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Dear Friends of A Novel Experience,   

         2020 just won't let up! We are sooooo thankful for your support. And we're reminded every day of the wonderful escape that books provide, even in the middle of some pretty uncertain times. But, we're happy to announce that downtown Zebulon, once again, will host the Trick or Treat tradition that welcomes all manner of goblins, ghosts, and superheroes to the Courthouse Square. Join us on Saturday, October 31st from 5 to 7 p.m. Hey, those who are wearing masks are already ahead of the game!  

      We hope everyone is doing OK and coping with the demands of business-not-as-usual. When you need a break we're here! We're back to our regular 10-7 hours--and we've had some really interesting conversations over the counter on current events. (Our bookstore rule, "anybody can join any conversation" contributes to that!). Looking towards the upcoming election we are adopting author John Freeman's contribution from his book "Dictionary of the Undoing": "A vote is the difference between a citizen and a subject." You know what to do. 

      We're decorating for Halloween and we're putting out our seasonal holiday "Stocking Stuffers" as well. It seems really early to think about Christmas but the indie bookstore community is seeing folks shopping earlier -and, supply lines for favorite gifts and books are a little iffy this year. Come in and be prepared to enter a space where jack-o-lanterns and Santa stockings may jostle for your attention--it's all good! We do recommend that if you are giving a book that you order in plenty of time--publishers are confronting printing delays for best sellers this fall. 

       This month, we are holding over photographer Dale Niles show featuring uncanny animals in mystical landscapes. Send some time taking them in--very serene and thought-provoking as we move into the change of season. And, it's a full moon tonight!

       Please don't forget you can order books on-line at Bookshop which will take you to our very own page. It's the coolest site that was designed to support independent bookstores--an alternative to the biggies. :)   

      We miss you all, but most importantly, we hope that you and your family are safe and well. 

                                                                All of us at A Novel Experience

Our favorite costume of 2019!

Here are some suggestions for getting out of the house!

TUESDAY, October 6:
THE SPIRITUALITY GROUP:  Karen's group continues their discussion of "me and white supremacy" by Layala F. Saad in a special off-site gathering. Please give her a call if you are interested in participating. 770-567-1103.

THURSDAY, October 1st. 7 p.m. at the store:
THE DROP-IN, GUILT-FREE BOOK CLUB reads Perla by Carolina de Robertis. Read this book--it's not to be missed.  

The WRITERS GROUP meets on Friday, October 2nd at 5:00 pm at the store. Karen invites writers to discuss all-things-writing-- bring what you've been working on!

Change of Date! THURSDAY, October 22 @ 6 p.m.   **At the store!
THE NERD HERD discusses We Hunt the Flame by Harsh Faizal. 

WEDNESDAY, October 21st at noon: At the Store. THE BROWN BAG BOOK GROUP: 
Join us at noon! This month's book: There There by Tommy Orange

SUNDAY, October 24 at 2:00:
THE CLASSICS BOOK GROUP meets on Karen's porch to discuss Woman of the Pharisees by Francois Mauriac.  

meets at 3 at the store--topic to be determined.
SATURDAY, October 31st: Trick or Treat on the Square! Full moon! 5-7 pm.