October, 2017
Child Development Chat Next Week 

The next CDM Child Development Chat will focus on:  
"Behavior Intervention Resources for Children with Autism."   
The interactive chat session will be held Thursday, October 19, from 12:00-1:00pm and moderated by autism expert, Dr. Govindappa. For parents of a child who has been diagnosed with autism, this session will provide helpful suggestions and advice regarding treatment intervention options. Please bring your questions and concerns to share with the group. Adults only, please. 
New Classes and Groups Starting Soon!
The CDM is happy to announce that new sessions of two popular classes will be available again at the clinic:
  • "Meltdowns to Shutdowns," a group that helps children, ages 9-11 years old, learn to recognize their feelings before becoming overwhelmed by them. The program will have a four-week mini-session that begins on Oct. 25.
  • "Let's Get Organized," a daytime group for homeschooled tweens and teens that provides executive function skills. For the upcoming fall months, the instructor will be creating groups for interested participants based on joint availability. Beginning the week of January 8, 2018, the sessions will have formal class times scheduled.
In addition, two brand new class offerings are beginning in November:
  • "Reading Tips & Tricks," a small group designed to provide intensive help for the struggling new reader.
  • "How to Survive the Holiday Season," a one-session class for parents that teaches methods for getting more enjoyment out of holiday events and activities with your children.
More details about each class can be found on our website and by clicking the links below. Please contact the CDM office to register for any of these class offerings. 
Meltdowns to Shutdowns
Many children struggle to cope with the stress created by extra expectations and demands put on them around the holidays. This mini-session is specifically designed to address emotional regulation skills around triggers that happen during the end-of-the-year events (i.e. overstimulation, social stresses, having to eat food we do not like, dealing with crowds or people visiting, handling too many commitments).
Learn more details about the class here:
Reading Tips & Tricks
This unique new group is designed to help children in early-elementary school grades who are falling behind their classmates in reading and pre-reading skills. The instructor will be focusing intently on each child's individual reading breakdowns to build stronger foundational competence, which should assist in an easier acquisition of future skills.
Learn more details about the class here:
Parent Education: How to Survive the Holiday Season
This new one-session class is ideal for families who are experiencing difficulty managing their children's behavior, while wanting to make end-of-the-year activities like going to holiday parties or religious services, pleasant and safe. The course will address the challenges of traveling with children - whether it's a long-distance car ride or a journey on a plane or train - and provide tips for making the trip a fun adventure.
Learn more details about the class here:
Let's Get Organized
Support Group for Homeschoolers
Organization problems are common among students who struggle with school. Even the most motivated of these children may find it hard to adapt to the increasing load of expectations as they grow older. This fun and encouraging group will help home-schooled students build new executive functioning skills essential for good organization.
Learn more details about the class here:
Check it out: New Patient Orientation Days  
The Center for Developing Minds hosts informal "CDM Orientation" days once a month at the clinic.  The short sessions are designed to give prospective clients a chance to see the facility and meet with some of our staff. Each orientation will be hosted by one of our behavioral and developmental pediatricians, and will give your family the opportunity to ask questions and learn more about our multi-disciplinary team of expert clinicians and the services they provide. 

The next CDM orientation will be on Thursday, October 12, at 9:00am.  If you know a family that has been considering working with the CDM, please feel free to pass along this information!

Need a Checkup for your College Student?   
Don't forget: parents of college students should try to schedule any upcoming CDM follow-up appointments now, to secure a convenient date/time when their child will be home on holiday or winter break. Please don't wait until the last minute to call, or you might find limited or no clinician availability on your preferred dates!