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Volume 185 | October 2023 in Review

| October Treasure Talk 2023!

We are but a few hours away from November - National Family Caregivers Month!

A time to say THANK YOU for everything family caregivers of all ages do, plus special recognition for you, our Caregiving Youth, who are our nation's priceless hidden treasures!!

Together let's make these next months a time when you are hidden no longer!

| Activities Recap & Preview:

Greetings CYP Friends!

This month’s featured activity was our overnight Camp Treasure experience with our middle schoolers. What a full weekend of fun we had! You went fishing, swimming, canoeing and put your skills to the test with archery. You also made smores at the bonfire. Yummy 😊! Sending a huge thank you to Stacey Tevelev and Karishma Lukose, Florida Atlantic University Medical students, who did a presentation on mobility safety. Stacey, Karishma, and Social Work Intern Beyonce Green also did a medical presentation earlier this month where they discussed their journey to colleges, life as a caregiver, challenges, balance, and how to promote your own well-being. Very informative!

This month, we also had an Admissions & Financial Aid presentation led by Stephanie Stadler, Florida Atlantic University Admissions Counselor, and Ana Gagula, Director of Student Financial Aid, Enrollment Management. Stephanie shared with you step-by-step information on the admissions process to FAU, and Ana shared financial aid resources and guidance on applying. We are truly grateful for the partnership we have with FAU. 

Keep looking out for upcoming activities! We’ve begun sending out invites for the AACY Holiday Party being held on December 17th. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to accept the invite and choose the time slot you would like to attend the day of the party before it fills up. 

Remember to text the word ALERT to 22300 to opt in to continue receiving important messages about your Caregiving Youth Project. We have a ton of fun upcoming events planned for November!

If you want to see some pictures of you and your events, visit (and follow!) our Instagram @caregivingyouthproject.

Thank you.

Andreana Holliman, BA

| Camp Treasure | October 2023!

| Don't forget to RSVP for the AACY Holiday Party!

| SouthTech Preparatory (STP) 

School Shout Out to Ms. Patricia Colas, School Counselor at South Tech Preparatory, who made sure two of our students received laptops to better manage their school and caregiving responsibilities at home. The unwavering support of this community makes these moments possible.

Many thanks to Ms. Patricia Colas; she's been a fantastic advocate and collaborator, always going the extra mile for our AACY Caregiving Youth Project students. Ms. Colas ensures our Family Specialists have everything needed for their work in the school system and always reaches out to connect students to the program. We can't thank her enough for her dedication and for being there for our Caregiving Youth.

| We support you:

In this section, we're all about supporting you. We'll post fun and educational things to keep you busy and entertained. We'll also share videos and stories from other young caregivers around the globe, past and present. Some stories are old, and some are new, but they all show one thing: other kids do this too.

We hope that this section will provide you with a little bit of support and encouragement during your caregiving journey. Whether you need a laugh, a break from the stresses of caregiving, or a reminder that you're not alone, we're here for you. Thank you for all that you do for your family.

| London's young carers - BBC London

This month, we are featuring a YouTube interview on London's Young Carers - created by The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) a British public service broadcaster headquartered in London

"Tens of thousands of children in London are caring for a parent or sibling and it's thought many more are hidden or aren't even aware that they are one. As charities call for more to be done to help identify and support young carers, Tarah Welsh has been to meet 13-year-old Jaiden from South London."

| Caregiving Youth: Sharing Your Stories

This new feature of the newsletter aims to give you a platform to share your stories and experiences and to raise awareness of the challenges and triumphs of being a caregiver in middle and high school.

You'll hear from Caregiving Youth from all over our CYP programs in Palm Beach County, caring for loved ones with various medical diagnoses and conditions. They will share their insights through writing prompts, creating a space for their voices to be heard.

We hope that you will find these stories inspiring and informative. We also encourage all of you to participate! Keep writing and sharing!

Maria's Story: "My name is Maria. I am in the 7th grade, and I am a caregiver for my grandma. My grandma needs to be taken care of because of the many limitations she has, as well as the inability to move around. She cannot do much on her own, like showering, getting in cars, or carrying things that are heavy.

Feeling overwhelmed comes and goes, but the times when I am overwhelmed the most is when multiple family members are calling me and asking me to do things all at once. Times when I’m already making food for my grandma, and then someone asks me to wash the dishes, or take out the trash, or mop the floor, it really puts a lot on me and makes me feel overwhelmed with some of the easier tasks.

Before, when I was overwhelmed with everything, I would be so lost and not know what I was going to do to calm down, but after being part of the Caregiving Youth Program, I learned different helpful ways to calm myself.

The Caregiving Youth Project taught me to take deep breaths and pace myself with the task. The Caregiving Youth Project helped me understand that being overwhelmed was normal. The Caregiving Youth Project also showed me that there were other students just like me and that I wasn’t alone.

The activities that Caregiving Youth provides have also been very helpful and motivating as a Caregiving Youth. I am truly grateful for the program and looking forward to learning more."

Thank you, Maria, for writing about caregiving for your grandmother. You are valued and appreciated. Your story will inspire others to speak out about their caregiving experiences and also help raise awareness for all kids who are caregiving. Way to go!

| Not All Heroes Wear Capes

Caregiving Youth: Not all heroes wear capes, but they do wear big hearts.

This quote is based on the popular saying "Not all heroes wear capes" and highlights the heroic work that you do. As caregivers, you sacrifice your own time and social lives to care for someone, and you do so with compassion and love. Every task, no matter how small, makes a difference in the life of the person you are caring for.

| New Faces at AACY Caregiving Youth Project!

Join us and spread the word! To participate in our program, Caregiving Youth Project (CYP) participants must reside in Palm Beach County and can be referred through personal outreach, recommendations from school staff, or other organizations. Our support is provided both at school and in the home.

If you are a Caregiving Youth or know someone who is but they don't live in Palm Beach County, please encourage them to email us at [email protected]. We are committed to helping them find resources, no matter where they reside in the United States.

988 Crisis Hotline

We at AACY believe that prioritizing mental health is a year-round endeavor. When you're having a difficult time, it's important to seek help. Thankfully, there is a new phone resource available no matter where you are in the US!: Just dial the 9-8-8 hotline.

This hotline is available 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Don't suffer in silence - get help and keep hope alive.
Community Service Hours

A reminder: please submit your Community Service Hours for the work you do at home!

If you have any questions, need more information or help to complete the form, please contact your Family Specialist.
Crisis Text Line
Free 24x7 support at your fingertips. crisistextline.org
Text HOME to 741741
Need help identifying a pill? Poison possibility?
Mixed up meds? Found a loose pill? Worried that a refill looks different? Suspect an overdose?
Call 1-800-222-1222
Are there any VETERANS in your Family? Resources Available:
PBC has services that might be of assistance to your Family. Learn more here

Another resource is VeteranAid.org.
This organization offers details information on a Veteran's pension benefit called Aid and Attendance (A&A)

If a Veteran requires assisted living care in a community or at home, A&A gives the information they need to apply for this benefit for free. Senior Veterans and spouses use this benefit to help them afford quality home care. Learn more here


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