October 2018

Be Prepared To Be Blown Away.....Introducing Umount™
Mount this 200+ mph blaster and see how Umount boosts your UTV into a multiple task workhorse with split second directional blowing at your fingertips.
Features a high power motor, easy mount system, nozzle steering control and compact design.

Ask me today about this great addition for your utility vehicles. 
Tackle your debris management - start sweeping and switch to verticutting, core pulverization or de-thatching.
Pro Force Blower™
This machine is great for clearing leaves, grass clippings, twigs, pine needles and other debris from turf or pavement.
With a 4.75 cu. ft hopper and plenty of horsepower the Rake-O-Vac is designed to clean debris from the most difficult turf.
Foley Grinders  
Turf Equipment and Supply Company offers a full line of grinding equipment for any job.  Foley grinders offer cutting-edge technology that meets your every need.
Choose the machine that fits your needs the best - reel, bedknife or rotary grinders.  See the full line of grinders here.
TURFCONNECT™ is a simple and convenient way to
connect with us via text.  Place orders, check availability  and even send images. The first time you text us, the system will automatically ask your name and company.  Store the number in your phone as TURFCONNECT and we will be only a text message away from providing solutions for you.  Text us today - 443.221.4443.