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Oct. 14, 2015 

The days are getting darker, and we're just in time with four fun (and important) indoor activities to share while we try to adjust to the changing season. 

First up, the toddlers will be embracing the A, B, C's as a whole body experience tomorrow morning, when Edmonton artist and author Natasha Michaud drops into Buddings with her new book The Yoga Alphabet. Take a deep breathe. The fun starts at 10am!

And another deep breathe before you make you mark at the Canadian Federal Election next Monday. Make sure you make time to vote! The polling station for Vancouver-Granville is right next door to Buddings!

Our Parent and Preschooler Cooking with Alicia class is happening on Sunday Oct. 25, with a Mexican fiesta that you can make (with help!) in just 20 minutes, and on Saturday Oct. 31, we're having an all-day, haunted Halloween party, to help two lost Halloweeners find their spirits. It's open to all our favourite kids, past and present, and to new families too! Stop in between 10 and 4, for a spooky surprise! Or just to say Hi! 

Lots to cover, and lots to do! 
See you soon!

Centre News
The Yoga Alphabet, with Natasha Michaud - Oct. 15 @ 10am

  On Thursday Oct. 15, we are so excited to welcome Natasha Michaud and her puggy little friend Priya, as her Canadian book tour for The Yoga Alphabet swings into Buddings for a special presentation at 10am!

Natasha is an Edmonton teacher, story-teller, and yoga instructor who loves giving children the tools to breathe and make conscious decisions about their behaviour. 

To bring the concept to life, she's created a children's book that introduces self-regulation and relaxation in the moment. We couldn't be more on board, and we're thrilled to be on her BC tour schedule! 

Wondering if your child has the A, B, C's worked out? Work them in, with yoga! Log in now and join use at 10am this Thursday!
Make Sure You Vote in the Federal Election - Oct. 19

If you are somehow learning about next week's Canadian Federal Election from this newsletter, we are so pleased to welcome you to the conversation. It's not too late!

And since our country's leadership affects us all, your civic duty is also a big responsibility. Don't worry! In 3 easy steps, you can find what you need to prepare for the decision.

Step 1: Identify your own leanings with the Where I Stand Quiz... Childcare? The Environment? Immigration? Corporate taxes? How important are these issues to you? 
(What a surprise! We're 98% aligned with Greens, 93% with the NDP, and have nothing in common with the Conservatives... )

Step 2: Find your riding and voting station from Elections Canada
Do you live near Buddings? We're in the brand-new Vancouver-Granville riding which goes N to S  from West 2nd to SW Marine Dr., and W to E, from Arbutus to Main. If you live in our region, you can vote right next door to Buddings, at the Park Inn & Suites Hotel. 

Step 3: Learn about the candidates in your riding, and their stances
The Vancouver Courier has a riding-by-riding breakdown of the parties and candidates. 

Step 4: Pick a side...
Okay, so that part's not so easy... The ABC "strategic vote" movement says if we want "anything but conservatives," voters should choose the candidate most likely to win, and Vote Together. It's a tricky business, and the best choice, according to the LeadNow polls has changed twice in the last two months, and once in the last two weeks. 

But the key is to vote. Advanced polls last weekend registered 3.6M voters, according to the CBC, a 71% increase over 2011. Regardless of whom you choose, the most important thing is to cast your ballot. It's your country. Add your voice. October 19.

Parents and Preschoolers get Cooking - Oct. 25

The three-hour thanksgiving meal prep makes for lots of leftovers, but eventually most of us get tired of turkey. When that happens, something light, healthy, and easy to make sounds like a mid-October dream! 

Just in time, our new class - Cooking with Alicia - is a brand new presentation for parents and preschoolers about making delicious family meals quickly, and health-consciously. 

Alicia Campbell is a cook and Epicure Consultant who loves teaching people about clean and healthy eating. Find the Good Food Mission statement, and details of the Epicure Clean Eating promise on their website. 

This month, it's a Mexican fiesta, of fajitas, salsa, and guacamole, all made with unprocessed ingredients that are low in sodium and gmo-free. The 1-hour workshop is a parent-participation class, starting at 1pm. It's open to everyone (non-Buddings families, too!), and is best suited for the preschooler, plus, age group. 

The cost per family is $55, and includes appies and samples from all the dishes, the use-for-everything giant steamer from Epicure, and all the spices you'll need to re-make this quick and yummy dish at home! 

Click here to REGISTER and to let Alicia know about any food restrictions. 
FREE Halloween Party and Haunted Open House - Oct. 31

The ghost and the witch are looking for a proper house to haunt this Halloween, and they seem to have settled in at Buddings. But with their loud howling and bad old tricks, they're not quite as friendly as would like! 

Bit by bit, the daycare is getting creepier, and as the haunting continues, it turns out our new friends need a bit of education on keeping things friendly. But who can blame them? They're a witch and a ghost! 

On Saturday, Oct. 31, we're inviting all our friends and buddies to stop in for our Haunted Open House and help us teach them a thing or two about scaring and sharing! 

It's a ghostly-socialization party, and we hope you'll join us!

We're painting faces, carving pumpkins, telling ghost stories (the ones that are just-scary-enough), and cat-walking down our special Halloween costumed run-way. Our public party is open to buddies, grads, friends, and children of all ages! 

Mark your calendar and come in for crafts, strut in the fashion show, and help us design the spookiest pumpkin! Stop by between 10am and 4pm on Saturday, Oct. 31. The event is free to families, and we'd love it if you brought a friend! For more information, email Saturdays@buddings.ca

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