ND Council of Educational Leaders Conference (10/18-19)
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- ND featured as 1 of 6 states collaborating to implement Academic, Social & Emotional Learning = NDMTSS+SEL

- ND Reading Corps Evaluation Available

$2.5 million award from DOE to ND Full-Service Community Schools Consortium
Award to support children & families across ND

ND is 1 of 15 in the Nation Selected to Implement Full-Service Community Schools

The North Dakota Full-Service Community Schools Consortium, comprised of representatives from PATH, Mid-Dakota Education Cooperative, Missouri River Education Cooperative, and South East Education Cooperative, was awarded nearly $2.5 million dollars from the U.S. Department of Education to support children and families across North Dakota. Over 120 organizations and coalitions applied for this funding from across the U.S., yet only 15 of those applications were funded.

The goal of the North Dakota Full-Service Community Schools Consortium is to enhance system readiness for future North Dakota schools to become full-service community schools. With the funding provided by the U.S. Department of Education, the consortium will support schools to provide comprehensive academic, social-emotional, physical, and behavioral health services for students, families, and communities.
Formative Instructional Practices 
Gackle-Streeter engages in practices that are difference makers for both students AND educators.

Feedback Graphic
Designed by Photoroyalty _ Freepik
On Oct. 5, Gackle-Streeter Public Schools worked with South East Education Cooperative  (SEEC) to rollout proven formative practices that are difference makers for both students and educators.

Formative Instructional Practices (FIP) are the formal and informal ways that teachers and students gather and respond to evidence of learning. At the core, FIP is the collection of intentional practices on the part of the teacher and students, making them part of the teaching and learning process. Making them the instructional process. These research-proven practices help teachers and students shift their roles in the classroom, allowing students to become better learners and better able to follow a personalized learning path.

ND featured as 1 of 6 states collaborating to implement Academic, Social & Emotional Learning
Leveraging existing systems to support implementation!

The Collaborative for Academic Social and Emotional Learning (CASEL) Collaborating States Initiative  (CSI) has featured North Dakota as 1 of 6 states collaborating at the regional level in a recent publication. This great works comes on behalf of great partnership between the South East Education Cooperative and Mid-Dakota Education Cooperative and its work on building ND Multi-Tier Systems of Support that include Social & Emotional Learning Goals!

As our work continues statewide with NDMTSS and SEL - please know who you can contact with any questions!

Social Emotional Learning Goals

ND Multi-Tier System of Support

The NDMTSS website ( is currently being redone so we have a TENTATIVE WEBSITE up and available to meet our current needs. Again, please reach out to the NDMTSS Coordinators listed above if you have questions, concerns, needs, etc.

ND Reading Corps Evaluation Available    
17-18 evaluation results available + 18-19 tutors placed

  • A total of 759 students kindergarten through 3rd grade were served at 40 sites.
  • Fifty K-3 tutors served with N.D. Reading Corps.
  • On average, K-3 students received approximately 67 minutes of tutoring per week and 15 weeks of tutoring before qualifying to exit the program.
  • Weekly progress monitoring scores for participating students demonstrated that 77% of students had a weekly growth rate above their grade level target.
  • Additionally, the average weekly growth rate for students exceeded the target growth for all five grade levels and measures.
  • A total of 106 PreK students were served at four sites.
  • Five tutors served in the PreK program.
  • On average, PreK students received approximately 13 weeks of tutoring with an average of 22 minutes per week.
  • Age 4 and Age 5 students showed substantial growth in all five early literacy measures.
  • The percentage of students meeting the Kindergarten readiness target increased between 22 and 50 percentage points from the fall to the spring for each measure.
  • Of students who will likely move to Kindergarten next year (Age 4 and 5), 91% demonstrated growth on three or more measures, and 47% demonstrated growth on all five measures.
  • Tutors at the PreK level use measures of early literacy to evaluate their students' Kindergarten readiness. These measures correspond to important early literacy skills including early phonemic awareness, early phonics skills, and early vocabulary or language skills.
ND Reading Corps Places 50 Tutors in 8 districts across the state for 2018-19
N.D. Reading Corps continues its work to provide evidence-based literacy interventions and data-based assessments to children PreK - Grade 3 in North Dakota. Tutors are currently serving students in Bismarck, Fargo, Jamestown, Kidder County, Northern Cass, Roosevelt, West Fargo and Wilton school districts.   
Dakota TESOL Conference       
Nov. 15-16 @ DoubleTree by Hilton, West Fargo

Teachers from North and South Dakota will gather to participate in continuing education sessions highlighting the latest research-based best practices in the field of English Learners. The populations served by EL teachers are diverse and always changing.  Every Dakota TESOL Conference attendee will receive a copy of the book "The 6 Principles", by the TESOL International Association Writing Team. This book is a core set of principles for the exemplary teaching and learning of English as a new language. They are universal guidelines drawn from decades of research in language pedagogy and language acquisition theory.  

THE 6 PRINCIPLES FOR EXEMPLARY TEACHING OF ENGLISH LEARNERS is a trademark of, and the corresponding text is a copyright of, TESOL International Association. All rights reserved.

Continue to watch for updates!
Tough Kids - 
Responding to Challenging Behaviors
Get registered today - Nov. 8 in Fargo

We listened when you said you wanted more Tough Kids at a previous NDMTSS Conference so we're bringing it back, but scaled up! Through a collaborative grant three REAs will be bringing in Safe & Civil Schools for part a larger professional learning strand on Building Better Behaviors Click for full flyer.

Training begins with Tough Kids presented by Tricia McKale Skyles and follows up with sessions with Case Study Development, Implementation Plan Development; Data Review; and Problem Solving. Get registered today!

Part 1: Nov. 8 - Fargo (Tough Kids)
Part 2: Dec. 12 - Fargo (Case Study & Implementation Plan)
Part 3: Jan. 18/Feb. 1/5/13 - 1-day online (Data Review & Problem Solving)

We've also decided to provide the option of attending just the one-day Tough Kids session. 

Go ahead and register here!


Healthy Schools Training Recaps
Inclusive PE & Culinary Skills Trainings

Inclusive PE
Strategies on how to create an inclusive environment, modify lesson plans, adapt activities and equipment, and how to accommodate students during skill-based instruction. This was a collaborative effort between SEEC and Mid-Dakota Education Cooperative.
  • 35 out of 57 (61%) participants completed the PD Feedback Survey
    • 7 out of 16 (44%) in Minot
    • 9 out of 9 (100%) in Jamestown
    • 19 out of 32 (59%) in Fargo
Overall, across the three trainings, 
  • 92.9% of respondents indicated that the presenter was "very effective" (50.0%) or "effective" (42.9%).  
  • 100% of participants felt the content was at least "somewhat valuable", with 71.5% indicating it was "very valuable" or "valuable".  
  • 85.7% of participants reported at least a "moderate" increase in their knowledge
  • 91.4% reported at least a "moderate" increase in their skills
  • 100% of respondents identified that they would be able to apply what they learned into their practice, with 91.4% indicating to at least a "moderate extent" - with 42.9% indicating "to a great extent".
  • 100% of respondents felt that what they learned would impact those they serve, with 91.4% indicating to at least a "moderate" degree.
Culinary Skills
Support the standards of the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act by adding whole grains, fruits, vegetables and desserts! Rather than restricting choices, support students' dietary habits while training their taste buds to enjoy healthy options. 
  • 31 participants completed the PD Feedback Survey
    • 16 in Minot
    • 11 in Fargo
    • 4 in Jamestown
Overall, across the three trainings, 
  • 100% of respondents felt the presenter was "very effective" (76.7%) or "effective" (23.3%)
  • 100% felt the content presented was at least somewhat valuable - with 60% indicating it was "very valuable."  
  • 96.7% indicated at least a "moderate" increase in their knowledge, and 90% reported at least a "moderate" increase in their skills.  
  • 100% of respondents indicated that they would be able to apply what they learned into their practice to at least "a small extent", with 79.3% indicating to at least "a moderate extent."  
  • 90% of respondents felt that what they learned would have at least a "moderate" impact on those they serve.
SEEC Upcoming Events
Click an event title below to view more information and/or register.

Event Title, Location
Oct. 24 NDMTSS Leadership Series 5-day series
10/24, 1/10, 2/25, 3/27, 4/22

Nov. 6 - Minot
Nov. 7 - Bismarck
Nov. 8 - Fargo

Dec. 4 - Bismarck
Dec. 10 - Minot
Dec. 12 - Fargo

Jan. 18, Feb. 1, 5, or 13
8-10am or 2-4pm online

Part 1: Tough Kids: Responding to Challenging Behaviors with Tricia McKale SKyles, Safe & Civil Schools
TOUGH KIDS ONLY - Click here to register!

Part 2: Case Study Development & Implementation Plan Development

Part 3: Data Review & Problem Solving
Nov. 14 SEEC Regional Administrators Meeting, Kindred
Nov. 15 SEEC Regional Administrators Meeting, Jamestown
Nov. 15-16 Dakota TESOL Conference, West Fargo

Jan. 21 - Devils Lake
Jan. 23 - Minot

Feb. 26 - Jamestown
March 5 - Minot

March 13 or 27
8-10am or 2-4pm online

Part 1: Academic Vocabulary with Kevin Feldman + Reflection & Review

Part 2: Strategies for Explicit Vocabulary Instruction

Part 3: Online eWalks

Outside Opportunities
Conferences, REA statewide opportunities, and more Computer Science Fundamentals Workshops

  • Oct. 23: Gratitude: An Attitude of Thanks (K-12)
  • Oct. 25: Coding in the Classroom: Building Momentum (K-12)
  • Oct. 30: Native America (K-12)
  • Nov. 1: Flipped Classroom: Flipping your Teaching Philosophy (K-12)
  • Nov. 6: Virtual Play for Greater Student Inquiry (K-12)
  • Nov. 8: Flipped Classroom: Simple Tech to Start the Flip (K-12)
  • Nov. 13: Let's Go Luna (PK-3)
  • Nov. 15: Flipped Classroom: Creating Your own Content (K-12)
  • Nov. 20: TBD
  • Nov. 27: Winter Wonderland (PK-3)
  • Nov. 29: Flipped Classroom: Feedback Session (K-12)
Cutting Ed Podcasts Launching soon with 25 NEW episodes from across ND and a focus on teachers & students! Follow them on Twitter for updates: @TheCuttingEd

ND PowerSchool Users Group - Nov. 14-15, Bismarck: Register for Day 1 and/or Day 2

High School CyberTeacher Endorsement - 4-part series (Some in person at multiple locations and others online: Oct., Nov., Dec., Jan.)

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Exciting announcement of new PreK program in @WFPSchools for 120 students in collaboration with @UnitedWayFargoband @ymcacassclay! This program is also implementing @NDSEEC's PreK #NDReadingCorps services to help close the reading gap!
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