Lalani of the Distant Sea
by Erin Entrada Kelly

Submitted by Stefanie M.

Lalani is an ordinary girl who lives on an ordinary island called Sanlagita. But this is no ordinary book. Sanlagita rests between two mountains: Mount Kahna, a vengeful, cursed place, and Mount Isa, the destination invisible to the eye where all the riches and fortunes of the world are thought to live. The only problem is, no Sanlagitan has ever made it successfully to Isa to obtain these fortunes. Many have tried, including Lalani’s father, who she hasn’t seen since he left on his voyage. Sanlagita is experiencing a drought, and Lalani’s mother falls ill, leading Lalani to take some drastic measures to take care of her village. One day, when the village turns on her, blaming her for all the problems Sanlagita is facing, Lalani sets off, aiming to cross the Veiled Sea, and ultimately arrive at the elusive Mount Isa. Follow Lalani as she meets a unique cast of characters, inspired by Filipino folklore, and embarks on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure that will change her life forever. This book is truly a gem, and I can’t wait for all of our fantasy-obsessed patrons to fall in love with it as much as I have. For fans of The Girl Who Drank the Moon, Rick Riordan Presents books , and Moana.
Recommended for grades 4+
(New Children’s Fiction)
Flying High
by Caspar Babypants

Submitted by Katie B.

Love, love, love Caspar Babypants and this new album is no exception. It has quickly become one of our favorites in the car. Creative, catchy, and just great. Songs like “Sittin’ in a High Chair’ using the melody from ‘Shortin’ Bread’ and ‘Groggy Baby’ lullaby can’t stop playing it again and again.
(Children’s CD)
by Barbara Cantini

Submitted by Stefanie M.

Ghoulia just wants to make a friend, but there’s just one problem--she’s a zombie. Her Auntie Departed would never let her go out to meet the neighborhood children, but Ghoulia will not give up. When she discovers that Halloween is the time of year when children dress up as monsters, she devises the perfect plan to make all her dreams come true. Ghoulia is a hilariously heartwarming, illustrated early chapter book, with just the right amount of fright for the Halloween season. For fans of Franny K. Stein. Recommended for grades 1-3.
(Children’s Series)
A Story About Finding a Forever Home
by Goujing

Submitted by Sara E.

A gorgeous wordless picture book where the emotions and feelings leap off the page to your heart.
(Children’s Picture Book)
by Mark Teague

Submitted by Sara E.

It’s time for baby bird to learn to fly but he isn’t ready yet. Maybe it would be easier for him to take plane? A hot air balloon? A funny wordless picture book sure to make you laugh.
(Children’s Picture Book)
Two For Me, One For You
by Jorg Muhle

Submitted by Sara E.

How do you share 3 yummy mushrooms among 2 friends? A charming book about sharing and fairness with a surprising ending.
(Children’s Picture Book)
Hungry Jim
by Laurel Snyder

Submitted by Stefanie M.
Jim wakes up one morning feeling rather unlike himself. He is actually feeling pretty beastly , and he has somehow acquired a tail. It also seems that nothing--not even pancakes, not even his mother, not even the butcher--can satisfy his unquenchable appetite. How will Jim face the day with all of this inner turmoil (and a tail)? Laurel Snyder’s newest picture book encourages us all to examine the inner beast within us and the emotions we must learn to live with every day--a fitting ode to Maurice Sendak. For fans of Where the Wild Things Are and Mr. Tiger Goes Wild.
(New Children’s Picture Books)
11 Before 12
by Lisa Greenwald

Submitted by Katie B.
This story is a wonderful, relatable book for girls 11-12. The book tells about two best friends who are trying to finish a list of goals before their 12th birthday. They go through adventures like getting detention and much more. The author did a very good job of making it relatable and realistic. This book was a great display of two middle school girls going through things that middle school girls go through.
(Children’s Playaway)
by Raina Telgemeier

Submitted by Emily D.
The ever popular Raina Telgemeier ( Smile, Sisters, Babysitters Club Graphix ) is back with another memoir in her signature style. This book is about her experience with anxiety beginning in the fifth grade. As always, this book remains very relatable even if readers do not have anxiety themselves. Major themes of friendship, acceptance, and courage will leave you with all the warm fuzzies inside.
(New J Graphic Novels)
Parent/Teacher Collection
The Brave Learner:
Finding the Everyday Magic in Homeschool, Learning, and Life
by Julie Bogart

Submitted by Katie S.

After reading this book and doing some research, I learned that the author, Julie Bogart, is the go-to expert for home educators. Her knowledge, mindset, and down to Earth ideas will help kids want to learn instead of you pushing them. I also learned that this is not just a book for homeschoolers. All families will find new ways to reinforce a child’s love of learning.
(Parenting Collection)
The Artful Year:
Celebrating the Seasons & Holidays with Crafts & Recipes
by Jean Van't Hul

Submitted by Katie S.
This extremely organized book is filled with simple, do-able ideas for every season! You’ll find activities, crafts, games, and recipes. Who knew all you could do with salt dough! These ideas are family friendly and will bring a touch of nostalgia to all.  
(Parenting Collection)
The Creative Teacher
An Encyclopedia of Ideas to Energize Your Curriculum
by Steve Springer, Brandy Alexander, Kimberly Persiani

Submitted by Katie S.
Hundreds of ready to use reproducibles for your classroom at your fingertips! Simply organized by subject. This book has something for every elementary school teacher. 
(Parent/Teacher Collection)
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