Message from Rabbi G. - Founder
Just a few weeks ago, in the midst of our Kids Kicking Cancer South Africa launch, I had the privilege of witnessing an illumination I will never forget. Walking into the hospitals of Cape Town and Johannesburg with our trained martial arts therapists was an absolute joy. The children, sitting on benches and old chairs looked up and immediately lit up with an indescribable sense of exhilaration. They were up on their feet, shouting, “Power Peace Purpose” and more than raring to go even before we were through the door!

This video is of a young man I was privileged to meet. Not unlike many of the children in Africa, he gets on a bus to take himself to the hospital for his chemotherapy. He has to be brave. Kids Kicking Cancer is his anchor. Power Peace Purpose is now part of his life. We are presently in four hospitals in South Africa. There is an immediate demand for six more. With your help, we will allow every child in pain, everywhere, to find the illumination that comes with breathing in the light and blowing out the darkness.
Eli has Hemophilia. When we first signed Eli up for this class, we really didn't know what to expect. Once we started taking him to class, he really enjoyed it, and couldn't wait for the next one. Kids Kicking Cancer and the Power Breathing exercise have been so helpful with Eli's positive outlook - on his health, and life. As parents, we appreciate all of the support and activities that Kids Kicking Cancer has provided for our kids. We would like to say thank you, for this very much appreciated program.

- Eli's Parents
Spotlight on Staff Member - Ilze van der Merwe
In February of 2018, I was chosen to be the Cape Town Program Coordinator for the new Kids Kicking Cancer South Africa program , along with my colleague Moses, the Johannesburg Program Coordinator.

The week we spent training in the Global Kids Kicking Cancer office in Detroit was unbelievable. Never have I met a group of people with so much passion for what they do. It is all about the children. Moses and I got to spend time in training with Rabbi G, Sensei Richard Plowden, Sensei Michael, Sensei Peter, and Cindy. We met and talked to the volunteers and parents of these children, heard their stories, and got inspired by the level of strength these children and parents acquire through the various challenges that they work through. It was an unbelievable experience and of great value to Moses and I to see first-hand how the program is run.

I have met some wonderful people in the two hospitals that I serve – Red Cross and Tygerberg, and heard their life stories and success / miracle stories. But also some sad events and tears. Kids Kicking Cancer has changed me on so many levels - the way I teach, the way I see life, and the way I walk through life’s journey. We all go through life’s challenges, bumps and knocks. And I do believe that each person’s struggle, whether it is illness, finances or personal, is hard enough as you stand in it. But when I look at these children, and their fighting spirit that they have, it leaves me breathless. Fighting spirit in the karate world, means we keep our arms up! Never back down and never give up. No matter what comes your way and knocks you down, stand up and fight. This is what I see in these children - their will to stand up and fight for life is unbelievable!

I had a boy in class at the Tygerberg Hospital, who got really upset one morning as he could not get the kick right. I told him there is no need to worry as there is no exam, we are doing this for fun. There is no right or wrong. But he kept crying out of frustration. Then in a split second, he raised his voice “Wait, wait! Let me calm myself down” , and he lifted his hands, took a deep breath in and a deep breath out, and said, I am calm now, I can do this." And we carried on with the class, no tears. I praised him, and told him what a powerful martial artist he is that he just took control and calmed himself down.

I am looking forward to seeing Kids Kicking Cancer South Africa grow from strength to strength, region to region, and spread its wings over Africa! I believe that Moses and I have been called for “duty” to teach the world and share our love, smiles and support to every child we can reach.

Power Peace Purpose!
Ottawa Martial Artists Visit KKC Global Office
Kids Kicking Cancer is expanding into Ottawa, Canada! Martial artists from Ottawa, along with their leadership team spent two days at the Global Kids Kicking Cancer office for training and classes. We look forward to apprenticeship with the martial artists as they role out a Kids Kicking Cancer program for families in Ottawa.
Stahls Auto Museum
Kids Kicking Cancer families were invited to a private day at the famous Stahls Auto Museum . Event partners Cranbrook Institute of Science brought the Acheson Mobile Planetarium, National Coney Island provided a coney dog & ice cream cart, and Stahls offered classic car rides to the kids and families! Everyone received event t-shirts thanking our program partners - all sponsors of this super day of fun!
Detroit Lions Superhero Ball
The Detroit Lions invited Kids Kicking Cancer families to participate in the 2 nd Superhero Ball at Ford Field . Thanks to the generosity of the Lions, our powerful martial artists dressed as their favorite superhero character-as did the Lions-and they taught the Detroit Lions players how to breathe in the light and blow out the darkness with a powerful demonstration. Even Lion’s mascot Roary participated! We were honored to share the evening with Henry Ford Sandcastles Grief Support Program for Children & Families . Everyone was treated to dinner, face painting, music, dancing, video games, crafts and a ton of fun! Thank you to all who made this possible!
Watch the FOX2 video below:
Detroit Lions host Super Hero Ball for kids battling...

This wasn't about tackling anybody or scoring touchdowns but it was about lifting up a brave group of young fans.

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Just For You Event
Rabbi G was invited to be a keynote speaker at the DMC Huron Valley-Sinai 16 th Annual Just for You Event - a free inspirational and uplifting day for women living with the cancer experience.

As part of his talk Using your Breath to Live Stronger , Rabbi G taught the room filled with women how to “breathe in the light and blow out the darkness” with help from our most powerful teachers-the children of Kids Kicking Cancer. This event was made possible thanks to the Natalie and Manny Charach Cancer Fund.
Kids Kicking Cancer