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October: Social Security and Healthcare Reform


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A Note From Kelly

Tranches, Tranches and more Tranches! We will be talking about them a LOT in the upcoming 4 th quarter meetings. Essentially, the underlying conversation is how to get over immediate emotions and focus on our long term planning that we spend so much time on.

It's not unlike raising my 3 year old son, Dillon. If I were to solely focus on his current volatile nature (many of you remember the tantrums and battle of the wills - or perhaps you've correctly chosen to block them from memory) right now and give up on him then he would never get the nurture, patience, love and guidance to turn into a responsible adult in 15 years. In times of turbulence we have to be cognizant of what's in front of us but not let it change our path for the long term. With some nurturing, your nest egg will grow to be your responsible retirement vehicle!

Now this is easy for me to say and implement at work because that's what we at CAISSA do well.  However, I am certain that I will be reminded of this at home, where all of the planning in the world can sometimes blow away into thin air as if it never existed. Thank you, dear clients, who appreciate my planning more than my 3 year old.
Have a spectacular October and safe Halloween!


Maximize Your Social Security Benefits with Good Planning

Are you prepared to get the most from your Social Security benefits during retirement? 

Retirement income from Social Security is a simple process. The government levies taxes on current employees and places the money into the OASDI Trust. Most of the funds are distributed immediately to current retirees, but any surpluses are left in the trust for future use. The size of each person's Social Security benefit is derived from the average income of his or her 35 highest income years. It is meant to supplement retirement income, not be a retirement plan all on its own.
CAISSA Market Update
Will a volatile market affect you?

The rough third quarter in the equity markets was due to a recalibration of expectations about U.S. and Global growth & earnings expectations.  The U.S. economy can be categorized as good (not great) and the fear is that the China slowdown, a further collapse in commodity prices and emerging market problems will overwhelm the U.S.  

October CAISSA Conversation
Pitfalls to Avoid for Social Security and Medicare Filings

Save the Date: October 29

Signing up for Social Security and Medicare can be a daunting process, and we see clients miss cash opportunities or misfile frequently! We invite you join us for a conversation about what all of the filing options are, how to take advantage of your spousal benefits, and how to get the most bang for your buck without getting taken to the cleaners for Medicare. 

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