Trinity Tidings October 2018   Volume 32, No. 10
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Upcoming Events at Trinity:

October 5
Trinity Basketball
Registration Deadline

October 7
Communion Sunday

October 19-21
Middle School Retreat

October 27
Youth to Denver Downs
November 4
Communion Sunday
One Worship Sunday-
Ingathering of Pledges

November 17
Trinity Youth Basketball
Tip-Off Event

October 3rd WNL Menu:
roasted pork loin
with apple chutney
roasted potatoes
broccoli with cheese sauce
apple pie
“… Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel …”
Mark 16:1

The Fall Stewardship Campaign is in full swing! Many thanks to Esther King and Leslie Weikle for their testimonies expressing "What Trinity Means to Me," and to Eric Smith, who shared the Minute for Mission—Stewardship at Work focused on Trinity’s Sports Ministry.

Following is the calendar of events for the remainder of the 2018 Stewardship emphasis:
Sunday, Oct. 7: "What Trinity Means to Me"—Rudy & Loretta Blakely
Sunday, Oct. 14: Minute for Mission, Stewardship at Work—
Jeff Burton, Worship & Music Committee
Sunday, Oct. 21: Minute for Mission, Stewardship at Work—
Dennis Tavernetti, Benevolence & Missions
Sunday, Oct. 28: Minute for Mission, Stewardship Presentation—
Dwight Hammack, Stewardship Committee Chair
Sunday, Nov. 4: Commitment Day—
One Worship Sunday with Ingathering of Pledges
The Fall Stewardship Campaign is really a process for laying groundwork for 2019. As individuals involved in our respective faith walks, we consider the resources that have been entrusted to us and how we will be good stewards of those resources in the new year.

The Stewardship Committee encourages you to joyfully consider and celebrate all that is God’s work at Trinity. The Fall Stewardship Campaign will culminate with Commitment Sunday on November 4th, a time for each of us to consider how our Stewardship will enable Trinity to become a greater force for Christianity in our community.
  Wednesday Night Live

Join us for our regularly scheduled
Wednesday Night Live activities
5:30pm WNL Dinner
6:00pm Junior Choir
6:30pm CWE & Adult Bible Study
6:30pm Chancel Choir Practice

* Wednesday, Oct. 31 there will be no Junior Choir or CWE Children’s activities . However, there will be a WNL meal, Adult Bible Study and Chancel Choir rehearsal.
Dear Friends,
The closing verses of Matthew’s Gospel, often called the “Great Commission” read as follows,

Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Hoy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything that I have commanded you. And remember, I am with you always, to the end of the age ,” Mt. 28:19-20.

These parting words of our Lord Jesus Christ have served as marching orders for His church across the centuries. These verses offer us a clear, unequivocal scriptural basis for spreading the Good News about Jesus Christ and God’s promises of love and forgiveness for all of God’s children. Of course, we also know from Scripture that some people will heed the call of God and others will not, some are chosen and some are not.

However, and this is the really hard part, the response of others to the call of the Gospel is not our business, it is not our concern. Our concern is to make sure that everyone hears the Good News; their response is in their hands! As disciples of Jesus Christ our calling is to tell others about Jesus! We are called to tell the Good News of God’s love and forgiveness.

With this aspect of our discipleship fresh in our minds, when was the last time you invited someone to come to church with you? Was it this past week, last month, last year, can you even remember? Invitational evangelism is not optional for disciples of Jesus. In fact, it is woven deeply into our DNA as followers of Jesus. While invitational evangelism may be a “recessive gene” in some, and a “dominant gene” in others, Scripture calls each of us to engage in it.

Thinking about this question I am reminded of a story I came across a number of years ago. A congregation was holding its annual meeting (not a Presbyterian church mind you, but it could have been!) and there was a great deal of discussion about the congregation’s declining attendance. The congregation had brought in a consultant and he was speaking about attitudes in that denomination about evangelism. He quoted a statistic that said that, on average, a member of their denomination invited someone to worship just once every seven years. At this, a man sitting near the back exclaimed loudly, “Whew! I don’t have to do that for another 4 years!”

A question regularly asked by active church members goes something like this: How can we encourage more people to come to church? Of course, there is not an easy answer, but there are some clues. In research project after research project studying why people who don’t attend a church regularly start attending a church the same top reason emerges. It may not be the reason you think. Strong children’s programs are a factor in drawing attendance to churches, but it is not number one. A vibrant and engaging music program is a factor in attracting people to attend worship, but it is not number one. Charismatic and challenging preaching is a factor in drawing people, but it is not number one. Mission outreach to the surrounding community is a factor, but it is not number one. In study after study the number one reason people start attending a church is because someone cared enough to invite them! This information brings us right back to Mt. 28:19-20, it is up to each of us!

Our congregation has much to offer. We have strong and expanding programs for children and youth. We offer a distinctively Reformed style of worship in both traditional and more relaxed settings, each format strongly focused on the sovereignty of God, and the authority of Scripture. Moreover, our worship in both formats is supported by varied and accomplished musical offerings ranging from classical to more contemporary expressions of faith. We provide numerous opportunities for small group Bible study and fellowship time. Our commitment to mission work in our community and beyond is clear. So, the question is: When did you last invite someone to come discover the wonderful blessings God provides through our church family? Within the last 7 years?

I encourage us to remember Jesus’ command to share the Good News! I also encourage us to remember his promise of presence with us. If we are uncomfortable inviting others to church let us remember it is God who calls and builds His church, we are simply his instrument. When we trust God, God will lead us to say and do just the right things to reach one of his children.

From the Director of Christian Education & Youth
“As God’s chosen ones, holy and beloved,
clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, meekness, and patience.. .
Colossians 3:12
     It was a beautiful, sunny Saturday when a group of Trinity’s youth gathered on the Swamp Rabbit Trail to share some random acts of kindness. There were coolers filled with ice cold water bottles, a bundle of balloons (that insisted on getting tangled), and a bag of Skittles for the kiddos. We gave away over 120 bottles of water, and the reactions were amazing!  Several people stopped to talk to us about what we were doing. A number of people offered to pay us or make a donation, and were  surprised when we would not accept any money. We were repeatedly thanked—even by those who had their own water bottles. Over and over, we were called a blessing. One group of ladies even told us that we were a direct and immediate answer to their prayers! The children loved receiving balloons to tie to their bikes. The smiles were plentiful and only one person decided to be a prankster. Who would think that a simple bottle of water would create such a reaction! It became apparent that we were quenching thirst—not only literal thirst, but also the innate thirst for kindness and relationship with others. It only took a couple of hours for the youth to share God’s love with and brighten the day for over a hundred people. 

If a bottle of water or a balloon tied to a bike can make such an impact, just think how we as a church can positively impact the world with a little intentional kindness and sharing of God’s love! How can you help be part of this mission? Visit our Random Acts of Kindness bulletin board downstairs between Rooms 202 and 203, select a card, share that kindness, and (if possible) take a picture and post it on the “Kindness is the New Cool” bulletin board near the Youth room. You will be blessed as much as the person with whom you share some kindness!

                        In Christ’s service,

Presentation of Bibles

There will be a special presentation of Bibles to Trinity’s Third Graders on Sunday, October 7, 2018, during the 11:00 am   service. If you have a third-grader in your family, please contact Terri Luzynski at the church (834-9897). We want to make sure that all third-graders are included!
September Session Digest
Members Present : Bob Lewis, Olin Blanton, Sherry Ogletree, Mary Pace, Dennis Mitchell, Justin Mullis, Dennis Tavernetti, Chuck Verdin, Jeff Burton and Marc Mason

Others Present:  Terri Luzynski

Member(s) Excused:  Lawrence Garabedian

Opening Prayer: Marc Mason opened the meeting with a discussion regarding The Six Great Ends of the Church. The PCUSA Book of Order, F-1.0304.

Declaration of Quorum : A quorum was present.

Pastor’s Report and Housekeeping Details :

Marc Mason gave an update on members who were sick, in the hospital, and/or recovering. 

The Lord’s Supper was celebrated on September 2, 2018.

The Session was reminded of the stewardship dinner scheduled on September 23, 2018 at the Weikle’s house.

Marc Mason requested continuing education leave from October 22, 2018 through October 28, 2018. Jeff Burton made a motion to approve such request. Olin Blanton seconded the motion. The motion passed.

Marc Mason requested vacation on the following dates: September 20, 2018; September 27, 2018; November 22, 2018; and December 26, 2018 through December 31, 2018. Mary Pace made a motion to approve such request. Bob Lewis seconded the motion. The motion passed.

There was a discussion of contingency planning related to Hurricane Florence for services on Sunday, September 16, 2018. Justin Mullis made a motion to delegate authority to Marc Mason to cancel services if the Church was without power. Jeff Burton seconded the motion. The motion passed.

There was discussion of whether to open the Church as an emergency shelter if asked and the issues related to same. The Session agreed that this was a topic for the long-range planning to study.  

Monthly Budget Reports : Mary Pace presented the August monthly budget reports. She reported that for the month of August there was a $406 deficit in the Operating Account and a $4,994 deficit in the Building Fund. For the year to date, there was a $14,713 deficit in the Operating Account and a surplus of $10,663 in the Building Fund. Through August 2018, total actual operating expenses were approximately 63.72% of the annual budget, which is better than 66.67%, which is the straight-line budget percentage through June. Olin Blanton made a motion to approve the monthly budget reports as presented. Sherry Ogletree seconded the motion. The motion passed.

Diaconate Report : The monthly report of the Diaconate was circulated for review. 

Membership Update : As of September 13, 2018, the Church had 425 members, of which 417 were resident and 8 were non-resident. 

Clerk Report : The minutes of the Stated Session Meeting on August 9, 2018, the Called Session Meeting on August 26, 2018, and the Called Congregational Meeting on August 26, 2018 were reviewed. Chuck Verdin noted that the August 26, 2018 Called Session Meeting minutes should be amended to correctly identify certain members who were present. Mary Pace made a motion to approve all such minutes, subject to such amendment. Dennis Mitchell seconded the motion. The motion passed.

Communications : There were no communications to report. 

Old Business : There was no old business.

New Business : There was no new business. 

Standing Committee Reports

Benevolence & Mission : Dennis Tavernetti reported that this committee was meeting later in September and that one new member was being added to this committee. 

Discipleship : Terri Luzynski and Dennis Mitchell reported that the poverty simulation workshop (to be conducted by Beth Templeton from Triune Mercy Center) was being rescheduled for early in 2019. They also reported that this committee was continuing its work on drafting a child protection policy. It was reported that the August youth events had gone well and that Sunday youth/CWE attendance had grown recently. 

Finance & Stewardship : Mary Pace reported that budgeting for next year was beginning and that each committee should expect to receive next month requests for budget-related information. Mary Pace made a motion to allow $2,165 in the in/out account relating to youth fundraisers to be carried forward in the budget/monthly financial statements and added to account number 486 (youth – missions) as an amount that could be spent in the future. The motion passed.
Long-Range Planning : Bob Lewis reported that the columbarium project was still being studied. He further reported that this committee had received 41 positive responses regarding this project from members of the congregation. Of those responses, he reported that 19 of them were strongly positive. He indicated that the committee was considering proposals from three (3) contractors.

Personnel & Administration : Olin Blanton and Sherry Ogletree reported that this committee met earlier this month and was beginning to work on putting together a search committee to study and replace/fill the choral director position. 

Property & Grounds : Justin Mullis and Marc Mason reported that the recent workday at the Church was successful and that 12-15 people had attended.

Spiritual Development & Evangelism : Justin Mullis gave this committee’s report. He reported that the 9/11 prayer vigil went well. He further reported that a fall prayer vigil may be scheduled in the future. 

Worship : Jeff Burton reported this committee had met earlier this month. He said that Eric Barnhart had been working on planning music for December. 

Motion to Adjourn with Prayer : Mary Pace made a motion to adjourn with prayer. Olin Blanton seconded the motion. The motion passed. Marc Mason closed the meeting with prayer. 

Respectfully Submitted,
Chuck Verdin, Clerk                   Marc Mason, Moderator
2018-2019 Trinity Youth Basketball Season
   We are now forming our team rosters and would love to have all our youth participate!
    Trinity will have teams in the following age groups:
6 & under COED – Girls & Boys ages 5 & 6
                              (4 ½ year olds may also play)
9 & under – Girls & Boys ages 7, 8 & 9
12 & under – Girls & Boys ages 10, 11 & 12
15 & under – Girls & Boys ages 13, 14 & 15

*Note that the cut-off date to determine what age group to play in is
March 3, 2019, so the player cannot be over the max age on that date.
We’re all about FUN and FELLOWSHIP regarding our Trinity youth basketball ministry.
Our basketball motto is:
F – un
A – cceptance that Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior
S – portsmanship
T – eamwork
Costs: $20 for first child, $15 for each additional child;
          $20 additional per player if you need a new jersey.
Registration forms are available to download here or at .  
Mail or drop off registration forms at the church office (Monday-Friday, 9am-1pm),
or give or email the form to Tom McCorkle at
If you have questions, please contact Tom McCorkle at 864-787-2707.
Registration deadline is October 5, 2018.
Tea for Friends!
Trinity Presbyterian Church is now looking
for individuals to deliver welcome packages
 to our visitors each week!

All whom are interested please contact
Chris Marsh via text message or phone call to (864) 525-0181.
Watch for details to follow!
Thank you for your support!
 We look forward to hearing from you soon!
Small Groups For Everyone!
Sunday Mornings 10:00AM

·  Christianity and Contemporary Issues-  
Discussions relate the messages contained in
Scripture passages to current headlines.
Format: Lecture and interactive
Facilitators: Mary Pace, Annette Taylor and class
members. Meets in Room 203

·  Scripture in the Sitcoms
Classic sitcom episodes will be used as modern  
day parables to teach spiritual truths. The first  
sitcom series will be the Mayberry Bible Study .
Begins September 9th;
Facilitator: Denny Mitchell
Meets in the Library, Room 202

·  Trinity Class
The first Sunday School Class created at Trinity 
and has been active ever since. 
Focus: Study of the Bible with the help of the
Standard Lesson Commentary.
Format: Lecture and interactive with class
discussion strongly encouraged.
Teachers: Beauford Williams, Fred Moehlenbrock
and class members.
Meets in the Thorpe Building, Room 105

·  Fellowship Class
Rotates study of the books of the Bible with Christian books that enrich our lives.
Format: Combination of lecture with interactive
discussion, all in a relaxed environment. 
Leadership changes annually with a rotation of    
teachers from our class.
Class Contacts: Theresa Horton, Claudia Burns
Meets in the Thorpe Building, Room 107

·   6th-12th Grades, Led by Terri Luzynski,
   Room 218


·   CWE 4K (before 9/1) through 1st Grade
Led by Robin Blakemore, Ashley Haynes, and
Leslie Weikle in Room 229

·   CWE 2nd through 5th Grades
Led by Allen Clark and Eric Smith in Room 201 The Bible lessons in September will be on
Nehemiah and his rebuilding of the wall in 
Jerusalem. The life application for the month is "INITIATIVE: Seeing what needs to be done and doing it!"
Sunday Evenings

5:00-6:00pm Middle School (6th- 8th grade)
Led by Terri Luzynski

6:00-7:00pm Dinner for all youth- McKinney Hall

7:00-8:00pm High School (9th - 12th grades)
 Led by Terri Luzynski

Wednesday Night Live (WNL)

5:30pm Dinner
6:00pm Junior Choir
6:30pm CWE for children in 1st—5th grades
                    Led by Terri Luzynski
6:30pm Chancel Choir Rehearsal
6:30pm Adult Bible Study— New Study:
 Call Narratives in the Old Testament: A Look at 
 Prophets and Other Troublemakers
This is a seminar style format encouraging discussion and begins Sept. 5th.    
   Led by Rev. Dr. Marc Mason.     
   Meets in the Thorpe Building, Room 107.

Mid-Week Small Group Opportunities

·   Rachel Bible Study (for Women)—
A lesson is presented by one of the participants each week. This group meets at church in the Thorpe Bldg., Room 105 at 10:00am on Tuesday mornings.
Facilitator: Nancy Simonton

·   Men’s Fellowship —Biscuit and coffee breakfast and a devotional, followed by a program including guest speakers from the community as well as members of the group.
Meets 7:30am Thursday mornings in the Thorpe
Building, Room 105;
Facilitator: John Burns

Monthly Group
·   Naomi Ladies Group:  Study of a selected series which is moderated by one of the class members. 
Meets on the 4th Thursday of every month at 3pm at members’ homes.
Facilitator: Esther King
Notes from the Director of Music Ministry
October is a busy month for the Trinity music ministry! 

We have several exciting things to report for our 11am service. Our handbell choir resumed rehearsals in  September and participated in worship September 30. Under Lisa Barksdale’s guidance, they continue to  prepare more music to share with us in November and December. Our chancel and junior choirs are in full swing and will be performing an anthem together this month. We’ve had several new faces joining our choirs along with familiar faces in new roles. Mary Sue McClain and the kids have done a fantastic job recruiting   additional friends and voices for our junior choir; we had three new guests the last Wednesday rehearsal in September alone! Two new Furman students and several high school students will be joining our chancel choir in October as well. 

Our 9am service continues to develop as well. In addition to our regular band and crew, we have several high school students joining the teams as well. It’s an encouraging time to see the next generation enjoy utilizing their giftings in service to the Lord.

Looking ahead, our All Music Advent Sunday will be December 2nd this year. If you are interested in participating with the choir on this special day, please let Eric Barnhart or Lisa Barksdale know! Stay tuned for our announcement as to when we will begin rehearsing material for it.
Other dates of note coming up:
October 7 Ars Orandi – an ecumenical gathering for contemplative worship and prayer led by Eric Barnhart
October 20 Greenville Chorale – Bluegrass and Big Band
Trinity Choir members Lisa Barksdale, Kaitlyn Applegate participating

—Eric Barnhart
Christmas Is Coming!
We are less than three months away from Christmas and that means it is time to start preparing for our Christmas Pageant! The Christmas Pageant will be on Wednesday, December 12, 2018, with dinner at 5:30 pm, the program at 6:30 pm, and refreshments in McKinney Hall after the pageant. 

This year’s pageant will have speaking roles, non-speaking roles, and lots of special music. Children and youth of all ages are invited to participate. The rehearsals will be on Wednesday, November 28 th and Wednesday, December 5 th (during WNL), and on Sunday December 9 th following the 11:00 am service. (Lunch will be provided.) 

Please let Nancy Thompson or Terri Luzynski know if you would like to be part of this special program.
Newspapers Needed!
This is a plea for help for the large numbers of kittens and puppies at the Greenville Humane Society. Bedding is needed. Please bring your newspapers (Newsprint only; NO slick pages please!) to McKinney Hall and put them in the box beside the grocery cart. Tom McCorkle will deliver them for us!
CWE and WNL Children's Programs
For the month of October our CWE and WNL Children’s Programs will focus on the life application: “CONTENTMENT: Deciding to be okay with what you have.”  The lessons will include Paul in prison (Philippians 4: 11b-13), keeping your life free from the love of money (Hebrews 13:5), King Ahab and Naboth’s Vineyard (1 Kings 21:1-19, 27), and the Israelites longing for Egypt (Exodus 16:2-21; 17: 1-7).  Our memory verse for the month is Luke 12:15b: “Take care! Be on your guard against all kinds of greed; for one’s life does not consist in the abundance of possessions.”
Join us every Sunday morning at 10:00 am for CWE and every Wednesday for dinner at 5:30 pm, Jr. Choir and Cherub Activities at 6:00 and WNL at 6:30 pm. There are CWE classes for all children in K4-5 th Grade and WNL is open to children in K through 5 th grade. (A nursery is provided for children younger than these ages.)
What Trinity Means to Me
The Stewardship Committee would like to highlight the following testimony from Leslie Weikle and her family:

  What Trinity Means to Me: Leslie Weikle
"Mom and Dad, Why is it taking us so long to join this church!!"
Thanks be to God for the messages sent to us through the children He has gifted us to raise! It's taken over a decade of living in this beautiful, northern end of Greenville county to relocate our family's church membership to where we actually live. 
When visiting Trinity services, Scott and I both felt we were sort of back in a Furman Religion class, sharing how Dr. Mason's messages repeatedly touched our minds and hearts throughout the week. We sincerely enjoyed both styles of morning services - contemporary and traditional. We were fulfilled by music from the Trinity choir and instruments playing bluegrass to symphonic cello. While we considered other local churches, the Weikles were "all in" for Trinity!
Our oldest, Lillian, made her membership first through Confirmation classes with Dr. Mason. The younger girls and Scott patiently waited through my brain surgery recovery and, thankfully, Trinity's family of fellowship received us, prayed with us, and has included us richly. 
Being a part of Trinity for only one year now, the environment is heartwarming and connects us to the churches where we were raised (even though mine was Southern Baptist). Amen. 
God planned the physical creation of this church and its journey, just as He planned that of our personal family. We want to grow along with the journey and missions of Trinity, and praise God together through fellowship and stewardship. 
CWE Volunteer Updates
Welcome to Lucy Hammack who has agreed to serve as Resident Artist for our CWE program. We cannot wait to see how Lucy’s artistic creations will add to our CWE program!
   Welcome also to Katy Beebe who has joined our CWE Greeter/Tech team. Katy has already saved us from technical difficulties once and we are grateful that she is willing to share her talents!
Thank you to Leann Capobianco who served as the CWE Artist for a number of years. Her chalk drawings amazed and inspired us all! Blessings to Leann as she enjoys a well-deserved rest.
We can always use additional volunteers in the CWE program. Can you gather supplies? Start a video? Lead a class? Please prayerfully consider contributing your gifts and talents to our CWE programs! If you have any questions, or would like to volunteer, please contact Terri Luzynski at the church or at (540) 761-8421.
YWE - Trinity's Youth Worship Experience
YWE meets weekly
on Sunday evenings from 5—8 pm

 5:00-6:00pm Middle School (6th- 8th grades)   
 Led by Terri Luzynski
6:00-7:00pm Dinner for all youth/
McKinney Hall
7:00-8:00pm High School (9th - 12th grades)
 Led by Terri Luzynski
Youth News!
With water balloons, a pool party (Thank you, Paula & Chris Marsh!), and a trip to Discovery Island where Chase showed us how to master the FlowRider, our “YWE Gets Wet” August was tons of fun! There is a rumor that next August, we will be tubing down a real river . . .

In what has become a Trinity Tradition, we then welcomed our new YWE members and kicked off the new year with an ice cream social at the home of Leslie and Scott Weikle. We had a huge number of youth attend, and I have never seen so many toppings!! Thank you, Leslie and Scott for hosting this event! 

Our Sunday morning YWE Small Group will begin the year with a study of the Book of 1 John. Our regular Sunday evening YWE schedule will begin on September 9th, and we will continue using the current event based Living in Christ (LinC) curriculum. 

The September schedule is listed below, but it is still a little “squishy” as I am waiting to hear back from some folks. Please watch your emails for updates! 

Sept. 2 Labor Day Weekend - NO YWE
Sept. 9 5:00-6:00 pm Middle School Youth
6:00-6:30 pm Dinner provided by Dee Klug
6:30-7:00 pm Worship/Announcements 
7:00-8:00 pm Sr. High Youth
Sept. 16 5:00-6:00 pm Middle School Youth
6:00-6:30 pm Dinner provided by Kristen Short
6:30-7:00 pm Worship/Announcements 
7:00-8:00 pm Sr. High Youth
Sept. 18 Deadline to register for PYC Middle School Youth Retreat
at Bonclarken
Sept. 22 Service Saturday
Details to follow
Sept. 28-30 Tentative Fall Camping Retreat
This event was by special request. However, only three have committed to attend. Please sign-up by Sept. 9th. If we do not have enough participation, we will postpone the camping trip until spring and a “Plan B” fall event will happen this weekend.
Peace & prayers,
Financial Review - August
Below is a detailed view of the July approved by the Session. In keeping with transparency of Trinity’s financial position, this view provides more information than the Sunday bulletin version. It will always be two months in arrears due to the fact that the newsletter is always published before the Session meets.
Thank You!
Dear Trinity Church Family,
With love and prayers to each of you, thank you so much for all you’ve done for Bob and me during my hospitalization and especially since I’ve been home. The food, cards, prayers, and visits have meant more to me than you’ll ever know.
When we tell people about our church, they can’t believe what a loving group we have. Thank you again,
With love,
Bob and Carolyn Lewis
Flower Calendar Sign-Up
There are still a couple of opportunities if you would like to sign up to provide flowers for the church sanctuary; flowers can be given in memory or in honor of a loved one or for any special occasion, and it will be noted in that day’s bulletin announcements. The Sunday dates still available are:

November 4
November 11
Please call Myriam in the church office, 864-834-9897, for more information or to sign up.

North Greenville Crisis Ministry

Thank you for your continued support for this ministry.
Their current needs include:

Pasta, Spaghetti Sauce
Canned Tomatoes
Tomato Sauce
Macaroni & Cheese
Mustard, Mayonnaise, Ketchup
Clothes (all sizes)
Please place donations in the shopping cart in McKinney Hall.
Sermon Audio Files Now Available
To access Sermon Audio on the website:
1) Go to
2) On the menu in the upper right hand corner between the options CALENDAR and CONTACT US you will see an option entitled MEDIA.
3) Roll your mouse over MEDIA and a menu should appear. 
5) It will take you to the iTunes website where you are now on the preview page for the Trinity Podcast. 
6) Click the blue button that reads VIEW IN iTUNES under the green Trinity logo on the left side. 
7) You will receive a prompt to open iTunes. Or if you don’t have it, you will be prompted to download iTunes.
8) For Windows/PC Users: if you already have iTunes on your computer and receive a prompt to download it again, click the gray button to the left of the blue download button indicating that you already have iTunes on your computer and you wish to sign in.  
iTunes will then open to the Trinity Podcast Page.
To receive a copy of each new sermon to your iTunes every week:
When you reach the podcast page in iTunes, click SUBSCRIBE under the green Trinity logo on the left side.
To receive a copy of a particular sermon to your iTunes:
When you reach the podcast page in iTunes, scroll down the list of sermons and click “GET”
on the right hand side of the sermon you’d like to have a copy of.   
October 2018 Calendar

October Birthdays
1    Mary Campbell Cline
3    Barbara Weiner 
5    Blake Blakemore
6    Georgia Batson
      Nancy Herron
      Will Zix
7  Mary Sue McClain
     Kristen Short
8    Jack Russell
9    Tom Ronald
10  Teresa Bennett 
13  Jean Kennett
14  Mae Tavernetti
       Beauford Williams
       Jack Zix
15  Leslie Weikle
20  Max Awtrey
21   Mary Blair Garabedian
      Elizabeth Hartman
22  Michele Perdue
23  Tom Wall
24  Rose Childers
      Paul Ingalls
25  Lauren Blakemore
      Lynn Cole
     Dan Heltness
       Richard McClain
      Cindy Mitchell
 26 Thomas Barksdale
       Charlotte Weikle
27  Patsy Sharpe
       Shawn Stokes
28 Jim Capobianco
       Myron Messich 
29 Stan Coleman
       Emily Moehlenbrock
31 Jeff Burton
       Allen Lawson
       Virginia McCorkle
       Liam McHaffie
       Erin Plyler
If you don’t see your name or the name of someone you love on the birthday list,
please call the office so we can update our list!
Email or call Myriam at 864-834-9897.
Newsletter Deadline: The deadline for newsletter information is the 25th of each month. Please send all information to the church office (834-9897). If you are able, please E-mail info to  
Church Office Hours
9:00a.m. to 1:00p.m. Monday through Friday