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October 2014
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WOW!  Time sure does fly!  I haven't written in awhile as life has been a little crazy.  If you can believe this, my car, with Such Savvy Style logos plastered all over it, was stolen!  It was recovered but boy oh boy that was quite an ordeal!!  Who steals a girly car with logos all over it?!?!   Anyway, now fall is here and it's about time to start changing the closet over.  We are still pretty warm here in CA but most other places are pulling out the sweaters and boots.  For all of us here in CA it's coming and I am ready! 

If you are a client with outfits on the Cloth app on your iphone you may recently have experienced some difficultly or missing pictures.  With the ISO8 Apple update the Cloth update is having some problems.  I have been in touch with the owner of Cloth and he has all the updates submitted to Apple.  They are currently just waiting on approval from Apple.  PLEASE DO NOT delete the app.  Once the update is approved (any day) all your pictures will return.  Let me know if you still have problems and I would be happy to try and help. 


Your Personal Style is Trendy!!

This years fall trends feel like anything goes.  Not that there are not fun trends but lines seem to be becoming more and more blurred.  What I am seeing more and more over the years is that the trend is YOUR personal style.  This is really great because you are now able to dress in a style that really reflects who you are.  If you love animal print great, if you are more artistic there is a way to create a fashionable trendy look, and if you are more traditional and like sensible clothing with more tailoring you are in luck too!  The key is really taking the pieces you love and making them work for you and your own personal style.
White House Black Market
The things I am loving for fall are: textured and patterned sweaters; jumpsuits (although since I am short they are hard to find); all the amazing winter coats; eye catching prints and patterns from animal, to floral to stripes and lines.  I am so happy that mini skirts are the rage as I love them with tall boots and tights.  I also love printed pants as it's a great way to keep outfits very interesting.
Banana Republic
So what am I not loving?  Well, I'm not as much of a fan of the boyfriend lace up flat shoe.  I think they are very cute but it really must fit your personal style as they tend to have a very unique look--a look that is not me!  So if that is your look you will love them as they are very comfortable.  I also feel like the sporty pant (which is gathered at the bottom) that seems to be so popular is hard for many people.  In order to pull off this look well, you really need to be tall and thin.  Once you add some curves to those pants they have a tendency to look more like pajamas!  I agree they are super comfy but flattering on most they are not! 

Of course I am loving all the orchid and green colors in the store.  It's actually a pretty nice blend of color choices this season.  I would say the one thing that is missing from the colors for fall is a lot of teal--it such a great color for everyone.  However, the purple and greens that are in the stores seem to be offering a lot of choices.  Remember when choosing a green color if your skin has warm undertones choose greens with more yellow in them, and if your skin is more cool choose a green with more blue undertones in it. 

What I will say, is that there seems to be something in the stores for everyone this season.  If you are ready to shop for fall and feel a little overwhelmed by all choices and variety let's shop together and I will help you make sure your personal style matches your purchases.  

Ten things to update YOU for fall!
For some of you the end of summer feels a little sad.  Fewer vacations, more routines and shorter daylight hours.  Well here is a list of ten things you can do to update yourself and hopefully give you a new outlook on YOU for fall. 

1.  Have a non- invasive mirco current facial from Kris Holland of Totally Skin.  "You cannot replace your face" according to Kris.  I love how my skin looks lifted and brighter after I have a treatment.  The before and after is pretty amazing!

2.  Change your make-up for a new fall look.  Try a smokey look or add in some fall earth tones.  I always feel fresh and new with a new color of lipstick.  If you are feeling like you need help I am happy to help with your own current make-up or with LaShell Cosmetics. 

3.  Create some new outfits.  You don't even need to shop for this.  Just use the clothes you already have in your closet.  Start with one item that you want to create an outfit around and build on it.  Make sure you layer, use interesting color combination, add in prints or interesting detailing and accessorize!

4.  Get a new hair cut or color!  It can be drastic or minimal but a visit to the hair salon is always a great way to update your look.  If you need a stylist I recommend Stefani Martin at Sola Salon in Walnut Creek. 

5.  Buy a fun new pair of shoes.  Interesting shoes are a great way to keep outfits updated. 

6.  Clean out and reorganize your closet.  It's time to start putting your very summery items away.  While you are doing this, you may want to retire things you have not worn this year.  When adding your fall clothing back in make sure it all still fits and you like it.  No sense in adding it back in if it's going to take up prime real estate in your closet!

7.  Once you have added your fall items back to the closet you can create a shopping list for what's missing.  Make a few purchases that will make you feel current and amazing about yourself. 

8.  Treat yourself every now and then with a massage or a pedicure!  I love Kristin Kohs for a massage from the Sanctuary and always feel refreshed and centered afterwards. 

9.  Buy new glasses.  If you wear glasses maybe it's time for an update!

10.  Try something new!  Get creative with your clothes and see what fun outfits you can put together!

Carrie LaShell
Such Savvy Style
Certified Image Consultant