Volunteer News | October 28, 2021
Purple Lights
Dear CRC Volunteer,

October 2020 was a tough month for kids. Many of them were still in remote school, and were living in a world where the adults in their lives were anxious and stumbling through political and social turmoil as well as a pandemic. And to top it off, Halloween was in question. We have a lot of young families in our neighborhood, and it was obvious that the kids were wondering what the holiday was going to look like. Would there be trick or treating? Could they walk the streets?  

I wanted to do something to encourage them, and as a result, I bought purple lights. I hung them up on my balcony and added some giant spiders just for fun. The purple lights lit up each night of October, sending what I hoped was a beacon of encouragement. That even if the holiday ended up being different, there were people who were aware of the challenge and were sending a message that it would be okay.  

October is Domestic Violence Awareness month, and we have the opportunity to send a different beacon of hope into the community. Purple is the color that represents DV Awareness advocacy, and in wearing purple this month, we send several messages. We advocate for education, prevention and the financing of programs that do so. And, we communicate to those who have been victims of Domestic Violence that we see them, that we care about them, and that they are not alone.  
CRC provides shelter, counseling, food, resources and compassion to Domestic Violence victims and their children, and provides education and prevention training to our community. As volunteers, you are partnering with us in that work. Many of our volunteers wore purple this month to show their support as well. Thank you! 

Sara Rosenbaum,
CRC Volunteer Manager
The Latest Volunteer News
Volunteers send a strong message of support to our Domestic Violence Program and the survivors we serve.
Volunteers putting together kits for Jingle & Mingle guests
Each Jingle and Mingle guest has the opportunity to color “kindness cards” and add an encouraging note for each Holiday Baskets household. The cards were drawn by children in our shelter, which makes them more special. Thank you Pam Elliot, Karin Kloehn and Marie Lampone for coming in to put together the card/decorating kits!
Jingle & Mingle discount code for volunteers
Pull out your holiday sweaters, vests and ties. Make some delicious treats, or better yet, purchase them from one of our restaurant partners. Mix up a batch of the Jingle & Mingle signature cocktail. Then, settle in for a fun virtual event with music, an engaging program, mingling and more!

For more information and to purchase tickets, please visit crcncc.org/jingle
Use code CRCVOLUNTEER for 20% off tickets!
Holiday Baskets is LIVE!
Many of you wait all year for CRC to start promoting its Holiday Baskets Program. Check out CRC’s all new, updated website, filled with great information on the 2021 plans and ways YOU can be involved! You can find it here.

We have begun reaching out to past groups with volunteer needs and will make opportunities more widely available after that if there are still openings. We are unable to keep track of all requests to volunteer so please wait until we reach out to you or advertise a need. Thank you!
On-Call Operations Team Needed for Holiday Baskets

Holiday Baskets is full of logistics. We are currently putting together a team of people who can be on-call to help with those! You must have a flexible schedule and be able to lift at least 25 pounds. Tasks include picking up and dropping off donations, unloading items at our Carlsbad warehouse and the Holiday Baskets location in Solana Beach, as well as drives around North County. If interested, please contact Sara Rosenbaum at srosenbaum@crcncc.org.  
Volunteer of the Month
Siegrid Pater

Siegrid joined the Encinitas Resale Store volunteer team in August and has been an incredible asset since!

Robert Pontier, Senior store manager, says: Siegrid is friendly, welcoming, and extremely outgoing, with great customer service skills. She has been an amazing help to us since she came on board. She signed up for one shift a week but has work an extra day when we needed her to. We love Sieggie.

Volunteer Needs
Want to support our Resale Stores? Become a store volunteer!

We are always looking for committed, high-energy volunteers at our Resale Stores to receive donations, sort, clean and provide customer service when needed. Fill out an application here or contact Sara Rosenbaum for more information. Resale Store Volunteers get 25% off purchases at the stores too!

We are also looking for a volunteer photographer to take weekly photos at our Carlsbad Resale Stores to be shared on social media. You don't have to be a professional, we'll provide tips for taking the photos...this is a great way to learn or brush up on your photography skills!

You can also support the stores and our programs by shopping at one of our stores – giving back while also getting in some retail therapy!
Staffing Needs
Have you ever wanted to be part of the CRC team as a staff member? Our Domestic Violence Program is hiring Residential Advocates. If you, or anyone you know is interested or would like more information, please contact Jani Sepanik at jsepanik@crcncc.org. See details of the position below: 
  • Residential Advocate - Part-time (2-3 shifts per week) Residential Advocates provide staff support to CRC's emergency domestic violence shelter overnight and on weekends. 
  • Overnight shifts are 8:30pm - 7:00am (10 hours including 2 hours at overtime rate) Sunday - Saturday
  • Weekend day shifts - Morning - 6:45am - 1:45pm (6.5 hrs) Saturday and Sunday and 1:30pm - 8:45pm (6.75 hrs) Saturday and Sunday.
You can also learn more here.

If you know of anyone in need of food, housing or shelter, please pass along this link to information on how we can help: CRCNCC.ORG/COVID-19
If you have a good story of volunteering, please share with me at srosenbaum@crcncc.org. I can include those stories in future newsletters as an encouragement to our team.  
Community Resource Center
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