South East Education Cooperative Newsletter - October 2017
Another busy Fall for the books. 
Take a moment to read some great things happening around the SEEC.
  Wow! Can October be any busier? We know that you all have been out and about at conferences, engaging in professional learning with peers and colleagues... and oh yes, you still have students to teach and schools to run! Have we told you how amazing we think you are? 
You. Are. Amazing!

  Here at the SEEC, we continue to keep up to speed on what's happening in education locally, regionally, across the state and nationwide to ensure we can be ready to support you in all ways possible to help you do your job and make sure students have the best teachers and receive the best instruction possible.

  In this month's issue, take a moment to see what happened throughout the 5-year Succeed 2020 grant that wrapped up at the end of September, what is coming up on the SEEC calendar, learn about what NDMTSS opportunities are open statewide, learn about our Governing Board, and so much more.  Enjoy!
In this issue:

Succeed 2020 Recap
S2020Creating an "Infrastructure for Innovation"

In 2011-12 North Dakota schools had new standards for English  Language Arts and Mathematics staring them in the face. These standards were developed to increase and enhance student learning to develop students into college and/or career ready individuals upon graduation. The SEEC needed to know if the leadership of its districts wanted to face this individually, or if they wanted the SEEC to stand by them, support them, and guide them through understanding and implementing the standards. Because we've always been a collaborative organization and our vision is to "enhance student learning by building relationships to make ALL members stronger," they said let's do this together. Wow! This was a big task for us... huge if we want to be frank about it. So the question remained, "HOW do we do this?"

Someone was definitely looking out for us because, at approximately the same time, North Dakota received a $25 million dollar multi-year grant from the Hess Corporation with a very similar goal - to improve the education of the workforce of the future. Five years ago, we stood on the edge of the unknown. Perhaps a bit unsure, a little terrified...but certainly exhilarated by its potential to impact education in North Dakota.

N.D. Multi-Tier System of Supports
NDMTSS Playbook highlighting s tatewide opportunities

A message from Supt. of Public Instruction Kirsten Baesler...

"The N.D. Department of Public Instruction has worked with stakeholders across North Dakota to develop this [NDMTSS booklet] to help school district implement MTSS strategies. This is to assist our schools as they become more familiar with MTSS, discover more about student learning and use data to customize instruction.

This document represents another opportunity for suto learn and grow together as we work to promote continuous improvement in our North Dakota schools.  It is available for distribution to any interested educator, school or district."

Upcoming trainings:
Oct. 25: Leadership Overview & Renewing Our Commitment (Garrison)
Oct. 26: Intensifying Instruction (Mandan)
Nov. 1: Developing Pathways for Behavior (Bismarck)
Nov. 2: Developing PAthways for Academics (Minot)
Nov. 15-16: Leading Your Instructional Coaches: Getting the Best Results (Devils Lake) BoardFeature
Hard copies will be available soon.  Contact us to reserve your copies today!
Learn more at
SEEC Governing Board Feature
Patti Stedman, West Fargo School Board

Each year we love to share a bit about our fabulous Governing Board by highlighting one of the directors. This year I've reached out to our Region 2 - West Fargo Public School District - member, Patti Stedman. She has served as a school board member in West Fargo for nine years as a way to be more involved in her children's education and to influence the opportunities they might have.

Stedman proudly shared with me the work that West Fargo's school board has accomplished towards setting standards which all of its schools are to abide by. This diligent work is being done to be able to give each and every child a great education, no matter which building the student attends, according to Stedman.

Just as Stedman wants to make sure all children have access to great education in her district, she noted that her involvement on the SEEC Governing Board has opened her eyes to the collaboration that takes place amongst all SEEC districts to meet member needs.  DigitalSkills

Digital Skills for 21st Century Teachers
Using Blogs and Wikis

Education over the past decade has taken a strong emphasis on cultivating 21st century skills, more commonly known as "The Four C's" (communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking).  With ongoing advancements in technology and access to information, and the challenge of preparing students for future jobs and careers that may not even exist yet, educators have been shifting their instructional styles to more closely align with these skills. One such adaptation that embodies the crux of all of the Four C's is the use of blogs and wikis in the classroom.  Data

Data Champion Series
Structuring Professional learning related to data use

Questions from the field... answered!

This past month I received a pair of questions related to structuring professional learning related to data use from a data coordinator within the SEEC region...

How do I most effectively use educators' time when providing data use professional learning? 

How much freedom do you give educators to "explore" data and how much direction do I give?

Both of these are great questions!  In regard to your question about freedom to explore data, it really depends on two things (which I will address more in-depth below):
  • the content and goal for the professional learning
  • the participants' level of knowledge/experience with the content of the professional learning BTN
Beginning Teacher Network
NEW to the profession teachers... come one, come all!

Beginning Teacher Network Program Logo
BTN hosts 3 sessions throughout the school year to meet first-year teachers with the info you need WHEN you need it. Find a recap of Session 1 and SIGN UP TODAY for Session 2. No worries if you weren't able to attend Session 1. We'd still love to have you.  Find out more info on the topics covered in these sessions by clicking here .

Session 2 : Nov. 1 or 2   |    Session 3 : Dec. 13 or 14 Events

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Congratulations to three more finalists for the ND Teacher of the Year! Fargo's Leah Juelke, West Fargo's Sandy Evenson and Northern Cass's Thomas Klapp!
Huge congrats to Fargo's Leah Juelke on earning the title of ND Teacher of the Year! Plus, congrats to all other nominees for all the amazing work being done. None of it goes unnoticed.
Great group work and discussion amongst these new teachers and their peers. BTN not only provides great info and resources, it also creates relationships and collegial discussions across many districts.
We are so proud to share this NEW video capturing the amazing work our member districts, schools, teachers, and staff do each and every year for students! We are here to HELP YOU meet your goals and for STUDENTS to succeed.
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