October 2018
"Short or long-term influences, Texas AGD dentists, business people, or just friends - I encourage everyone to seek out individuals to help make the path of life more fulfilling, whether that be in greeting life's challenges yourself or in helping someone else along his or her path. Healthy relationships along the way add such richness to our journey. Seek and enjoy!"

- Donna Miller, DDS, MAGD | Ft. Worth AGD  
Introducing Texas AGD President, Dr. Jennifer Bone!
"The primary value in Texas AGD and the local component membership is intangible. You don’t fully appreciate it until you’re part of it, until you’re involved and around other dentists who share the same commitment to excellence and lifelong learning."
Introducing the Texas Dentist of the Year™!
Jose L. Cazares Jr., DDS, FAGD
"To be honored with the Texas Dentist of the Year™ award was definitely humbling and will forever be one of my life's most treasured moments."
Meet the 2018 Texas New Dentist of the Year!
Summer C. Ketron, DDS, FAGD
"I feel honored and privileged to be awarded New Dentist of the Year. Knowing many of my fellow nominees, and hearing about their many accomplishments, makes the experience humbling."
Advocacy Pulse: Mission Accomplished?
TSBDE approved the last set of major rule changes to the implementation of the 2017 sunset bill. Now that the rules are in place, the next step is putting them into practice!
Mastering LSDC, Master-Track®, & Texas Academy Awards for YOU!
Were you at the Lone Star Dental Conference, MasterTrack®, and/or Texas Academy Awards? If not, see what you missed!
Do You Know How to Access Your Transcripts?
AGD maintains an Award Transcript and a Licensing Transcript for members. Click on the link below, sign in, and scroll to "How To Read the Transcript."
The Texas AGD community is a thriving organization thanks to the leadership of many volunteers throughout the state of Texas who are willing to serve and strengthen our organization.
Prior to the kick-off of the Lone Star Dental Conference and MasterTrack® Program, we toasted and celebrated the many accomplishments of the Texas AGD volunteers, components and their leaders.
Drs. Sandra Cortez and Natalee Treviño, Texas AGD and San Antonio AGD members, share how they create a safe-haven for all patients. Read more here .
Ready to Apply for Your Fellowship or Mastership? Here's How!
Becoming a Fellow or Master in the AGD is an exciting accomplishment! We want to make sure you're familiar with the process. To learn about how to apply for Fellowship, click here . To learn about the Mastership application, click here .
TSBDE News Updates
Click here for the latest news at the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners.
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