Vol. 3, No. 10
Its mobile furniture.
What We’re Doing
We’ve made a new commercial, “A Day in the Life of Freddy.”

In this video, we wanted to capture the moment when a person with a mobility problem realizes that he can have an active future. In our market research, we found that most people wait too long to get a walker. The device comes into the picture after a fall or medical crisis and, often, an attendant period of waning activity and social withdrawal. At Foray Design, we want to help people get ahead of that story, and start to use a walker before they really need it. What if we could prevent that fall?

Meanwhile, each one of us in our everyday lives is looking at what we own. What’s in our house? What do we not use? What do we not like to look at? Every object should serve a purpose and give pleasure, and that is true of your walker.

We designed SpringTM to be a delight for you to touch, to use—and to look at. You don’t need to hide it in a closet. Think of it as your moveable furniture.

Product Feature of the Month:
Every Mechanism in SpringTM is Internal.
Finding a way to fit all the mechanisms inside SpringTM was easier said than done. Other walkers may make the claim, but we really did it. Take a look for yourself. SpringTM has no wires, no handles, no knobs, nothing for your clothing to catch on as you move. This walker is beautiful in its simplicity.
What We’re Reading
Gretchen Reynolds has written an excellent column in the The New York Times on physical activity among various age groups during the Covid-19 pandemic. In it, she points to a study from the United Kingdom that found a higher proportion of older than younger people maintaining physical activity since the virus began.  
Much of the disparity has to do with personal circumstances. Older people are more likely to be retired and free to devote regular time to exercise. On the other hand, people who have suffered a recent stroke or fall have not been able to start a regimen of physical therapy, and are behind the curve. Happily, as rehab facilities and gyms reopen, people can start to catch up.

And it’s never too late to start.

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