October Township Committee Meeting Recap &
Video Announcement
The Township Committee commenced the October 23rd meeting by presenting to the McNally family, who lived in the Cromwell neighborhood for years, a resolution to rededicate Harlan Green Field to Captain Brian McNally Field at Harland Green Park. The Township is pleased to make this tribute to the life and legacy of Brian McNally for generations of residents to enjoy in the years to come. Residents can learn more about the rededication by watching the video of the meeting here .

Following the presentation, the Committee received an update from JCP&L about the work the utility is doing to address power outages, speed up the repair process, and provide more reliable service for Township residents. JCP&L is currently in the process of mitigating branches and trees at risk of falling on above-ground wires both in the right-of-way and, in certain instances, on private property. If you believe there is a tree on or near your property that poses a threat to power lines, contact the Township at administration@morristwp.com , 973-326-7360.

Additionally, the Township Committee heard a report from the Township’s Environmental Commission on the topic of single use plastic bags.  After working with the Unity Charter School to survey Township businesses that utilize single-use plastic bags, the members of the Township’s Environmental Commission unanimously recommended that the Township Committee enact an ordinance prohibiting their use. The Township Committee’s Legislation Standing Committee will work with Administration to craft an ordinance for introduction at the November Township Committee.

In addition to these three presentations, the Township Committee also voted to pass four ordinances recommended by the Planning Board, introduced four new ordinances, and passed twelve resolutions. The full list and descriptions of the ordinances and resolutions can be found here .

Residents may watch the video of the full meeting here .

In addition, this meeting can be viewed on Cablevision Channel 21. Note that our Cablevision schedule has changed to MONDAYS from 7-9PM.
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