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What I learned hosting

a family reunion in Hawaii

Planning a family reunion involving both American and Australian participants in Lahaina, Maui, or any location is quite a challenge. But well worth it.

Discover why Victoria is a favorite destination for Canadians & Americans

Canadians love Victoria. It's also a highly desirable destination for American travelers due to its temperate climate and natural beauty. Plus a favorable exchange rate.

How to sell stuff you no longer need

Turn your castoffs into cash selling stuff on Craigslist, eBay and others on the "recommerce market."

Looking for senior independent living?

Check out Chateau-Cupertino in Cupertino, CA starting at $3,400

per month. Independent, home-style living with meals included.

Lessons learned about home remodeling

Find a pro and make a plan.The right contractor could save you thousands by getting the job done on time and on budget.

Get the Scoop on reverse mortgages?

Need more money to retire on? Invest? Remodel? Travel?

Is a RM right for you? Get the facts.

Free Senior Housing Guide 

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Tips to keep your bladder healthy

Regular exercise helps keep your bladder healthy plus avoiding certain foods and drinking enough water. Learn more.

New book and movie review

Check out BlowMe--a captivating story of author Barbara Rose living through the pandemic. New sci-fi movie The Creator is fiction but who knows what the future holds--AI and robots?

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"What I Learned Hosting

a Family Reunion In Hawaii"

By Larry Hayes

Recently returning from Hawaii, I wanted to express my thoughts and observations about organizing a family reunion in this tropical paradise.

My wife has two brothers and a sister residing in Australia whom we hadn't seen in seven years. Consequently, we decided to plan a family reunion in Maui for ten of us.

This group included four individuals from the San Francisco Bay Area which consisted of my wife, our daughter and son-in-law as well as six individuals from Australia. The Australian contingent included my wife's brother, his wife and sister, along with his sister's son and two daughters, aged 17 and 21.


As you can imagine, coordinating a family reunion involving both American and Australian participants in Lahaina, Maui, or any location is quite a challenge. It took weeks, if not months, for everyone to reach a consensus on the location and date.


To make matters more complex, we needed to find a suitable house that could comfortably accommodate all ten of us as we wanted to stay together.


Two months before our planned departure, a fire ravaged Lahaina, including the condo we had intended to stay in. This unfortunate incident meant we had to restart the lengthy and often frustrating process of agreeing on a new location and date for our reunion.


Movie Review

The Creator

After seeing The Creator, I'm not sure that humans and robots can live peacefully together which is the theme of the movie. Anyway, it's just a sci-fi movie and a very good one at that.

The Creator takes you on an exhilarating journey into a world torn apart by a war between humanity and artificial intelligence. Stunning visuals and creative plot. Very entertaining.

Scoop Rating: 4 Stars.

A Laid-Back Visit to Elegant Victoria

By Don Mankin, Travel Writer

It’s easy to see why Victoria is the favorite retirement destination for Canadians. A temperate climate, chill lifestyle, natural beauty and a favorable exchange rate make it a highly desirable destination for American travelers.


The capital city of British Columbia, Victoria is located at the southern tip of Vancouver Island, about 100 miles off the west coast of Canada.


My wife Katherine and I had the good fortune to discover the charms of this elegant, laid-back city this past June in a too brief three-night visit. “Elegant” and “laid back” aren’t two terms you’d expect to describe the same city but Victoria defies the contradiction.


How to Sell Stuff You

No Longer Need

From Craigslist To eBay And Beyond, Here's How To Turn Your Castoffs Into Cash

By Brian Vines, Consumer Reports

Americans have a lot of stuff—in our closets, basements, attics, garages and in some 2 billion square feet of rental self-storage space. And a lot of that stuff, whether it’s been inherited, acquired over a lifetime or delivered to our door during the pandemic, is overflow we want to get rid of.

But beyond honoring the time-tested tradition of the neighborhood yard sale or hauling it all to the local consignment shop or simply donating it, what are the best ways these days to shed objects and maybe get some return on your investment?


Ask Marilyn

"Is a Reverse Mortgage Right For You?"

"With over 15 years experience right here in Silicon Valley, I can help answer your questions about reverse mortgages."

Q: Will the bank own my home?

The bank does not take ownership of your home; they simply extend a loan to you. You continue to own and live in your home and are responsible for payment of property taxes, required insurance and if applicable, HOA fees.

Q: Do my children/family members lose their inheritance?

No, a borrower may designate an heir of their choosing.The heir(s) will inherit the home after the last surviving borrower passes away and may then choose to keep (by paying off the amount of reverse mortgage balance) or sell the home. Should they choose to sell, any remaining equity after paying off the loan (minus interest and fees) would be theirs.

Q: What is the lending limit of the HECM reverse mortgage?

As of January 1, 2023, it increased to $1,089,300. Which means it's very likely you can qualify for more money.

To learn more about reverse mortgages, feel free to call me today. 408.722.0010. 



Marilyn Brown Ross Branch Manager & Reverse Mortgage Professional NMLS #453436/1221981 

Book Review


By Barbara Rose

BlowMe is about having opinions at every age. In this book, a senior woman gives her opinions and thoughts

on everything from being a woman, to ageism and age, to racism, to cyber dating in the pandemic, to Netflix. As she searches for love and self love, she believes in all possibilities.

Barbara Rose Brooker, MA, is the native SF author of The Viagra Diaries, Should I Sleep in his Dead Wife's Bed, Love, Sometimes, and many other books published by Simon & Schuster, and Morrow and other presses. A columnist, known for Boomer in the City, has often appeared on The Today Show, local TV, Andy Cohen. She has performed a one woman show on aging at the San Francisco Commonwealth Club of California. Also she is the recipient of the 2023 Margot Murphy Award for her work with cancer at San Francisco Shanti. She is the founder of the first AGE MARCH in San Francisco, advocating to end age discrimination and age pride for All ages. 

To order a copy of BlowMe and other books by Barbara Rose,

go to:

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"I've Learned a Thing Or Two About Home Remodeling"

By Evelyn Preston, Money Lady



A scary Halloween month that’s fun and a scarier world that’s not. As war continues in the Ukraine and the conflict in Middle East rages on, a shattered peace-on-earth is not the backdrop anyone wants, especially in retirement.

If we mourn wars’ lost and savaged lives, many of them elderly, we American seniors can continue to live our best lives—safe and grateful. In so many areas of life, Active Over 50 helps in its upbeat slant toward the changes and challenges of aging—many of them financial.

In these unsettled times, we tend to draw in, watch our pennies, stay close to home. In fact, we may pay extra attention to our personal spaces, even get the bug to remodel or revamp.

Q: It seems like I live in a construction zone—house after house being torn down and totally rebuilt. At my age, I don’t want years of upheaval and expense. Is there another way to go with a house that just ‘needs work?”


How Long Is Eternity?
Sweet, Sweet Home
How Long Will Our Money Last?

To Brighten Your Day, Check Out

John Donaghue's Latest Comics

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Under Cardiac Arrest is a comic series starring a quirky couple loosely based on John Donaghue's parents. Besides thousands of followers online, UCA has been translated into greeting cards, shirts, mugs and a book.

Tips To Keep Your

Bladder Healthy

November is National Bladder

Health Awareness Month


This month raises awareness for several different bladder issues, including incontinence, overactive bladder, interstitial cystitis, urinary tract infections (UTIs), nocturia, and bladder cancer. As we age, our bladders change; the tissue may become less flexible, meaning it holds less urine. The pelvic muscles may also weaken, making it harder to empty the bladder fully.


There are various steps you can take to keep your bladder healthy:


Urinate when you need to 

Avoid holding your urine when you need to go, as it can cause pain and damage to the bladder. Ideally, you should urinate every 2-3 hours while you are awake.


Do pelvic floor physical therapy exercises

There are many types of pelvic floor exercises, including Kegels, that can help strengthen your pelvic floor. A strong pelvic floor helps prevent urine leakage and full bladder emptying.


Exercise regularly

Regular exercise helps to keep the bladder healthy. Low-impact exercises may be best if you have bladder leakage. Always consult with your doctor before beginning any new physical activity regimen.


Drink enough fluids

It is important to stay hydrated for your overall health, including your bladder health. Water is the best liquid to keep you hydrated and for your bladder.  


Avoid foods that may cause bladder irritation 

There are many foods and drinks that may cause bladder irritation. These foods include alcohol, caffeine, carbonated beverages, sweeteners, spicy foods, chocolate, and acidic foods. You may be able to observe which foods and drinks irritate your bladder by keeping a food journal and marking your symptoms.


Avoid constipation

Constipation can put pressure on the bladder and prevent it from expanding all the way. So, make sure you are eating a balanced diet with adequate fiber to avoid constipation.


See a doctor at the first sign of a UTI

It is important to see a doctor to get treatment if you suspect you have a UTI because the infection can spread. Medication is typically needed to treat a UTI.


Physicians Medical Group of San Jose is the largest independent physician’s association in Santa Clara County. We have been part of the community for 40 years with more than 1,000 doctors in 460 offices, plus we speak 30+ languages. Call 888.988.8682 or visit for more information.

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